Taking off the gloves

In his post Blood Money, Marty makes the point that it’s time to stop turning the other cheek with regards to Church-going Scientologists.

The church is dead. Those who cannot see it are not Scientologists*…Maybe some of you have the time to continue to treat them with kid gloves. I do not happen to have that luxury…Perhaps we can be a bit more assertive on a one to one basis in pointing out the evil that bots are perpetuating by enabling it.

* (Newbie note: This doesn’t mean people who aren’t Scientologists. It means Scientologists who are not acting like Scientologists. Scientology is black or white: If you’re not applying proper Scientology, you are not misguided or wrong, you are simply not a Scientologist. There is no middle ground. This is what Marty means when he says the current Church is not delivering Scientology. They are delivering the same old courses, but Marty feels they have either been altered or not administered correctly. In LRH’s mind – and therefore in Marty’s – one doesn’t say in this case that the courses are not being delivered correctly; one says they aren’t being delivered, period. Like I said, black or white.)

I happen to agree with Marty. I’ve been involved in some blog conversations with people who share my view of the Scientology “religion” (which is that it’s a scam and a crock) but are sympathetic to Marty. The gist of their arguments is that David Miscavige is committing crimes, and Marty is helping to bring down DM, so that’s a good thing. And I see their point.

But there’s a lot more to Marty than that, and Marty is right: It’s time to stop handling him with kid gloves.

First of all, let’s not forget that Marty was part of Scientology’s upper management for many years. He was near the top, helping DM and the Church to perpetrate many of those same crimes he is attempting to expose. To his credit, Marty doesn’t try to hide this. He admits to being physically abusive. He admits to breaking up marriages. In fact, many of his former victims are now his chief ass-kissers. (I’m looking at you, Mike Rinder and Jim Logan.)

Marty claims to have proof of David Miscavige’s illegal acts – and yet he has done nothing to put DM behind bars. Why not? If he has the power to put DM away and put a stop to the abuses, why the hell hasn’t he?

And then there’s the fact that Marty’s basic premise – that the crimes of Scientology are the fault of DM – is a lie. The truth is that most of Scientology’s abusive behavior was originated by L. Ron Hubbard. This is not an empty accusation; the proof is right there in LRH’s policies. You can download them from Wikileaks and read them for yourself.

(Incidentally, my saying that DM is not to blame for the crimes of Scientology has gotten me labeled as an OSA spy [OSA is the Office of Special Affairs, the Church’s secret police force) and a DM supporter. So let me clarify: DM is just as guilty of these crimes and abuses as LRH. I’m simply saying that the abuses weren’t his idea; he’s just picking up where his mentor left off.)

And then there’s the factor that led me to start this blog in the first place: Marty censors comments. He censors a lot of comments. The usual reply to this is “His blog, his rules.” And I agree. But Marty claims to be giving his followers the truth, when in fact he’s delivering a carefully-edited version of the truth.

There are plenty of blogs run by independent Scientologists that do not censor comments, but rather allow respectful anti-Scientology comments to stand and be argued by Scientology supporters. Leaving Scientology is a great example, and you’ll notice that the conversation in comments (at least those that I’ve seen) amounts to a high-level exchange of ideas, rather than the mindless rhetoric-spewing ass-kissing that follows each of Marty’s posts.

Matter of fact, I can only think of two organizations that employ such Draconian censorship of opposing ideas: One is Marty’s blog, and the other is the Church of Scientology.

LRH redefined the word “reasonable” to be a bad thing; it meant coming up with reasons to justify something that is not OK. Marty is suggesting that Independents not be “reasonable” about people they think are wrong. And I agree with Marty. Let’s not be “reasonable” about him and his followers. Let’s remember that Marty still firmly believes in LRH. He believes that we are aliens trapped in “meat” bodies on a prison planet. He believes that locking Lisa McPherson in a room and not talking to her was the right way to address her psychotic breakdown, and he does not believe that this ridiculous idea of LRH’s was what killed her. (I’m not just making suppositions here; all of this is revealed in his blog posts and comments. Search and read for yourself.)

