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VV’s Birthday Event story: Marty, you’re doing it wrong

Back when I was working for a secular Admin Tech company, I quickly came to realize that I made a better Scientologist than a lot of the Scientologists I worked with. I may not have believed in LRH’s bullshit, but it when it came to following LRH’s instructions, I had it all over the Kool-Aid drinkers. I was Mister Standard Tech.

Now it’s looking like I may have to take over Marty’s Independent Movement, too.

Marty’s latest blog entry, Ortega Calls Bullshit on Miscavige, is all about the Village Voice’s hilarious coverage of the LRH Birthday Celebration. Except Tony Ortega doesn’t call bullshit on Miscavige – he calls bullshit on Hubbard.

I was about to call Tony’s article “an excellent expose’ of Hubbard’s lies,” but the truth is, Tony doesn’t do much exposing and doesn’t need to. All he has to do is show the videos that feature Hubbard’s own words in his own voice, and it’s crystal clear to your average wog that L. Ron is as full of shit as the men’s room at a prune-eating contest. Tony does an excellent job of letting the facts – or, in Hubbard’s case, the fabrications – speak for themselves.

Now, if I was in the business of selling Scientology, as Marty Rathbun and David Miscavige are, the last thing I would do is link to this article, which is devastating to Hubbard’s credibility. But not Marty! Tony absolutely trashes Marty’s hero, and all Marty can say is “I don’t particularly cotton to Tony’s anti-Scientology tone and joking and degrading digs….”

Jesus, Marty, are you blind and stupid?

I suppose I shouldn’t be pointing this out, as by promoting the article, Marty is doing great harm to the Scientology movement, and that’s what I like to see. But I just can’t stand to watch someone so dedicated do such a lousy job.

I am doing my best to figure out how Marty can possibly see the VV article as damning Miscavige. Marty goes on to finish the sentence I quoted above with “…he has done a splendid job of chronicling the fraud and insanity that pass for Scientology Inc events.”

Is the idea that by showing these clips, which make it obvious that Hubbard is either deluded, a liar, or both, that the Church is somehow harming LRH’s reputation? That’s the best justification I could come up with, and let’s face it, it’s not a very good one. (UPDATE: Yup, that’s it. See below.)

No, it appears that Marty is doing the “Enemy of my enemy” thing. Tony has made the Church’s shit list; they are trying to paint him as an enabler of pimps and human traffickers (the VV takes ads for sexual services in their classified section) and a friend of the squirrels.

“I guess they didn’t want me linking to Tony’s article,” Marty writes. (To which I want to reply, “Well, of course they don’t want you linking to Tony’s article, you fucktard – it makes Hubbard look like a delusional buffoon!”) But Marty doesn’t see that. Instead, he writes, “Too late, and had I seen this infantile OSA statement beforehand, I would have linked earlier.”

Marty, maybe this hasn’t occurred to you, but if people realize Hubbard has no credibility whatsoever, and that he lied about his background and his abilities, THEY WON’T WANT TO BUY SCIENTOLOGY SERVICES FROM YOU, EITHER.

Seriously, Marty, maybe you should turn the whole Independent movement over to me. I may see Scientology as nothing but a fraud, but I’m pretty sure I can do it better than you.

Stay tuned for more – Marty says he’s working on a blog entry that will tell us “why Tony’s work is so skilled and important. I am going to connect some dots on how it evidences that Miscavige is L Ron Hubbard’s worst enemy.”

Marty, as much as I would like to claim the title for myself, L. Ron Hubbard’s worst enemy is… L. Ron Hubbard. For those of us who haven’t deluded ourselves into thinking he’s Mankind’s Greatest Friend, the man all but hangs himself by the balls with every sentence. If I wasn’t so busy being distracted by your antics, I think I could make this blog much better by simply writing about Hubbard’s own policies with blog entries like this one.

If I were you, Marty, I’d a) remove my tongue from Ortega’s rectum and b) forget your revenge fantasies against Miscavige. Better to follow the lead of David Mayo; he built a lot more than you did in a much shorter time. I don’t agree with you making money selling Scientology; you are no better than David Miscavige. But if you’re going to do it, for fuck’s sake, do it right.

