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Aaron Saxton: More on Tory and Marty

Not too long ago, Aaron Saxton posted a series of comments about ex-Scientologist Tory “Magoo” Christman that was a little harsh in its wording. I’ll admit that the comments made me a bit uncomfortable. I’m a big admirer of Tory, as I think she’s done a lot for the protest movement, and I certainly don’t want to offend her; unfortunately, that’s a consequence of this blog’s no-censorship policy. And Aaron does have a point – I myself am always a bit wary of people who oppose Scientology but support Marty Rathbun. Some people think independent Scientology is better than the Church, and is a stepping stone on the path to freedom; I don’t agree.

Anyway, Aaron posted a follow-up comment expanding more on why he feels the way he feels about Tory and others who support Marty Rathbun and/or Scientology in any form. I can’t speak to Tory’s mindset; I’m not an ex-Scientologist, or any sort of Scientologist. Aaron and Tory are. Regardless, Aaron makes some very valid points. Here are some excerpts from his comment (read the complete original here):

I know I am being rough on [Tory]. I am rough on anyone that supports Marty and then overtly supports his lies.

Anyone who supports Marty might as well support David Miscavige, or any other Executive of the Church – he is doing precisely what they do except he is not in a Sea Org Uniform and has as yet not established a way to exploit people on a large scale.

If people like Tory give him enough “street credit” and support, eventually he will have his own org and people will wonder how he was able to achieve it.

As for my own persecution in the Church, I was thoroughly aware of what I was doing to other people, knowing it was right to do this to those people based on the rationality of a system of beliefs that logically concluded through application of those beliefs that those actions were indeed 100% OK.

[Note from Caliwog: If you are not familiar with Aaron’s story, you can see it on YouTube; part 1 is here.]

I spent over a decade researching what happened to me and others and precisely why I did what I did.

If Tory and people like her actually understood what really happened to them, they would never give Marty the light of day – not even for one second.

A person who truly understands what is happening in Scientology in LRH’s form, DM’s form, David Mayo’s form, Otto Roos’ form or Marty’s form would never offer these people support of any kind.

Marty is evil. He really is. It is hard to comprehend just how nasty LRH really was – it takes as Scientologists would call it – a very severe adjustment in confront. Justifying it in ANY way or excusing any of his evil is wrong.

When you can understand the logic behind supporting Hitler to wipe out the Jews (and I am Jewish and most of my family tree was killed in camps or in Budapest under German, then later Russian rule). When you can understand the logic behind wiping out all Westeners if you are a Muslim, when you can understand the logic behind killing yourself with a group of several hundred people to travel to the celestial plains of a promised religious leader, then you are truly well armed to avoid it again. And, you are capable of seeing the true evil in these people that push from the top these beliefs knowing them to be false (like LRH, like Marty).

But it takes a lot to really understand it. Ironically, Scientology promised to its followers to understand the mind, engrams, the body and spirit to help them out – but it deliberately does the opposite.

Marty is doing this. Tory was doing this as a Scientologist. She may have changed her mechanism (Scientology) for playing out her problems, but she will find others. Marty is one of them, and this absolute lie about the [Church] program [against Tory] is an enabler of her triggers and Marty is playing on it not to help her, but to rope in more people.

Everything I have ever said about Marty has been true from the word go – because I know exactly what he is, I know the material that was used to create him – and it is NOT MATERIAL available to Scientologists, staff members or 99.5% of Sea Org members. Maybe 1 in 60 Messengers I knew had ever seen this guff. And this disgusting stuff was made by LRH for his top people that he needed to turn into monsters. Marty is a precise creation.

If I had not had help provided to me many years ago that got me onto the right track, I would be like Marty today but probably more effective. Remember, I did work for the SO in secrecy after I left for a while – I was anti-SO but not anti-Scientology. Like Marty.

Marty does not fool me one little bit. He never has. He fools others pretty good and it is sad Tory is one of them. Marty knows what I am talking about and I have had my share of his people come my way to swing me over his way.

No thanks. I am anti-Scientology through and through and will not in any way bend to accept their beliefs or policies or be nice about it. If you want that, go to Marty or ESMB – but here on Caliwog, I will call it as I see it.

