Marty uses DM tech!

Looks like Marty Rathbun, who claims that David Miscavige is the root of all evil in the Church of Scientology, is applying a little of the “DM tech” he claims to abhor.

I quote from last week’s blog entry, Abolish the IAS:

“IAS was an off-policy, off-Source solution to a problem (defense) that L Ron Hubbard represented long-ago was to be covered by the donations one pays for services.” [Emphasis added.]

Marty is referring to a bulletin entitled “What Your Fees Buy” by LRH. You can read the original in PDF format here. In 1991, well after LRH’s death, Scientology management – of which Marty was a member in good standing, you remember – went though this policy and changed all instances of the word “fees” to “donations”. This was in the run-up to the battle with the IRS – after all, no real religion charges fees; instead they take donations.

This is a clear alteration of LRH’s “technology,” as the definition of the two words show they have very different intentions. (Scientologists love definitions, by the way. If you’re ever going to argue with a Scientologist, bring a dictionary. Seriously.)

Why is Marty, who rails against DM’s changes, using altered LRH technology? And why are his followers – at least the ones he allows to post; as many of us know, Marty censors out “entheta” comments, just like the Co$ does – allowing such a flagrant alteration of tech? Isn’t that what they’re fighting against?

The answer is simple: Marty plans to topple DM so he can re-form the Church himself, and he needs the “donation” structure to be intact so his New Church of Scientology can continue the practice of pay-as-you-go salvation that L. Ron Hubbard established. I don’t know that Marty is looking to line his pockets like DM is, but he clearly does intend to run the Church as LRH intended: As a money-making venture.

I wonder if LRH ever imagined that his great big scam would outlive him? Probably, he was a bit of a megalomaniac.

Read about all the alterations to “What Your Fees Buy” here.


One response to “Marty uses DM tech!

  1. I just love it how Marty tries to soften LRH for us all by quoting him. You know, if you read some of the speeches by Hlter, they are very awe inspiring – until you realise that words and actions are two different things. Like with LRH, when he created the slave labor of the Sea Org and started the acceleration of abuse against humans. It is not strange how Marty refers to the altered Scientology, yet when I review it, from the 10’s of thousands of works of LRH, hardly any of it is changed at all – I guess Scientology today is the same as it was years ago – changes when LRH realized he screwed up and writes something new. Of course, Marty still can’t show a single instance of LRH ever making a Clear, OT or anything. And can’t live with it either. If you look closely you will see DM at one point – like ALL the previous executives of Scientology was once a. A good person. b. Everyone liked them. C. eventually got declared suppressive or considered suppressive. If you look closely, you will see they all had one thing in common – they were around Scientology and applied it. I guess Scientology creates (by statistics) suppressives.

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