Fly in Peace

Today’s edition of Movin’ On Up a Little Higher features a rememberance of Claire Reppen, who died in 2001 after a 2-year bout with breast cancer. I didn’t know Claire, but from the blog entry it appears that she elected not to pursue traditional medical treatment that could have potentially saved her life. This is in keeping with LRH philosophy. (Scientologists believe that, provided you are OT, you don’t die; you simply drop your body and pick up another one. So if you get cancer, just let it go, die, and grab another body. Thanks for that, LRH.)

Marty posted links to a knowledge report (“KR” — Scientologists are supposed to write KRs to tattle on others when they see something that isn’t right). The KR comes from Ms. Reppen’s caretaker, accusing Ms Reppen of such heinous acts as drinking coffee, reading novels, and chatting with friends. (I swear, I am not making this up.)

There is also a note about a meeting with a government official who has helped get Scientologists on Medicaid; “this saves us 100’s [sic] of thousands of dollars”. Good to know that not only is the Church of Scientology not paying taxes, but they are asking for tax dollars to be spent on the care of their members.

There’s also talk about her being “out-exchange” – she is refusing to work for a couple of hours a week, therefore failing to earn her keep.

From the comments from other independents and Marty, it appears that they, too, see the pettiness of the caretaker’s complaints. What seems to be missing is any regard for the level of medical care she received. (Scientology may have been trying to filch tax dollars to pay for doctors, but considering Ms. Reppen was apparently still smoking cigarettes, she probably wasn’t spending much time in the hospital.) Nor does anyone seem to see the irony of a tax-exempt institution applying for Medicaid.

And who is to blame for the horrible treatment she received? One commenter wrote, “Miscavige works hard to create an atmosphere within which people live in such fear of his punishment, losing loved ones, losing their eternity, being cast out with nothing … on and on … that they would rather rat out their friends and even jossle and compete with each other for his attention or favors, anything not to reap the punishment they see meted out so often to others.”

In other words, DM is to blame.

What about LRH, who came up with the idea that one doesn’t just act out of the goodness of one’s heart, but rather that everything must be paid for (exchange); that drug companies are evil; that diseases can be “audited” out of the body; and that Scientologists should spy and report on other Scientologists?

He’s innocent, of course.

Read Marty’s full blog entry here. KR pages (PDF): here. The KR (PDF): Page 1, page 2, page 3.


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  1. thank you after endless reading of freezone’s rambling on about dm and excited about reliving scientology all over again with out him its gratifying to read your thoughts on his posts and the comments about them… antisipating more

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