Aaron Saxton

If you want to read Aaron’s original comment in full, you’ll find it here.



Aaron Saxton: Summing up Independent Scientology

Aaron Saxton is one of the more controversial figures in the protest movement, and while our approaches may differ, I find that he and I are in agreement on most of our opinions concerning Scientology. Aaron posted the following as a comment a few days ago, and it’s one of the best summations of Marty Rathbun and his Independent Scientology movement I’ve seen. Whether you like Aaron or not, I think you’ll appreciate what he has to say. Here’s Aaron:

Where Marty will fail to measure up is in the simplest of his stated goals and aspirations. Once his followers realize that he can not deliver, they will start to fall away – not all though.

Marty has buried himself a hole he can not logically get out of, and has adopted MLK philosophy to explain the lack of facts “On faith alone…” Once the glossy appearance of this statement wears thin, his followers will see some of the most obvious downfalls of Marty:

1. He states that [David Miscavige] has altered nearly all the tech – with this comes a subtle promise to restore it. Yet Marty is no more in possession of the “correct tech” than anyone else. He didn’t memorize all the alterations, had no access to archives to know the correct tech, and per his own statement received his “full understanding of the glory of LRH” upon the ship in 1994/1995. This is when the tech was severely altered. So on correct tech, he simply can not deliver.

2. Marty has stated he will show DMs crimes. But he hasn’t stated he would show the Churches crimes. Why is that? He wants DM gone and nothing more. The Church has many crimes, but DMs hands are very clean and he can not be tracked to any of it, DM made sure of that. The result is that Marty would have to take down the Church and indict himself and Mike Rinder if he goes to the authorities on any real crimes. There is a possibility of jail time – murder is open ended. The other aspect of this is that Marty may go to jail. So rather than tell media, John Travolta or Lisa’s family the truth, he won’t because getting DM to him is more important – and he wants the Church to survive. The other thing is that Marty has no data on any of DMs crimes because DM is a smart SOB and that is a fact.

3. Marty states he will get you real results with Scientology. He can no no better or worse than any FZ [Free Zone] movement – and he knows this. What makes him better? He is not in possession of the corrected tech, and he is no better at applying it than anyone else. I know Otto Roos, and Otto would eat Marty alive when it comes to tech. Marty is like a kid playing with a ball compared to the worlds greatest pitcher when we compare these two. Otto was LRHs personal auditor, literally created the L rundowns himself and was around personally with LRH so he knows the tech COLD and better than Marty could ever wish to. Sadly Otto is on OT XII and I can still see the biggest outpoint – NO FUCKING ABILITIES.

4. Marty wants his people to think he is the one to lead. But he isn’t for several reasons, a. He isn’t leading anything other than a rabble of followers. b. Marty can not even give straight information when asked, so he is of no use legally to anyone. If you are of no use legally then I guess his assumption is that postulating will stop DM.

5. Marty constantly points out that DM made everyone do everything evil. This is a plain lie. Every ex-Scio bar one or two up on the boards that confesses to being an asshole or having mistreated anyone blames the mindset they got from Scientology and almost none have ever met DM for more than 30 seconds. I guess this is like saying if Hitler never existed, then there would never have been any atrocities – or that if Hitler was assassinated, then the Concentration camps would have been shut down. It was not a man but an ideology computated with false reasoning and lies that got people to do what they did. Marty will have you believe the world can suffer from one man when logic and the ability to admit you were wrong can clearly show it is all about where 5,000 SO members learned to be assholes – LRH. Messengers are the popes of Scientology, closest to Ron and they were all pricks not because they were bad people, but that is because that is how they were taught – by confidential advices and orders from Ron that makes you an asshole. This is why DM got created and why he used Messengers to take over from LRH – LRH taught them well.

6. Lastly, Marty is a dictator. There is no democracy in Scientology or the Sea Org and Marty displays this clearly. He will not be part of a committee or put anything out there for a vote unless he agrees with it first. Marty is no more free of the horrors he experienced in the SO than most. He is a dictator trained, and he will act like one. No one is above Marty. He rules and you obey. Period.

