About Caliwog

Caliwog is a Scientology objector who urges both Church members and independents to scrutinize the tech. Caliwog’s message is simple: “LRH is the why.” He (she?) can be contacted at caliwog at hotmail dot com.

12 responses to “About Caliwog

  1. Decca Mitford

    Excellent – glad to see there is a sane response to so much of Marty’s BS and demonizing of DM in order to whitewash the true evil – LRH and his “tech” the true root of all the abuses and problems. Scientology is the problem, and DM is nothing more than an on-policy cult member.

    LRH is the why – this cannot be repeated enough.

  2. thanks for speaking truth ..
    yes Marty does like to sensor ..
    been a victim myself ..

    and looks like he is moving on into the role of self appointed leader .. via his youtube

    yikes …
    unable or unwilling to use critical thinking

    amazing …

    thanks .. seems like I’ve been here be4..

    all out love
    nate and mona

  3. Cali, what we need is a concise write up about how if the OT III “scripture” is true, what DM is doing is not really his fault, it is the retarded alien spirits inhabiting his body. Also all those great people that Marty likes to quote, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcome X, they only did the things they did because they are filled with retarded alien spirits.

    I truly believe all Scientologists that have “practiced/paid” for a long time suffer from Stockholm syndrome with regards to LRH.

  4. I must say I share your view of Marty, LRH and the whole wacky cult in general..:)
    LRH was a convicted thief as well as a liar. Thank you

  5. I’m glad I found you. I need a site other than wwp to turn to that won’t be making lrh a saint and only blame dm of the evils of the cult.

  6. Great Blog! Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Thank you for this.

  8. Awesome blog. You are the pure fount of wog wisdom.

  9. I really enjoy reading your entries here and comments elsewhwere, and regret not noticing your blog sooner. Thanks.

  10. johnny d / thetan-x

    gently cocked to the left…………usually quite attractive !??!??!?????

  11. Caliwog,

    We need to post something somewhere about the upcomming movie The Master.

    I could think of no better time than for the Ex-Scios to call a truce with Anon and WWP and let the differences slide and get protesting again – perfect time for exposure.

    To a Sea Org Member, there is no evidence of Scientology Failing or any evidence that any ex-SO are upset with Scientology. We have total information control being done on these people.

    The only way they know there is anything wrong is if they look out the window and see you, me or someone else they knew and say “Oh, I thought he went to chicago and was on-lines there…jesus, he is anti–Scn now???”

    This is the only way they get to SEE that Scientology does not have a strangle hold on their members and that MANY HAVE LEFT because they think they are at Flag or somewhere else doing just fine.

    Names – we want names of Staff and Sea Org Members mentioned on posters and cards – where are they? why did they blow? How about a list of all SO members who blew this year?

    If we do not mention on the internet and in the protests the Sea Org members who have parents, brothers or sisters looking for them then they will never get hauled into ethics or get RPFed.

    They need to be RPFed, they need to be yelled and screamed at. If they do, 50% of them will crack and leave – if not, then they are in the bubble safe and sound.

    It would be nice to walk in and have a conversation, but we can’t. We have to cause enough pressure for them to shut their doors, question everyone, and let the pressure built up until they keep popping out.

    99% leave because they have had too much – too many beans and rice, too much bullshit, too much yelling, too many late nights, too many ethics conditions or cleaning of the dishes. It is hardly never the result of a doubt formula.

    We got to get them to blow, and to do that, DM , RTC, CMOI and Middle Management have to become more angry, more desperate, much punishing and even tougher.

    Protestors. Buckets of them.

    I’m going to make some more appearances -we all should. Shit. Imagine Scientology seeing 3,000 ex-Scio members outside – you know people would blow as a result, and OSA would have another photographic nightmare.

    Some of Anon are playing revolutionaries and that’s their gig – but we dont label all of Anon based on the actions of a few hardcore guys with balls the size of Godzillas nuts do we? No more than we judge every Sea Org member for the Actions of DM or every Ex-Scio for the actions of one Marty.

    We all win if we protest and get seen – and with The Master on the horizon what paper isn’t going to want to film the huge backlash against Scientology and the faces of the victims.

    We can get more media now than ever before.

    I will stand with Marty at a protest if he objects to the Sea Org – will he stand with me if I object to Scientology? Probably not, and in there lay the problem – we got to get along with those we dislike and who have alter motives – if it means we get something we both want – The Sea Org reduced to a pittance – everyone wins.

    We never liked each other in the SO and often hated someone or this or that or the other but like hell that ever got in the way of a directive or goal. We can be like that out there, too.

    The Master – we have every darn right to cash in on it.

  12. I hope I get the email right. I’ve been researching for an article and your reasoning is exactly what impresses me. The writing project isn’t like all the others in this hugely popular antiscientologist subculture. It’s about the writings of Hubbard, the actual said by the seat of his pants words… Policies he may of made up while hopped up on drugs one day on his ship.. Words that have been directly responsible for countless deaths..


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