Marty Rathbun believes in the tenets of Scientology, which is a dangerous and harmful religion.

Scientology must be stopped, and that doesn’t mean we stop at criticizing David Miscavige. It means that we, as protesters, must ensure that ALL of the truth about Scientology – including its beliefs and the source of those beliefs – must be brought to light.

My hope is that we will do our jobs so well that Marty himself will realize the truth about LRH and come to the same conclusion about Scientology as so many others, including myself: That it’s nothing more than a scam designed to enrich a very evil man. A scam so well thought out that it’s still working a quarter-century after the evil man’s death.

Thanks, Marty, for the inspiration.


5 responses to “Taking off the gloves

  1. I have to day I am disappointed in you caliwog. If your really up for posting what people think, then post this.

    Marty Rathbun has admitted to nothing. You think slapping someone int he face is a crime? Marty has not confessed to doing anything actually serious, and he has done plenty. To say that Marty owns up to his crimes is such a misread on the situation.

    Number of assisted abortions?

    Number of families destroyed through disconnect?

    Number of Scientologists lied to and who have had their life savings taken? (resulting in failed marriages, loss of career, family)

    Number of Sea Org members thrown into the RPF – that he assisted in that have had their heads done in?

    Number of Children raised in the SO on a belief system that has robbed them of normal childhood and the potential to pass as human?

    I don’t want to hear how he has done anything constructive – because he hasn’t.

    DM is the real deal – dedicated to Scientology. So is Marty. They both point the finger and say the other is doing it for money. It is bullshit. DM could disappear to any country in the world with millions and he hasn’t. And if Marty had the opportunity he would not either.

    For decades Marty stood with DM and pointed to others outside (with Mike) and destroyed their lives because they were applying Scientology as they sought fit. This is the MO of Scientology.

    Now Marty is on the other end, and he knows it.

    DM is doing nothing that LRH didn’t do – not a damn thing.

    It is time for everyone to wake up and get it through your skulls – this has nothing to do with money – this has to do with ripping out as much money is possible to make Scientology effective and to make it forcefully part of everyone’s life.

    Caliwog – you of all people should be able to see through this.

    DM doing it for the money – oh please… you clearly do not know the man. And I can ASSURE YOU, Marty knew him VERY WELL and NEVER ONCE thought it was about money until he decided to use a button to push with people – 25 years after the fact.

    Mrty is deluded and insane. So is DM. Have you REALLY studied what Marty REALLY BELIEVES? I doubt it, because if you did, you would know that you are dealing with a very stable person. He is absolute in his belief and short of a million facts.

    Welcome to the world of Scientology delusion. DM and Marty are one int he same. Anyone who thinks Marty would be a benevolent leader of any Church needs their heads examined.

    If Marty wants to start a freezone then he can – no one is going to stop him.

    But, if Marty is going to try to take over the Sea Org, then the SO executives in charge of the SO have every damn right to do anything to stop him. If some guy walked up to you Caliwog and said “Hey your not treating your woman right, I am going to take her away” what would you do? Fight.

    Oh, I know, you woudl say “But I am treating her right!”. Congratulations, 10’s of thousands of insane Scientologists worldwide have that viewpoint about the C of S right now – they like it. So what Marty is really doing is imposing HIS will on THEM.

    I note to date there is not a damn pieve of evidence of research by Marty to show how the tech has changed except a few tiny points that everyone knows.

    Don’t believe the bullshit.

  2. I may have misread your article, Caliwog, or should I say read it too briefly.

    I see your not in agreement with Marty, but please Caliwog, Marty has done a lot worse than break up a marriage or two – there is a lot he is not saying. Real crimes.


    Lets knock off the “Dm is evil” shit. There are a dozen Execs in the SO just as bad – make no mistake. Why the hell are they not being attacked by Marty?