Aaron Saxton

Aaron Saxton on the Scientology mindset

Aaron Saxton, an ex-Scientologist and former Sea Org bad-ass, originally posted the following as a comment on ABCs of the RPF, but I thought it deserved a spot as a blog entry (for which Aaron has made a couple of edits and additions). I especially like the questions Aaron raises about what the Independents are doing with their time, energy and money. Read on for some great insights into the hive-mind of a Scientologist and why independent Scientology really isn’t any different from Scientology in the Church of Miscavige.

We can forget about the BS of trying to write off the responsibility of the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) to someone else who wrote it and got it signed off by [Scientology founder] L. Ron Hubbard.

I have heard this line used many times about various policies. Let’s get one thing very straight, the RPF and the type of punishment that LRH dished out on the Ship was RIGHT THERE in front of him. It is fact that LRH would personally assign people to the RPF, including children in front of the musters for all to see. That is fact.

The RPF started because LRH would assign children and people to the Bilge Pumps to do demeaning work, often without food or water for long periods of time.

What is wrong with independent Scientologists like Marty and Mike?

It is simple and very sad – they can no longer evaluate. [Ed. note: In Scientology, auditors are taught not to evaluate what their preclears (subjects/clients) say, with the subtext that any evaluation is a bad thing.] That ability has been wiped. It was wiped by accepting a belief system that overrides any requirement to reason or question.

This DM stuff is wearing very thin. It was LRH that personally trained [current Church leader] David Miscagive from a child. If anything sent DM insane, it was Scientology, just like it did Marty, Mike, Otto, Bill Robertson, Mayo and every other major exec that has ever left there.

The disharmony in Marty’s life, Mike’s, DM’s, LRH’s with their family “suicides” and deaths is just the tip of the iceberg.

Did you know LRH authorised his Messengers to be able to assign anyone to the RPF without a Committee of Evidence? That is how most get there – assigned by Messengers. Usually based on hate and anger.

To date, Marty has failed to do the most obvious thing – show us proof that DM altered anything. Not a shred of proof.

And if anyone wants to know the real reason Mike and Marty do not spill the real beans on DM, it is because they have huge crimes, too – that they have not admitted to that includes murder and abduction.

If they spill the beans on DM about other activities, then they go down for it also. I would like to point out that Mike, nor Marty has given us the names of the operatives the Sea Org uses – I have met them, but do not know their names, and yet Marty and Mike have not even admitted that they even met these people at all.

After Marty screwed up BIG TIME in 93/94 & 95, DM never trusted Marty after that, he was always going to be a patsy that DM could later put stuff on. Because of this, Marty was always going to leave the SO and attack. DM and others knew this, so they made very sure he never got his nose into anything serious at all.

Greg Wilhere, Norman Starkey – these types KNOW stuff because they were trusted.

I truly love how the independents can attack any critic for any error, any color of bad character in a critic and find that reason enough to say “they are liars and should not be trusted”, yet the greatest liar proven time and time again – LRH – is to be trusted.

The warped thinking is really deep brainwashing.

When these guys were sitting in auditing chairs, they thought they were recalling memories to find out more information. They had no idea that their Synaptic gulfs were being dumped by neural transmitters and that they were rewiring to new pathways to create new memories and augment the ones that they already had. The reason why every bad or good thing that happens to an independent in their mind is either Affinity, Reality or Communication is because their brains have been rewired to auto select these options.

It is easy to do.

This same irrational computation is the same reason why they will not see LRH for what he was or Scientology. Their brains have been rewired.

And the only way to deprogram a brain is to cause a crash in it. And they will not let that happen and will try to avoid Scientologists from letting that happen.

You see, if they were to admit LRH was wrong, that would tear down the entire structure of their thinking and their brain. It can have serious consequences.

Rather than find anything wrong, they will only find anything that validates Scientology.

Funnily enough, Marty’s viewpoint is exactly like LRHs to other technology of the mind. Which is exactly the same as DM’s and the Sea Orgs viewpoint of other technology. They will create a religion, expel anyone that does not follow it all the while stating “you are free to think what you like” but you are not.

For people who think they are so different, they are almost identical and will give identical answers to life’s “most important questions.”

Anon can save the newbies and get the front doors reduced to a slow flow. As for the ones in there, do not give them much hope, they are pretty much done like a dinner.

