A break from blogging

I’m going to be taking a break from blogging for a few days. I know the timing is lousy; it looks like the pressure from Scientology protesters is having an effect on Marty, who is circling his wagons, making excuses for his behavior, and addressing his posts more to the faithful than the general public (note the increased use of Scientologese).

But something has come up and I must pursue it – a deep black OSA line that appears to be a form of Reverse Protestation. If I don’t pull the string on this, DM’s use of anti-radicalism could cave in our PTSness and totally destroy the comm line of proper Scientology protest.

Just kidding. I’m going on vacation. See you in a few days.


4 responses to “A break from blogging

  1. You will be missed although i don’t have alot to say since a minor car accident has me medicated and out of commision ( don’t want to say anything stupied lol), i read your blog faithfully. Have fun and come back with your sassy self… ( prolly said something stupied lol)

  2. Have a great vacation Caliwog.

  3. Thanks all, and Ohbuddy, I hope you are feeling better soon. Remember, your local Co$ will happily give you a touch assist, and sell you the Ups and Downs in Life Course to find out the REAL reason you had a car accident*.

    * It’s because you’re an SP, or connected to an SP (me, probably).


  4. funny thing is after the initial shock wore off and you in that lets try to make light of this situation at 2 am in the hospital stage i actually said to my mom ” where was the scientologist” had a good laugh and distracted me from the pain for a while….

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