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F/Ns and B/S

Yesterday’s post on Marty’s blog, entitled Why for the Golden Age of Tech and F/N confusion, talks about the “floating needle” debacle. This is one of those issues that only Scientologists really care about, but I wanted to address this post because, like much of what Marty writes, it contains some slickly-concealed bullshit, and exposing bullshit is what this blog is all about.

A floating needle is a reaction on the E-Meter that usually indicates one has reached the end of a certain process. From what I understand – and I haven’t delved very deeply into this, because like most non-Scientologists, I really couldn’t care less – David Miscavige and/or his staffers apparently changed or revised the definition of a floating needle. This is actually a pretty big deal, because achieving a “F/N” can save you some serious dough, as it means you don’t have to go on with hours and hours of expensive auditing. Scientologists don’t seem to care too much about the money; their concern is that if someone gets a F/N and it isn’t recognized, the process can be “over-run” – doing too much is just as dangerous as not doing enough. (In reality, this is just another “out” for the tech not working. “You didn’t get gains? No, it’s not because the tech doesn’t work; it’s because you were over-run.”)

But F/Ns are not my concern. I want to talk about the content of Marty’s post, which is unusually heavy in Scientologese and therefore more excruciating to read than normal. So let’s all take out our baloney detectors, turn them on and warm them up. Ready? Here we go.

From Marty’s post:

Church auditors are being trained to be slaves to procedure, a method LRH stated could lead to the loss of the entire subject of Scientology.

Marty is referring to something LRH said in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (SHSBC) lectures. Now, I have no doubt that LRH said that being a slave to procedure is a bad thing. However, the whole of Scientology is about being a slave to procedure. LRH frequently contradicts himself, and this is one of those contradictions – it goes against what he said in Scientology’s most important policy, Keeping Scientology Working (KSW):

Getting the correct technology applied consists of: 1) Having the correct technology; 2) Knowing the technology; 3) Knowing it is correct; 4) Teaching correctly the correct technology; 5) Applying the technology; 6) Seeing that the technology is correctly applied; 7) Hammering out of existence incorrect technology; 8 ) Knocking out incorrect applications; 9) Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology; 10) Closing the door on incorrect application.


Basically, KSW says that one must use the technology exactly as given. It’s all about following procedure. And KSW isn’t the only example; there are dozens, if not hundreds, of policies giving exact procedures and emphasizing that they must be followed precisely. Not just on technical matters, but on things as diverse as writing ads and planning budgets.

Anyone who thinks that Scientologists are not supposed to be slaves to procedure is delusional. I’m sure that LRH did say that being a slave to procedure is bad; my best guess is that that was an effort to make Scientologists believe they can think freely. Anyone on the outside looking in can see that Scientology is all about being a slave to procedure.

More from Marty:

Instead of completing the films, LRH spent the last five years of his life in seclusion, securely planted there by Miscavige’s deft false reporting ability. On the one hand he reported how LRH would wind up publicly pilloried and possibly in the penitentiary if were to come anywhere near the Int base.

This is one I haven’t heard before – the concept that LRH did not voluntarily decide to go into hiding, or did so only because he was deceived by David Miscavige. The truth is that LRH really was in danger of serving jail time. A grand jury in New York was investigating the campaign of terror waged against Paulette Cooper by Scientology, and a group of Scientologists (including LRH’s wife Mary Sue) had recently been sent to prison for breaking into Federal buildings and stealing documents, a crime for which LRH had been named an “unindicted co-conspirator.” If DM was indeed warning his mentor and boss about these dangers, he wasn’t “false reporting,” he was telling the truth. The fact is that LRH ditched his wife, family and followers to protect his own ass. (He did not stop making money, though – there is evidence that he was still receiving a very sizable income from the Church, and it was during this period that he wrote several sci-fi works including Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth.) LRH was hardly the helpless, hapless, victimized old man that Marty makes him out to be – he was alive and alert and in full control of his faculties.

DM cross ordered LRH by creating ostentatious studios, over-the-top Hollywood level film standards and a whole new “priority” for Golden Era Productions (DM’s event extravaganzas).

Not entirely true. Sure, this may have happened, but the idea of creating a mini-Hollywood in the desert was LRH’s idea, and there are plenty of tales out on the Web about Hubbard’s filmmaking days. Incidentally, David Miscavige was a cameraman on Hubbard’s training film productions.

To prove his wrong why “they don’t know how to get an F/N” right, and to make the rest of the world wrong, Miscavige made Scientologists slaves to procedure and redefined an F/N so that nobody could achieve one.

Note the last few words – nobody could achieve an F/N. This will come as news to all the Church members who have seen floating needles in their auditing. (Not that I think a floating needle means anything; one can make the needle float with just the right grip on the e-meter “cans.”) Incidentally, if I were a Scientologist, I’d point out that according to LRH, one sign of a suppressive person is that he or she speaks in generalities – such as “nobody can achieve a floating needle.” But I’m not, so I won’t.

So there we are — four examples of outright lies or, at the very least, questionable truths. And the best part is, since the post is so much gobbledygook to those who don’t speak Scientologese, Marty can easily pass these “untruths” onto his flock, and through lies can build the belief that everything bad in Scientology comes from David Miscavige.

There’s also a point to this post that is not so obvious. Marty and the Independents accuse DM of meddling with the tech. Some of his decisions (like the constant re-releasing of the “basics” books due to “transcription errors”) have an obvious profit motive, but other actions, including some that Marty talks about in this post, indicate a desire for DM to put his stamp on the tech – and this, to me at least, is further evidence that David Miscavige is a true believer. For more on this subject, see Aaron Saxton’s excellent article on this site, Was David Miscavige LRH’s Chosen One?.

Keep spreading the truth, my friends: Scientology is rotten to the core, and the core of Scientology is L. Ron Hubbard.