Of all the people that were ever in Scientology, I only met but a handful that ever were capable of walking away from it and LRH.

Even Scientology’s biggest critics in Australia still sit there working out how they will go OT and working out how to find another path to eternal memory and life.

They are the saddest people.

These “ex’s” are so unreliable because at the end of the day, they are suffering from “battered wife’s syndrome” and still sit there today with their little Scientology books wondering about the true route to Operating Thetan.

They never left Scientology thinking. They just walked away from the abuse. They never understood what really happened or why they were duped.

The ones worth saving are the ones that are about to walk in the door and get the wrong answers to life’s questions.

If you want to know the biggest lie in Scientology, it is that when you first walk in there, and for years to come, grown adults look straight at you and tell you bullshit like “Yes, I can go exterior when I want to” and “OT VIII’s took out the Berlin wall and were secretly auditing there when it happened” and other crap like “In 1992 Hurricane Andrew didn’t hit the Fort Harrison hotel because we ‘willed it not to’.”

Grown adults lying straight at you telling you about all these abilities they do not even have. Children believe adults – and they fucking betray us with their weak minds and shitty dreams rather than reality.

Mike Rinder is getting money together to fight Scientology. He isn’t saving up money to get his kids through proper education when they finally get out of the SO.

Mike and Marty aren’t paying doctors to review people who have left the SO and Scientology to find out what damage the Purif or bad nutrition has done to them – they are saving up for an E-Meter.

Independents are getting their kids to Clear and OT. Screw meeting people in other countries, expanding their minds or getting a degree.

Their thinking is completely warped and they have the wrong priorities. You see, if they knew the truth about LRH at the start they (I hope) would never have gone into Scentology or the Sea Org – I know I wouldn’t and this is why millions will not now – they know the truth. Marty and his clan are in love with an image created about LRH that is fiction – it was a total lie, but now they defend the existence of a man who never actually existed.

The reality is that for 25 years these independents have been in Scn and stated for years they had marvelous wins – were they lying? Yes, they were, to themselves the whole time and they are about to do it all over again.

If these independents were for real then they would provide LRH tech for FREE to the world. Rather than posting all the books online for others to see, they post statements about DM. Rather than help homeless or better social issues, they help themselves. They handle their friends’ problems but will not handle their own children’s problems.


Whether or not they are in the C of S they will contribute to it by pushing LRH tech, they will buy books, they will buy e-meters. Either way, the C of S still makes a buck out of them.

Soon you will see front groups, corporations, trusts, property, tax incentives, it will all start to have a familiar smell to it. The same smell LRH gave it. DM did the same. Marty is doing the same. Soon his followers will be told that all critics are liars. Marty will show proof of this to them. Soon comments that offend Scientology will be removed. [Ed. note: Already happening!] Soon his followers neck deep in will not be able to question.

No independent has seen any evidence of changed or altered tech – just the “word” of a few people. If they go back and get the original LRH they will find it is almost identical and will have the same result – Marty will start to tell them who is a squirrel, who is a knock off and that his is the one true tech.

Sound familiar? Independents are suckers because they like it that way.

Scientologists claim to have above normal intelligence – bullshit bullshit bullshit.

I will pay $500,000 to a group of Independents – that are highly publicly visible if that group of 50 persons will outperform 50 members of Anon in a proper IQ test.

In fact, I challenge Nancy Many, Marty and his wife, Jim, Mike and Mike’s wife to take an official IQ test and an SAT in the next month.

If they can beat 6 members of Anon that I will randomly chose, I will go to the Shrine Auditorium and streak in front of DM.

The bet is on.

Wait to you see how fucking stupid and retarded these tossers really are.

It is a serious bet. I got the balls, I doubt they do.

Their excuse? It is not about IQ, it is about “knowing”… — Aaron Saxton

Aaron Saxton: Ten Errors of the Golden Age of Tech

Whoops! Aaron Saxton send me this as a post a while back, in response to Marty’s post of September 17th (Ten Gross Technical Errors from the Golden Age of Tech by Glenn Samuels). I, not being a Clear and therefore not possessing perfect recall, forgot to post it. For those who don’t know him, Aaron Saxton, like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, was a member of Scientology’s upper management. Unlike Marty, Aaron “woke up” and left not just the Church but the entire subject behind, and has been a vocal and remarkably candid critic in the years since.

