The purpose of this blog

I think there are some Scientologists, both church-affiliated and independents, who think the purpose of this blog is to convince people to stop believing in Scientology.

It isn’t.

The purpose of this blog is twofold:

1) To counter Marty Rathbun’s attempts to take advantage of the bad publicity against the Church of Scientology by attempting to put all of the blame on Church leader David Miscavige and whitewash Church founder L. Ron Hubbard.

2) To help non-Scientologists understand the true nature of Scientology so that they can come to their own informed opinion about this group.

Change only comes from within

I could no more convince a Scientologist that LRH and Scientology are frauds than I could sprout wings and fly. People come to their own decisions.

Look at the most famous and outspoken defectors from Scientology. (Their stories are all over the Internet.) Few, if any, came to the conclusion that Scientology was a con because someone convinced them. Most came to that conclusion on their own. They saw things that didn’t add up, so they investigated, they thought for themselves, and they made their own decisions.

Real change comes from within. That’s just the way it is.

Now, if reading this blog helps some Scientologist somewhere to come a bit closer to the truth, then that’s fantastic – but that’s not why I do it and it’s certainly not the expectation that I have.

“What do you care?”

This leads to another question: “Why bother? What do you care if a bunch of people get conned by LRH, DM and Scientology?”

I care because Scientology isn’t just a harmless religion with some odd beliefs. Scientology is a carefully-planned scheme that was designed with the express intention of enriching its leader.

I care because many of the practices in Scientology are physiologically, emotionally and mentally harmful, if not outright dangerous.

I care because almost all of the Scientologists I know are decent people who really do want to help mankind – and because LRH (and now DM, and to a lesser extent MR) have taken advantage of their good nature to build their own empire.

I care because what LRH did was wrong, and because I am concerned with the welfare of my fellow humans.

I care because I believe that when one sees evil being done, one has an obligation to stand up in protest.


6 responses to “The purpose of this blog

  1. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    Amen my friend

    We were there to experience and witness we know from first hand !

  2. I still have a hard time thinking that all of this came from a bet over a cup of coffee one day. I think the religion that Issac Bonewitz came up with was the Sacred Order of Ovates, Bards and Druids, or something along those lines. It has been awhile since I went to his talk at a gathering in Blackwater, VA. I forget now even who the third party of the bet was….. Basically, the way he told it was that the three of them bet each other that they couldn’t “create” a religion in 90 days. Two of them at least, LRH and Issac Bonewitz did so….

  3. This blog is run by a past life SSSSSPPPPP!!!!

  4. There is certainly a lot to find out about this topic.
    I really like all of the points you made.

  5. You can’t claim to know what went on unless you actually where in it as I was from 16 years old to now almost 70 ….. knowing LRH Personally to boot.
    As far as I’m concerned Marty is the red herring. It’s DM who is the real Hitler here… the rest are just his brown shirts .

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