Monthly Archives: December 2010

I’m *still* still here…

Hi, guys – appreciate the comments and emails and that you miss me! I’m still taking care of some real-life stuff. Nothing bad has happened. No visits from OSA, no threats, no attempt to shudder me into silence. I haven’t had some change of heart and decided to support Scientology in any form. (God forbid!) It’s simply a matter of having the time to do this right. Keeping up with Scientology and writing good posts – particularly my favorite kind, the ones that use LRH’s own words to show that Scientology is BS – takes a lot of time. And I’ve always been one for quality over quantity. (Just ask Mrs. Caliwog! [rimshot]) So I’ve just got to keep Caliwog on hold a little longer, probably till the New Year, when I have time to do things right. Meantime, keep posting, keep thinking, and keep telling the truth, and no that I am just fine. I appreciate your support, and in the words of Tom Cruise, “I do care so very, very, very much!”