UPDATE: Marty tied the whole thing together in a blog entry he just posted, L Ron Hubbard’s Worst Enemy – Part II. After a quick read, it looks like Marty is saying that Hubbard was indeed a bit of a bullshit artist, but that’s okay, and by dragging out these literal stories, Miscavige is trying to make Hubbard look foolish and therefore destroy Scientology. Here’s where you’re getting it wrong, Marty: Scientology is built on Hubbard’s credibility. If Hubbard lied about his Navy record, who is to say he didn’t like about the gains on the OT levels? (Oh wait, he did.) More soon.


Do the upper OT levels cause cancer?

A quick quote from Marty’s latest testimonial, this one from forty-plus-year Scientologist Phil Bruemmer:

“I have also become aware of an inordinate number of persons on, or completed on, OT VII/VIII who have lost their bodies due to cancer.

“In 1989 I lost a wife to cancer. She was a Class VIII C/S who was bogged on VII for years. Apparently, there was no tech to debug her (or no one cared) and she later got cancer, suffered for a number of years and finally dropped the body.

“There were some others who got cancer at that time and I have recently learned there have been many more, even in recent times. It makes it seem the tech not only does not work, but that its unworkability is extremely hazardous.

“I do not believe for one moment that LRH would release a tech which was so dangerous. I can only conclude that the original LRH materials were altered.”

Okay, got that? OT7 and OT8, if not properly applied, cause cancer.

It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that so many Scientologists smoke like chimneys? Or that LRH famously said that “not smoking enough will cause cancer“?

Now, I’m not just posting this to make fun of a Scientologist for his ridiculous medical beliefs. (Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of the reason I’m posting it.)

I’m posting it because it amazes me that a sixty year old man, living in 21st century Europe, could be so ignorant about the cause of disease.

I’m posting it because it is a reminder of one of the true dangers of Scientology – the fact that perfectly sensible adults make terrible decisions that affect their lives, and they make these decisions because they unquestioningly follow everything said by L. Ron Hubbard, a man proven to be an uneducated, ignorant, power-hungry scam artist.

I’m posting this because it answers all those LRH apologists who say “Well, so what if Hubbard was a bit of a scumbag? There’s still value in his teachings.”

How many of those cancer-stricken OT7s and OT8s would be alive today were they not Scientologists, and had they been following the advice of real doctors (and following societal norms) rather than, as one Scientologist I know so blatantly put it, “doing whatever L. Ron Hubbard says”?

A lot of people, even the Wise Beard Man Mark Bunker himself, have defended Freezoners, Independents and Marty himself, saying that they have no problem with Scientology as long as the practices aren’t abusive. Well, I say the abuses are right there in LRH’s teachings, and here is yet more proof.

Remember, Scientologists genuinely believe this shit. “Doctor” Hubbard said that what really causes people to get sick is being surrounded by negative people. So it’s easy to see how a dedicated Scientologist could draw such a ridiculous conclusion about the link between the upper OT levels and cancer. (They seem to ignore the fact that LRH said reading the OT3 material would cause death by pneumonia. Dunno about you, but Caliwog is pneumonia-free.)

Dissatisfied Scientologists think the reason OT7 and OT8 don’t give them the gains they were promised is that the levels aren’t being properly delivered by the Church. Hell, if I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and the best years of my life, I’d want someone to blame, too.

Those of us on the outside know that the OT levels don’t work because they are sci-fi bullshit, and that Phil’s wife is most likely dead because she didn’t get proper medical treatment in time.

And yet, forty years of life-experience and one dead wife later, poor ol’ Phil still thinks that DM killed his wife by altering the tech. It’s hard not to feel sorry for the guy.

It’s also hard not to get angry when you realize that such shocking ignorance runs rampant throughout Scientology.

