Caliwog does not accept donations. WordPress is an ad-supported service; Caliwog doesn’t pay a dime to run this blog, and neither should you. Caliwog has a real job which pays for rent and food, and believes the truth should be free – free of censorship, free of bullshit, and free of charge.

6 responses to “Donate?

  1. Mirna Minkoff

    Ah hell, in the spirit of solidarity and because I’m grateful for an intelligent response to Marty’s bullshit party line I was ready to donate! But I gotta admit I love reading the text above – if only Marty had the same integrity or a real job for that matter.

  2. Muchos Grassyass

    Dear Caliwog,
    Thanks!!!!!! I like your blog… Critical Free Speech combined with no solicitations for my monies is Wonderful!!!
    Take Care,

  3. Hopefully we can at least share a beverage someday..:)

  4. ex-scientologis - staff -sea org canada


    Thank’s a lot for this blog and please continue to post censored replies on Marty’s blog! It help me to hope that there is some people that are not leaving a cult fo Hubbard-miscavige for getting in Marty’s cult! I could not beleive that every follower was drinking this coolaid, like a stupid person! I’m having a deception on censored truth about Hubbard’s and scientology technology that finally, did nothing good for human race! Is it sad to see all these scientologis that have surrferred and are behaving again as Rathbun’s cultist! Not even able to think by themselves but just to quote LRH! Please continue and get be referenced in google as the other side of marty’s blog as we can find this blog!
    Thank’s a lot – to the readers – never forget all children that have suffer torture on the Appolo from LRH – child labour from Miscavige – and are presently ignored by this independant movement that is more concern in reforming athe Church and having this technology of insanity and human rights if the children abuses have not if the one that never borned – killed- trrown away as garbage have never existed…

    Would a sain persone imagine a world without children – without children playing and laughing, and children locked , left alone and hidden…this would be an horrific world..what the scientology world is!

    I want to read all of the censored posts of sain and de-brain-washed ex-scientologists please!

  5. This is a great blog, would you be involved in doing an interview about how you created it? If so email me! aacbdaaddafb

  6. Scientology LRH

    🙂 There you gave birth to a smile

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