In the original article, Glenn talked about how David Miscavige’s “Golden Age of Tech” program alters L. Ron Hubbard’s original intentions. Here, Aaron addresses each of Glenn’s points and says it ain’t necessarily so. Glenn is pretty heavy on lingo – this article was written for Scientologists – but it shows yet another effort to blame LRH’s shortcomings on DM. Indented quotes are from Glenn’s article, clarifications in brackets are from me, the rest is Aaron.

10 Errors of the Golden Age of Tech (GAT):

1. Thought stopping and filtering what one says due to fear of punishment from session data. Not being able to talk freely, cutting their own communication [not talking] to the auditor which obliterates the basic reason auditing works.

Most would agree with this. As stipulated by LRH, his crew were to be kept in a constant state of fear – with L. Ron Hubbard even reading his own preclear* [PC]’s folders to ensure no auditor or PC had any evil intentions towards him. Alas, this was established by LRH and not David Miscagive or the Golden Age of Tech. This policy of fear has been around for 50 years and explains the reason why almost any person who was close to LRH ended up declared [a Supressive person] or leaving Scientology, including Hubbard’s own family.

[* Preclear: A Scientologist who has not yet reached the state of clear.]

2. Similar to number one, but in some ways worse; collusion between pc and auditor to not say things or write things down in session for fear of reprisal from CS [Case Supervisor, the one who determines an individual’s program in Scientology], leadership, or ethics.

A nice try, although factually the person who wrote this cannot even give a statistic for how many times this actually occurs. Also there is an insinuation that this is something new, yet this has been around since the 1950’s and has nothing to do with current leadership.

3. Meter abuse; FNs [Floating Needles, an indicator on the E-meter that all is well with the PC] and Floating TAs [Tone Arms] not being called. Ignoring, refuting, and invalidating the pc by making the meter senior to their information.

The e-meter is senior to the PC* as dictated by LRH in many many references. The auditor is to use the PCs indicators but the e-meter is the weapon to guide. This is of course a result of LRHs great creation – sec[urity] checking to screw PCs up and staff and make sure they are in fear.

[* They are talking about a situation in which the auditor ask a question, the PC answers one way, but the E-Meter indicates he is thinking something else. By the way, as far as I know, LRH instructed his auditors to believe the meter rather than what the PC says.]

4. Heavy Overruns. Hand in glove with this, re-running the lower levels again on advanced cases for no reason other than greed.

Again the writer can give no specifics of how many times this has happened and again insinuates that this is something new when actually it is a common error among auditors going back to the 1950s and was never stamped out. This is the problem with auditing fictitious memories and [past] lives that never existed.

5. Political and financial reasons to invalidate the state of clear. No real or true understanding of the state.

Good one. Cause LRH has not freaking idea about the State of Clear either and got it wrong so often that he lost count how many times he was embarrassed by his own failures and of his auditors. To this date, no clears have been produced and if one could, I have no doubt it would be worth EVERY penny.

6. False responsibility run on cases; a pendulum swing away from identifying the source of a problem as advanced course material causing extreme confusion resulting in nearly impossible messes to repair.

Wow. You can make this statement fit just about anything because it is ambiguous as Nostradamus.

7. Sexual discrimination resulting in behavior modification rather than case gain.

Again this statement is so open one could subject this classification to any area, anywhere inside or outside of Scientology.

8. No or faulty meter training for auditors.

BS. The auditors do loads of auditing training. And most of the training is as described by LRH – just ask Marty, he helped implement this junk for 20 years and never blinked. And even if the drills were just as LRH had them, then you would have an auditor of LRH standards – hard to find because most have been declared suppressive or have removed themselves from Scientology.

9. Selling unnecessary rundowns that are not client centered with expectations and promises that have nothing to do with the intent of the rundown.

Ha ha, this is LRH. Sold Clear – no that didn’t work, sold power processing – nope that didn’t work, sold OT levels, no that didn’t work, sold the L Rundowns, no that didn’t work, sold superpower – no that doesn’t work either!

