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Vacation-interrupting bullshit alert!

I am, technically, still on vacation, but I made the mistake of signing on to check out Marty’s site, and there’s something that I just gotta comment about.

It’s a blog entry by Mike Rinder entitled Survey: What Impinges — Results. Now, I’ve got a lot to say about this blog entry, and probably will when I’m back home, but one particular bit stood out.

Mike Rinder talks about the LRH article What Your Fees Buy. Kudos to Mike for pointing out that this article was changed from “fees” to “donations”. (The last time Marty talked about this policy, he seemed to imply that it was always about donations. I accused him of using DM tech, seeing as how the change to “donations” was made after LRH died. Looks like M&M were paying attention!)

What really stuck in my craw was this:

But what you pay for SERVICES has to cover all manner of expenses as Scientology receives no government handouts.

Excuse me? NO GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS? Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

First of all, there have been plenty of occasions when governments have been tricked into paying to use LRH’s “study tech” or even his “administrative technology”. Scientologists will argue that this isn’t a “handout”, per se, as there was “exchange” of money for a “valuable final product” (the Study Technology, and I’d argue against its value.) Still, that was taxpayer money going to Church coffers.

But let’s not forget the big handout: THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY IS A TAX-EXEMPT ORGANIZATION. We don’t know how much the Church takes in, but it’s fair to say that the Church is saving millions and millions of dollars that should be going to Federal, state and local governments. There is ample evidence that the Church of Scientology was established and is run as a business, and yet they are tax-exempt just like a proper religion. And yet they use taxpayer-funded services such as public roads, police protection, the courts (oh, man, do they use THOSE a lot!), even Medicare for sick members with physical problems that aren’t helped by LRH’s quack theories.

And Mike Rinder has the GALL to say that the Church doesn’t get Government handouts?

The Church sought out tax-exempt status for DECADES before DM finally strong-armed the IRS into granting it. Back in the 1960s, LRH had his auditors wear collars and crosses strictly to give the illusion that Scientology was a religion. (Before that, it was a form of psychotherapudic analysis, because psychotherapy was a hot-selling prospect.)

No government handouts, my ass.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m goin’ back to my vacation.


A break from blogging

I’m going to be taking a break from blogging for a few days. I know the timing is lousy; it looks like the pressure from Scientology protesters is having an effect on Marty, who is circling his wagons, making excuses for his behavior, and addressing his posts more to the faithful than the general public (note the increased use of Scientologese).

But something has come up and I must pursue it – a deep black OSA line that appears to be a form of Reverse Protestation. If I don’t pull the string on this, DM’s use of anti-radicalism could cave in our PTSness and totally destroy the comm line of proper Scientology protest.

Just kidding. I’m going on vacation. See you in a few days.


The Legacy of the Tech

A few quotes from, and comments on, Marty’s recent post, The Legacy of the Tech:

For the past several days I’ve been sharing some thoughts. To some it evidently sounded like reactive venting.

I think that would be me (among others).

While I meant everything I wrote, I was also conducting a differentiation drill and a roll call or sorts…A number of OSA Intelligence Black Ops lines were revealed and rendered ineffective in the process.

“I wasn’t losing it; I meant to do that.” One of the interesting things to note is the use of the passive voice when discussing the supposed “destruction” of an enemy. LRH did the same thing; alleged victories were discussed in the passive voice. This always piqued my interest. Criminals often speak of their crimes in the passive voice as a way to disconnect themselves from their actions and avoid guilt or blame. That said, note that when Marty discusses real crimes he committed – the latest being how he drove away and left a prostitute to get beat up by her pimp – he uses the active voice. Just an interesting little tangent. Anyway…

I am not trying to create followers.

Then you’re doing it wrong, because you’ve got a flock of mindless sheep posting agreement with everything you do. Try this experiment, Marty: Post something you don’t mean or that you think is a bad idea. “I disagree with Caliwog, but I think he’s got a good point on thus-and-such, and we should listen to him with an open mind.” And watch what happens – your cheering section will tell you what a good idea it is. It’s funny that you and Mike refer to Church members as “sheeple” (which they are). By shaping your version of the truth and censoring criticism, you are creating your own flock of sheeple. Just like David Miscavige. (You guys worked together for years, I guess some of his influence was bound to rub off.)

The group think that says we must have a certain structure, we must have clear-cut direction from above, we must have a hierarchy that tells us which way is up, we cannot entertain an independent thought – and Lord forbid, a created thought that does not align with what we have been told we must know in order to conduct our lives properly.