And it’s really hard not to resent Marty Rathbun for wanting to squeeze a few more dollars out of these people before they realize that all of Scientology, not just the Church, is a scam. If Marty didn’t have his well-publicized business, isn’t it possible that Phil would be going to his doctor for a thorough check-up rather than going to Texas to pay for more of LRH’s bullshit?

Do people have the right to make stupid decisions that result in their own deaths? Of course they do. But let’s not pretend that independent Scientology is a safe alternative, because it isn’t. ALL of the abuses of Scientology stem, in one way or another, from the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. People buying the OT levels from Marty are going to make the same poor life decisions as people buying the OT levels from the organized Church. Let’s not forget that – and let’s not keep quiet about it.


One other thing…

A quick update to yesterday’s post

I was poking around the Church of Scientology’s Religious Freedom Watch site, and came across their page about Ted Patrick. Some of the verbiage is familiar — they are the exact same words as Heber Jentzsch used about Ted Patrick in this famous KFI radio interview. Not similar – the same.

And isn’t Heber Jentzsch the guy that Marty and his independents hold up as the Greatest Scientologist Ever? (Even if Marry exaggerated his disappearance, a lie that seems to have persisted and made it into one of the Villiage Voice’s stories.)

Anyway, this isn’t any big deal; L. Ron Hubbard redefined the concept of understanding by substituting the word “duplication.” Learning in Scientology doesn’t involve grasping a concept so much as learning whatever shit LRH (or your Scn betters) wrote by rote. So it’s common to see the same words popping up from difference Scientology sources.

Still, I thought this was interesting – the same words coming from Heber (who Marty called “one of the most special people I have met and worked with”) and RFW’s Joel Philips (per Marty, a “little rat OSA operative” who is ignoring “his obligation to take down his OSA propaganda designed to destroy a number of people”).


A Caliwog prediction comes true

Hello again, fellow wogs! There’s been so much that I’ve wanted to write about, but I’ve been busy working to keep a roof over Mrs. Caliwog’s head. Please forgive the lack of blog activity and backed-up email.

One story that has me chomping at the bit is an entry Marty Rathbun posted last week, called Who Is Joel Phillips. According to Marty, Joel Phillips is the sponsor of Religious Freedom Watch, one of the web sites the Church uses to discredit its critics. Marty us using this blog post to “out” him. There’s a lot to this post – Marty had to amend it a couple of times because of obvious gaffes in the links he posted – but part that stands out to me is the original ending:

“I encourage anyone who has time on their hands to see to it that each and every one of Phillips’ business contacts are made aware of what Phillips has been up to.”

Forgive me if I sound dramatic, but reading this literally gave me chills.

Why? Because it’s exactly the technique used by the Church of Scientology: Publicly identify them as an enemy, then inform his or her associates about the “crimes” that they supposedly have been up to.

Remember the protests against Mark Bunker, in which the Church was trying to “expose” him to his neighbors? What about the (effective) campaign to ruin the business of LRH apologist Debbie Cook by encouraging her clients to stop doing business with her?

Marty is acting exactly like David Miscavige. And if you’ll forgive the expression… I told you so.

I have been saying “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” for as long as I have been running this blog. How can Marty Rathbun be so much like David Miscavige, the man he abhors? Because they are both singing off the same sheet of music. They trained together. They worked together. And they are both trying their best to carry out their individual interpretations of the will of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

It’s a busy day, so I don’t have time to dig through LRH policy at the moment, but we’ve discussed it before: The concepts of being in or out of a group, with no gray area between; the idea of disconnection (which Marty defended – remember that time he walked away while a prostitute was being beat up by her pimp, and didn’t even bother to call the cops); and the idea of spreading “lurid sex blood crimes” about a person in order to keep them from attacking.

Basically, Marty is trying to shudder Phillips into silence.

This is yet another subtle reminder, fellow anti-Scientologists, that for all their animosity, Miscavige and Rathbun are two peas in a pod. Marty may be trying to portray Miscavige and his mismanaged Church into the face of evil, but you and I know that the real evil, the true root of the problem, is L. Ron Hubbard and the whole subject of Scientology.

And if you know it, why not shout it?