10. Rote and executive programming that is not fashioned to the person’s needs nor addressed to their life; not using a complete and holistic approach for dynamic problems essential to the person, their family, business and goals. (Then auditing over it for no gains.) One obvious example is auditing over crippling debt.

Welcome to Scientology in general. LRH bankrupted God knows how many public in his time.

Aaron Saxton, September 2010

Abortions and Children in the Sea Org

The following article was written by Aaron Saxton, a former member of Scientology management. Abortion is obviously an emotionally-charged subject, and I happen to disagree with Aaron’s viewpoint; I am pro-choice. But the thing I respect and admire most about Aaron – and the reason I am willing to post his writing here – is that he has always been brutally honest about the things he did in Scientology. I believe he does this is because it is important to him (as it is to me) that outsiders understand the true nature of Scientology, and that making people understand is more important than making himself look good. He sees the bigger picture.

I have chosen to post Aaron’s opinions just as he wrote them. If you are strongly pro-choice, you may find some of what he says objectionable. Please understand that Aaron’s purpose in writing this – and my purpose in posting it – is to explain the issue of abortion in the Sea Org. The issue here is not whether abortion is right or wrong; it is that someone could not only completely compromise his personal morals and ethics, but convince others to do the same, and both with alarming ease. It is an illustration of just how strong a grip Scientology has on the minds of its followers, and it presents clear evidence that, despite what the Independents may say, abortions in the Sea Org are not merely the will of David Miscavige, but in fact a belief that is inherent in Scientology.

Thank you in advance for reading with an open mind. — Caliwog

The topic of abortions in the Sea Org is a touchy subject.

It is more about the viewpoint held on children vs. the needs of the world, more so than the topic of abortions itself. In this society and others, the subject raises emotions that cause riots, fighting and even murder. The subject of abortion will be up for debate for many years. Is it murder? Does the fetus have a right to live? We are all entitled to our own opinions on such.

However, in the Sea Organization (SO) a much more insidious approach is not used, but installed by L. Ron Hubbard even before the person has become pregnant. LRH ran the SO in the early years for over 15 years, and for a man who “loved children” he sure saw to it that raising them in the SO was so terrible, no one would want one. Or is there even more evil to it than first can be seen?

If you, the reader, for example were to learn that your unborn child would be born with a severe disability, and probably have a poor life ahead of them, not to mention your inability to raise them to their full potential, would you consider abortion? It certainly is a different thought process you run through, isn’t it, than if you knew your child was going to be born and become the President. So mindset is everything when making a decision. Sometimes theft is survival, other times it is petty. Sometimes killing is defense, and other times it is plain murder. Circumstances. So let us look at SO circumstance.

In the Sea Org I ordered abortions from women as young as 14 years of age.

The rationale behind it was based on a set of logic principles that the reader will have to adjust to in order to understand it. To this day, I am somewhat quiet on the subject of abortions. I have always, my whole life, been against abortion, yet I was prepared to order it and enforce it, without orders from others. In a relationship outside of the SO I was asked by a woman I got pregnant to attend an abortion. The hoses, the dead fetus thrown in the bin was a horrible experience for me – for her it was life changing. It opened my eyes, but I never allowed the emotion of that incident to cloud my judgment about what I had done, and why I did it.

LRH management terminals* since the early days of the SO (60’s) have done the same, women and men.

(* Terminal: L. Ron Hubbard’s word for a person who does a job. Note the dehumanization inherent in the term. — Caliwog)

It is going to be important to instill in the reader another viewpoint, one which is hard to adjust to because you are probably a sane, rational person. Sea Org members who ask for abortions, and those that carry out abortions (i.e. the staff and the pregnant women and their inevitable spouses) often abort, or direct another to have an abortion (as LRH did and others since) for another reason.

One has to imagine the following set of circumstances and BELIEVE with all your heart and mind, that the following is 100% true:

  1. The world is going to run itself into the ground in a few years because of evil people.
  2. People have been around for 74 quadrillion years and we are nearing the end of the swindling spiral, meaning redemption and salvation is near impossible.
  3. There is no other technology that can free the mind of man other than LRH technology.
  4. That the only group capable of performing the impossible task of clearing Earth and the other millions of planets is the Sea Org.
  5. At this precise moment Scientology is in danger of being shut down, and if that happens, man will lose his last chance ever at salvation.
  6. Death and forgoing this life is no big deal. If you’re going to come back again and again, you can “do other things in other lifetimes” and THIS lifetime is the FIRST lifetime you have ever had a chance to HELP mankind.