I’m pulling out of context a bit here; you’re saying that this “group think” is a bad idea, and a result of the “C of M implementation of Reverse Scientology.” See, Marty, this is my whole point – what you are talking about is exactly what Hubbard intended. He instilled this group-think while making his followers believe they were thinking independently. He did this by getting people to replace their own ethics and values with his. He preached freedom, and yet he wrote Keeping Scientology Working which basically codifies the group-think. See why I think LRH was such an evil genius? My gosh, Marty, you’re so close to seeing the scam of Scientology, but you’re not quite there… true freedom is just a few steps away, Marty!

I have been working steadily and will continue to along the following lines in order to make the attainment of that statement of purpose possible:

1. Differentiate the subject of Scientology from the Church of Scientology.
2. Differentiate L Ron Hubbard from David Miscavige.

You can work at it, Marty, but you’ll never quite get there, because it cannot be done. The fact is that the Church of Scientology is practicing the subject of Scientology. Maybe they’ve made a few alterations here and there, but the reason the Church commits the crimes that it does – the crimes that you helped commit, I might remind you – is because those crimes are hard-coded in LRH policy. And I’m not talking about what only Scientologists view as crimes (i.e. teaching Scientology incorrectly and therefore subjecting man to spiritual damnation). That’s bullshit, a series of red herrings designed by LRH to keep Scientologists’ minds closed and their wallets open. I’m talking real crimes – breaking up families, bleeding members for money, and encouraging people to pay for cures that don’t work instead of pursuing proper medial, emotional and mental treatment.

And as for differentiating DM from LRH – well, yes, that can be done; the problem is, you insist on doing it by lying – by blaming the crimes of LRH on DM. The problem with lies, Marty, is that they just don’t stand up. And the problem with lying about the crimes of LRH is that he left copious amounts of proof behind. LRH lied about himself – a lot – but he couldn’t lie about his intentions. LRH suffered from diarrhea of the typewriter. He was such a control freak that he felt the need to codify everything. “If it isn’t written, it isn’t true” was his mantra and his downfall, and as you’re finding out – just as DM has found out – the advent of the Internet makes it very difficult to lie about LRH and Scientology. And as long as you continue to post lies, I and many others who think like me will continue to post the truth.

The way I see it, Marty, you’re angry about how DM treated you, and you just want to see him gone – not for the good of Scientologists, but because you want to get even. And the sad part is, the more you wage your battle against David Miscavige, the more you seem to act like him.

No surprise, as you both have the same master and you’re both singing off the same sheet of music.

See, that’s the real legacy of the Tech.


Taking off the gloves

In his post Blood Money, Marty makes the point that it’s time to stop turning the other cheek with regards to Church-going Scientologists.

The church is dead. Those who cannot see it are not Scientologists*…Maybe some of you have the time to continue to treat them with kid gloves. I do not happen to have that luxury…Perhaps we can be a bit more assertive on a one to one basis in pointing out the evil that bots are perpetuating by enabling it.

* (Newbie note: This doesn’t mean people who aren’t Scientologists. It means Scientologists who are not acting like Scientologists. Scientology is black or white: If you’re not applying proper Scientology, you are not misguided or wrong, you are simply not a Scientologist. There is no middle ground. This is what Marty means when he says the current Church is not delivering Scientology. They are delivering the same old courses, but Marty feels they have either been altered or not administered correctly. In LRH’s mind – and therefore in Marty’s – one doesn’t say in this case that the courses are not being delivered correctly; one says they aren’t being delivered, period. Like I said, black or white.)

I happen to agree with Marty. I’ve been involved in some blog conversations with people who share my view of the Scientology “religion” (which is that it’s a scam and a crock) but are sympathetic to Marty. The gist of their arguments is that David Miscavige is committing crimes, and Marty is helping to bring down DM, so that’s a good thing. And I see their point.

But there’s a lot more to Marty than that, and Marty is right: It’s time to stop handling him with kid gloves.

First of all, let’s not forget that Marty was part of Scientology’s upper management for many years. He was near the top, helping DM and the Church to perpetrate many of those same crimes he is attempting to expose. To his credit, Marty doesn’t try to hide this. He admits to being physically abusive. He admits to breaking up marriages. In fact, many of his former victims are now his chief ass-kissers. (I’m looking at you, Mike Rinder and Jim Logan.)

Marty claims to have proof of David Miscavige’s illegal acts – and yet he has done nothing to put DM behind bars. Why not? If he has the power to put DM away and put a stop to the abuses, why the hell hasn’t he?

And then there’s the fact that Marty’s basic premise – that the crimes of Scientology are the fault of DM – is a lie. The truth is that most of Scientology’s abusive behavior was originated by L. Ron Hubbard. This is not an empty accusation; the proof is right there in LRH’s policies. You can download them from Wikileaks and read them for yourself.