    Think about it – it is because they will not give him leadership.

  3. Hey Caliwog,
    i think that it is impossible to change Marty’s opinions and that it is futile and a waste of time trying to do this.
    What i consider to be more important is to give the all the other “independents” and those who are new out of the cult access to the full information and to encourage them to engage in open discussion about Scientology and its history and let them see other viewpoints on the matter.
    We must prevent the situation that those who now leave the cult fall into the next trap with Marty’s cult, who discourages them from fully waking up.

    It seems to me that many of them are afraid to look for themselves, what other positions and documented facts there are about Scientology and that they somehow only cling to Marty’s blog and don’t go on other sites to look at the information provided there. Marty himself discourages them to go to other forums such as WWP , ESMB and OCMB, by calling these boards “natter boards” and degrades the people, who post there to “victims” and “haters”.

    Marty says in his newest posting that he doesn’t want to be a leader and yet he acts as a leader, because his blog is the main communication hub for the indies, where he has the full control over the communication and can determine the topic of discussion by his initial posting.
    If Marty actually wouldn’t want to be a leader he would encourage open discussion on a real forum, instead of his own blog.

    What i propose is to promote other sites and forums to the indies, such as Geir Isene’s scientology forum http://www.scnforum.org , where the communication is not controlled by Marty. Jeff Hawkins blog is also a good one. Geir’s forum is still “save” for newly out Scientologists, because confidential material that newly out Scientologists maybe are afraid to be exposed at, is censored. Other then that no communication, except for personal insults, is censored and critical discussion of Scientology is encouraged.

    We somehow have to get them away from using only his blog as a communication medium and encourage them to seek open communication channels, where they also have to confront other opinions, instead.
    Marty’s blog encourages group-think, closed-mindedness and delusional elitist thinking, which excludes the “wog world” and now even Scientologists, who are still in. It is exactly this kind of mentalty that is the breeding ground of a cult.

    Only with transparency and uncensored communication can we break this cult mentality.
    Just attacking Marty won’t do it. It will only reinforce them in their group think.
    We must promote open communication instead.

  4. I just posted this message to marty’s blog, bu it got censored:

    “You say you don’t want to be a leader and yet you act as a leader.
    The format of this blog, which is used by many independents as the main communication hub on the internet automatically puts you in the position of a leader. You always have the first word and can determine the topic of the discussion with your posting to which the others can only comment. You also have full control over the conversations, because you can moderate the comments and censor comments that you disapprove of.
    This automatically puts you in the position of a leader.
    If you don’t want this, then you should use a forum, where everyone has the same communication rigths instead of a blog as a means for open communication.

    Geir Isene made a forum to discuss Scientology, which is secure for Scientologists, who don’t want to be exposed to confidential material:

  5. I agree whole heartedly with ANON’s comments (above). Its unfortunate and sad that when someone “blows”the cult, they do so with a huge amount of anxiety and trepidation. And that anxiety is precisely what Marty uses to “pull in” the escapee. These people still believe that their salvation and eternity is at stake and only scientology can guarantee this “salvation.” In other words they are comfortable with LRH’s ridiculous tech, BUT , they need to get away from the harassing, stifling nature of the DM’s management and the orgs.
    Marty (messiah ?) knows this and offers them hope and freedom from the EVIL empire David Miscavige (& LRH) have created on the backs of all the other $cibotts that have blown and still remain captured in the orgs. And it seems, that Marty and only Marty – and a few close “disciples” – have the answers for these poor misguided souls. So to even suggest that Marty is NOT a leader would be to say that there is NO Independent Scientology movement. Ether Marty excepts the fact that he is the leader and promoter of LRH’s garbage or -if not- shut down the blog and self audit until all of his creepy body thetans have left him and then he can go fishing.

    Can he have it both ways? I suppose but dose that make sense to anyone?

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