These are laughable, however these are the very factors one must envelop themselves in, if they are to understand what it means to be in the Sea Org. Imagine for a moment that Hitler had won and that the majority of Earth was under the third Reich. And imagine for a moment there was a group that could possibly stop it, and they required your immediate support. Would you abandon them to have a child if “just another 10 years” would make the difference?

Cults often use “Time emergency” as a factor. There is always a judgment day, always an end date. LRH set it for 2000, although that Flag Order is not quoted much anymore. It is a common technique in all cults to install a time restriction where in the individual feels that there is a limited amount of time. This means the person has no time to think, or act, or live a normal life – all activities must be directed towards the goals of the Cult in order to see its success. The individual does this to ensure their own success and also the success of future generations.

Through this mindset we will now add more factors:

  1. You are in the Sea Org.
  2. You work from 9am until at least 11pm every single day. There are no holidays. There is no difference between Sunday and Thursday, or this year and next year.
  3. You live with the people you work with. Life is work, there is no free time. “Home” means a bed, plain and simple.
  4. When you join the Sea Org, you know, agree and accept that you are doing it because dedication above and beyond other humans is required. As part of this, you accept to forgo all freedoms. You agree that your hobbies, your family, music, TV, parks, holidays, trips, indeed all things in life are forgone in order to accomplish the goals of the Sea Org.
  5. You find it easy to not be very human, and a child is something you will have to attend to when for years you have attended to nothing but your group. You haven’t cooked in 20 years, you haven’t driven a car in 20 years, had an ATM card, a cheque book, shopped for food, you haven’t been around children, studied nothing about them, haven’t gone t school in 20 years – what the hell do you know about children?

Now add children to the equation.

They do not work. It is natural, as it is genetic, that a woman yearns to be a mother. And it is natural that a man wishes to see their partner or any number of partners have children. It is not a conscious decision, although in current society we are asked to make it a conscious decision. Our genetic makeup means we have no say in the matter.

We do however have a say in our conscious choices to avoid situations that threaten our survival.

If you are of the belief as stated above, then anything that detracts from this, is of course, contra-survival. And evil. The same reason you do not go off and spend time with your family is the same reason why you do not want to have children – they are distractions. And expensive.

Abortions in the Sea Org are often the choices those individuals make. More hurtful however, is that often it is just one of the partners who desires the abortion, while the other partner desires the child. The problem is that having a child means leaving the Sea Org, at least for a few years, and with that comes feelings of guilt that one is letting down the team. Remember the mindset here – review the above points and you will see how this can happen. There is no difference in routing out* of the SO and having a child if it means your abandoning your team. Remember, it is a time emergency, there is no time left for Earth and you going off to have family is off-purpose.

(* Routing out: Following the correct procedure to leave, as opposed to “blowing,” which means leaving suddenly without following procedure. — Caliwog)

Because of this, we can see how easy it is to get an abortion.

But sometimes, the abortion is not desired, and both parties will desire the child’s birth. They know that it can’t be good for the group if they go, but they want the child – this is where survival (as correctly established by evolution) takes over and provides a driving force in the person. These people are hurt the most.

However, from a SO point of view with the task at hand for civilization, it is better for mankind to have the child killed. They do not need a policy on abortion – just on what is best for mankind.

This was my rational when asking such persons to do exactly this. “Consider the greatest good for the greatest number” and within that statement one must consider what LRH stated about the condition of Earth and man’s chance without Scientology.

As far as children go, one can see how Scientologists treat their children. See Marty Rathbun’s blog on Karen, Heber Jentzsch’s ex-wife. She discusses her Child being in the SO at the age of 10 – yet what was she doing allowing this to happen?

Simply put, she considered it the greatest good for her child, herself and mankind. Now she has found an out – although it makes no sense to blame the SO, when she put her kid there in the first place! Blame and finger pointing is a favorite pastime of independent Scientologists as it gives them someone and something to blame for their stupidity.

