Monthly Archives: October 2012

Caliwog is alive!

…just mega-busy with other stuff. But I’m still here, I’m still following the movement, and I’m still firm in my believe that Scientology, in all its forms — be it Church-sponsored or Independent — is bullshit. Expensive, time-wasting, life-robbing, good-intention-derailing, profit-centric bullshit.

If you miss posts from Caliwog, I can suggest a good six months’ or more worth of reading that will say the same thingsĀ  I have been saying:

All of these books, generously made available for free by their authors, will put paid to the lies of both the Church and the “Independents” and tell you THE REAL TRUTH about Scientology — that ALL of it is rotten, and that it isn’t an innocent or “good” religion derailed by the angry little midget.

Keep the faith, brothers and sisters, and F LRH!