(Incidentally, my saying that DM is not to blame for the crimes of Scientology has gotten me labeled as an OSA spy [OSA is the Office of Special Affairs, the Church’s secret police force) and a DM supporter. So let me clarify: DM is just as guilty of these crimes and abuses as LRH. I’m simply saying that the abuses weren’t his idea; he’s just picking up where his mentor left off.)

And then there’s the factor that led me to start this blog in the first place: Marty censors comments. He censors a lot of comments. The usual reply to this is “His blog, his rules.” And I agree. But Marty claims to be giving his followers the truth, when in fact he’s delivering a carefully-edited version of the truth.

There are plenty of blogs run by independent Scientologists that do not censor comments, but rather allow respectful anti-Scientology comments to stand and be argued by Scientology supporters. Leaving Scientology is a great example, and you’ll notice that the conversation in comments (at least those that I’ve seen) amounts to a high-level exchange of ideas, rather than the mindless rhetoric-spewing ass-kissing that follows each of Marty’s posts.

Matter of fact, I can only think of two organizations that employ such Draconian censorship of opposing ideas: One is Marty’s blog, and the other is the Church of Scientology.

LRH redefined the word “reasonable” to be a bad thing; it meant coming up with reasons to justify something that is not OK. Marty is suggesting that Independents not be “reasonable” about people they think are wrong. And I agree with Marty. Let’s not be “reasonable” about him and his followers. Let’s remember that Marty still firmly believes in LRH. He believes that we are aliens trapped in “meat” bodies on a prison planet. He believes that locking Lisa McPherson in a room and not talking to her was the right way to address her psychotic breakdown, and he does not believe that this ridiculous idea of LRH’s was what killed her. (I’m not just making suppositions here; all of this is revealed in his blog posts and comments. Search and read for yourself.)

Marty Rathbun believes in the tenets of Scientology, which is a dangerous and harmful religion.

Scientology must be stopped, and that doesn’t mean we stop at criticizing David Miscavige. It means that we, as protesters, must ensure that ALL of the truth about Scientology – including its beliefs and the source of those beliefs – must be brought to light.

My hope is that we will do our jobs so well that Marty himself will realize the truth about LRH and come to the same conclusion about Scientology as so many others, including myself: That it’s nothing more than a scam designed to enrich a very evil man. A scam so well thought out that it’s still working a quarter-century after the evil man’s death.

Thanks, Marty, for the inspiration.


The truth about Scientology and private investigators

One of the most frequent accusations leveled against David Miscavige by Marty Rathbun and other Independents is the hiring of private investigators. The whole concept of a church employing private investigators is pretty darn ridiculous, and Marty is right to condemn it – but he’s not right to blame this practice on David Miscavige. Good ol’ Slappy is simply following orders from the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Proof can be found in Hubbard’s Manual of Justice, published in 1959, about a year before DM was born:

Overt investigation of someone or something attacking us by an outside detective agency should be done more often and hang the expense. It’s very effective. — LRH

Okay, so LRH hired private investigators – but surely he was just using them to gather intelligence, and not to intimidate, as DM seems to do, right?


Often investigation by a private detective has alone closed up an entheta* source or a squirrel** organisation. In fact at this writing I can’t remember a time when it hasn’t! The reason for this is simple…The smell of police or private detectives caused them to fly, to close down, to confess. — LRH

* Entheta: "Enturbulated theta." Scientologese for bad news or anti-Scientology sentiment.

** Squirrel: Altered Scientology practices, or one who uses such altered practices.

Okay… but surely LRH wouldn’t condone such massive spending on PIs, as David Miscavige is doing? After all, their invoices are being paid by parishioners’ fees… sorry, donations.

Hire them and damn the cost when you need to. –LRH


In my opinion, Marty is right to condemn David Miscavige for using private investigators to harass ex-Scientologists, members of the media, and other perceived enemies of the Church. But he’s wrong to give the impression that these crimes originated with David Miscavige. That’s a lie, and as a former member of Scientology management, no one should know that better than Marty Rathbun.


P.S.: If you haven’t read the Manual of Justice, you should – it’s a quick read and it shows a side of LRH that the Independents don’t want you to see. Cof$ acknowledged the MoJ as a legitimate Scientology document in a 1995 court case, Religious Technology Center vs. Netcom. You can read it online at or download scans of the original from Wikileaks.

Cause and effect

Thursday, August 12th: Yours Truly posts LRH on Disconnection, presenting proof that disconnection is an LRH policy, not a DM policy.

Saturday, August 14th: Marty Rathbun posts Pimps, Prostitutes and Disconnection, defending disconnection as defined by LRH.

Coincidence? You be the judge.

Marty cites the “idiots running a campaign against me because I don’t choose to listen to their abusive, infantile comm[unication]” (I assume that last refers to all the comments we post that he censors). For the record, I’m not the only idiot running a campaign against Marty; there are others, and not just from the Church. My favorite is this blog – I have my problems with Marty, but this guy (an Independent Scientologist, apparently) frickin’ hates him. (I LOLd at this hilarious entry about the bird on Marty’s page.)