If we disassemble the lies in Scientology and we see that Scientology is no solution for mankind, nor is its technology of any real benefit, we would not have people considering abortions. For the public Scientologist it is hard to understand why SO members would have abortions – although they can clearly see members for 25 years not having children – but say nothing. They too are under the spell that Scientology must be preserved at all costs and they are totally aware that without the SO, Scientology would have already been banned and thrown away many years ago.

To understand abortions, you must understand cults. Remember, a lot of Scientologists blow $200,000 on Scientology and will not even pay for their own children to go to worthless universities. Their logic has been warped by using an equation that can sometimes get the right answer, but for the purposes of Scientology, always gets the right answer to screw them up a little more.

Without understanding the commitments that SO members face, you could never really understand this issue. While others will say it is from management, I must disagree. I never receive orders to ask anyone to have an abortion, ever. I instigated the action on my own cognition as do many SO members – it is based on the LRH formula “Greatest good for the greatest number” which does not have to include human qualities, human emotions, morality or the well being of any individual above and beyond a mere mathematical calculation.

Such a formula then compared with LRH data on where we are – take for example RJ67* – and we see the choice is clear: Give all to Scientology, and if you don’t, you are a namby pamby… as in Keeping Scientology Working Series One**. Even Scientology’s biggest follower Tim Cruise said as much in his video – you are either in all the way, or you are out.

(* RJ67: Ron’s Journal 67, a taped lecture in which LRH talks about the discovery of OT III (the Xenu story). You can download RJ67 from this Wikileaks page. — Caliwog)

(** Keeping Scientology Working (KSW): LRH policy basically saying that Scientology is the only truth. Perhaps the most important policy in Scientology. You can read it here. — Caliwog)

In the SO this is even more cut and dried.

While I feel for those who have had abortions, I can assure you none were tied down or given drugs to force them. They were brainwashed BEFORE they were pregnant, and all they had to do was be shown the LRH policies in order to make their decision final.

I never forced anyone to abort – I showed them the LRH references**. And there has never been a Knowledge Report* on me or anyone else for asking for an abortion (and if there are, they are far and few) because at the end of the day all you have to do is show someone specific LRH references and you can make them consider murder is acceptable.

(* Knowledge Report: A report submitted to Ethics about off-policy acts. Scientologists are encouraged to tattle on each other with KRs. — Caliwog)

(** I wanted to ad my $0.02 on this, because it’s an important point. Scientology teaches that “What’s true for you is true.” However, notice that all that Aaron had to do was show the LRH policies and people would make the desired decision. “What’s true for you” implies that if you don’t believe in abortion, you shouldn’t have one – yet look at the results Aaron got. That’s what Scientology does – what’s true for LRH is true for you. — Caliwog)

If you can convince people to give up their lives, give up their families, money, give up being part of a civilized society, what would make you think it would be hard to make them kill a child?

Nothing. As plenty of affidavits have shown.

And the biggest thing that upsets these people is not that they were asked to abort, but that they agreed and on some level saw it as the right thing to do. They killed their own children. And to that I say, they must learn to forgive themselves and move on.

Not everything can be healed by finger pointing or an auditing session.

Humans make bad choices and live to not make them again. That is pain, it is real and it is human. I am glad that at least they can cry about those lost children, because some in the SO who had an abortion never shed a tear.

And that is the truly terrifying thing.

Aaron Saxton, July 2010

Was David Miscavige LRH’s Chosen One?

I’ve always believed that David Miscavige became the leader of the Church of Scientology by deceit and trickery, and I know that’s what many Independents also believe. But there are several protesters who say that DM was actually L. Ron Hubbard’s choice to take over the Church.

Aaron Saxton, former high-ranking Sea Org staffer and frequent commenter on this blog, made a reference to this, and I asked if he would write a more detailed article. Aaron was kind enough to oblige, and his article talks not only about LRH’s search for a successor but on how LRH felt about his wife, his use of drugs, and evidence that David Miscavige really is a true believer in Scientology – just as LRH planned. Here’s what Aaron wrote. Continue reading