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The Legacy of the Tech

A few quotes from, and comments on, Marty’s recent post, The Legacy of the Tech:

For the past several days I’ve been sharing some thoughts. To some it evidently sounded like reactive venting.

I think that would be me (among others).

While I meant everything I wrote, I was also conducting a differentiation drill and a roll call or sorts…A number of OSA Intelligence Black Ops lines were revealed and rendered ineffective in the process.

“I wasn’t losing it; I meant to do that.” One of the interesting things to note is the use of the passive voice when discussing the supposed “destruction” of an enemy. LRH did the same thing; alleged victories were discussed in the passive voice. This always piqued my interest. Criminals often speak of their crimes in the passive voice as a way to disconnect themselves from their actions and avoid guilt or blame. That said, note that when Marty discusses real crimes he committed – the latest being how he drove away and left a prostitute to get beat up by her pimp – he uses the active voice. Just an interesting little tangent. Anyway…

I am not trying to create followers.

Then you’re doing it wrong, because you’ve got a flock of mindless sheep posting agreement with everything you do. Try this experiment, Marty: Post something you don’t mean or that you think is a bad idea. “I disagree with Caliwog, but I think he’s got a good point on thus-and-such, and we should listen to him with an open mind.” And watch what happens – your cheering section will tell you what a good idea it is. It’s funny that you and Mike refer to Church members as “sheeple” (which they are). By shaping your version of the truth and censoring criticism, you are creating your own flock of sheeple. Just like David Miscavige. (You guys worked together for years, I guess some of his influence was bound to rub off.)

The group think that says we must have a certain structure, we must have clear-cut direction from above, we must have a hierarchy that tells us which way is up, we cannot entertain an independent thought – and Lord forbid, a created thought that does not align with what we have been told we must know in order to conduct our lives properly.

I’m pulling out of context a bit here; you’re saying that this “group think” is a bad idea, and a result of the “C of M implementation of Reverse Scientology.” See, Marty, this is my whole point – what you are talking about is exactly what Hubbard intended. He instilled this group-think while making his followers believe they were thinking independently. He did this by getting people to replace their own ethics and values with his. He preached freedom, and yet he wrote Keeping Scientology Working which basically codifies the group-think. See why I think LRH was such an evil genius? My gosh, Marty, you’re so close to seeing the scam of Scientology, but you’re not quite there… true freedom is just a few steps away, Marty!

I have been working steadily and will continue to along the following lines in order to make the attainment of that statement of purpose possible:

1. Differentiate the subject of Scientology from the Church of Scientology.
2. Differentiate L Ron Hubbard from David Miscavige.

You can work at it, Marty, but you’ll never quite get there, because it cannot be done. The fact is that the Church of Scientology is practicing the subject of Scientology. Maybe they’ve made a few alterations here and there, but the reason the Church commits the crimes that it does – the crimes that you helped commit, I might remind you – is because those crimes are hard-coded in LRH policy. And I’m not talking about what only Scientologists view as crimes (i.e. teaching Scientology incorrectly and therefore subjecting man to spiritual damnation). That’s bullshit, a series of red herrings designed by LRH to keep Scientologists’ minds closed and their wallets open. I’m talking real crimes – breaking up families, bleeding members for money, and encouraging people to pay for cures that don’t work instead of pursuing proper medial, emotional and mental treatment.

And as for differentiating DM from LRH – well, yes, that can be done; the problem is, you insist on doing it by lying – by blaming the crimes of LRH on DM. The problem with lies, Marty, is that they just don’t stand up. And the problem with lying about the crimes of LRH is that he left copious amounts of proof behind. LRH lied about himself – a lot – but he couldn’t lie about his intentions. LRH suffered from diarrhea of the typewriter. He was such a control freak that he felt the need to codify everything. “If it isn’t written, it isn’t true” was his mantra and his downfall, and as you’re finding out – just as DM has found out – the advent of the Internet makes it very difficult to lie about LRH and Scientology. And as long as you continue to post lies, I and many others who think like me will continue to post the truth.

The way I see it, Marty, you’re angry about how DM treated you, and you just want to see him gone – not for the good of Scientologists, but because you want to get even. And the sad part is, the more you wage your battle against David Miscavige, the more you seem to act like him.

No surprise, as you both have the same master and you’re both singing off the same sheet of music.

See, that’s the real legacy of the Tech.