Is Marty starting to crack under the pressure? He has violated one LRH principle: “Don’t ever defend. Always attack.” (LRH, HCO PL 15 August 1960, DEPT OF GOVT AFFAIRS)

Regardless, I’d like to answer what Marty said about disconnection.

Marty is correct; sometimes deciding to cut someone off is a good idea. (Although his example of leaving a beaten, bloody prostitute because she told him to go away is a pretty piss-poor example. Why didn’t you call the police, Marty? What kind of a human being watches a man beating up a woman, starts to intervene, then wimps out and drives away? Oh, I know – one who has been brainwashed by LRH and allowed Scientology to replace humanity.)

Marty says, “You’d also be a fool by ignoring the real consequences of allowing a Suppressive to continue to make your life hell.”

A point that has merit… except for the use of the word “Suppressive.” LRH has several definitions of a suppressive person, including “one that actively seeks to suppress or damage a Scientologist or Scn [Scientology] by suppressive acts” (LRH, Technical Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology).

Marty, if you’re reading this, that is the key. LRH defined an SP as an evil being, one intent on destruction of all things, and one who seeks to damage Scientology. Therefore, to a Scientologist – like you – anyone who seeks to discredit Scientology – like me – is positioned with the other definitions of an SP: One who is insane, bent on destruction, psychotic. In LRH’s words: “All characteristics classified as those of the ‘suppressive person’ are in fact those of an insane person” (HCOB 28 November 1970, PSYCHOSIS). In other words, only an insane person would oppose Scientology. That’s bullshit, but it’s what you believe.

David Miscavige doesn’t “force” disconnections any more than LRH did. All DM does is point to LRH policy: Handle or disconnect. Everyone has a choice, and those who disconnect are choosing to follow LRH policy, even when they know it’s wrong. Just like a beaten-down prostitute.

So in fact,the only ones “forcing” Scientologists to disconnect are the Scientologists themselves. Like you, leaving that poor woman to be her pimp’s punching bag.

I can’t believe you don’t see the irony in your prostitute story, Marty. You are totally LRH’s bitch.

But unlike you, Marty, I’m not content to simply get in my car and drive away and let the abuse continue. I want to see the abuse brought to a stop. I want you and your followers to see who the real pimp is.

I’m not doing this because I’m an idiot who is mad that you won’t listen to my infantile comm. I’m doing it because I’m an idiot who is free – truly free – and I want you to be free, too.


LRH on disconnection

I’ve been working on an article that was a reply to Marty’s blog post of August 11th, Ayatollah Miscavige and Radical Scientology, in which Marty compared David Miscavige’s actions to radical Islamic terrorists. (No, really.) My goal was to show that each of the accusations Marty leveled against David Miscavige could be attributed to L. Ron Hubbard, and I was going to do so simply by quoting LRH policy with no additional comment.

This is turning out to be a difficult post to write, because there are so gosh darn many LRH quotes to pick from. It’ll take me at least a week!

In the mean time, I wanted to share an excerpt from one of the LRH policies I found. This is what LRH has to say about disconnection in HCOB 10 September 1983, “PTSness AND DISCONNECTION.” (PTS means Potential Trouble Source, and it is defined as a person connected to a Supressive Person, which is an individual who is antagonistic towards Scientology.)

The term “disconnection” is defined as a self-determined decision made by an individual that he is not going to be connected to another. It is a severing of a communication line.

It is much like trying to deal with a criminal. If he will not handle, the society resorts to the only other solution: It “disconnects” the criminal from the society…

A Scientologist can become PTS by reason of being connected to someone that is antagonistic to Scientology or its tenets. In order to resolve the PTS condition, he either HANDLES the other person’s antagonism…or, as a last resort when all attempts to handle have failed, he disconnects from the person. He is simply exercising his right to communicate or not to communicate with a particular person.

Earlier, disconnection as a condition was canceled… This put Scientologists at a disadvantage.

The bare fact is that disconnection is a vital tool in handling PTSness and can be very effective when used correctly.

Therefore, the tech of disconnection is hereby restored to use…

In truth, an SP is absolutely, completely terrified of anyone becoming more powerful. In such an instance the PTS isn’t going to get anywhere trying to “handle” the person. The answer is to sever the connection.

The technology of disconnection is essential in the handling of PTSes. It can and has saved lives and untold trouble and upset. It must be preserved and used correctly. — LRH

Remember, kids, Scientology does not break up families. And even though Marty and the Independents believe firmly in LRH and LRH tech, we needn’t worry about disconnection; Independents only want pure LRH tech. Like…

Like what I just quoted.