Not every Independent loves Mike and Marty…

The carefully-arranged love-fest of comments following every post on Marty Rathbun’s blog would have you believe that he is the voice of the Independent Scientology movement. But not all Independents worship Marty and his pal Mike Rinder – some still remember when Marty and Mike were actively doing all the things they now accuse David Miscavige of doing. Check this out:

“Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder” by Mike McClaughry


5 responses to “Not every Independent loves Mike and Marty…

  1. When I was Assistant Guardian Intelligence (AGI) in the Guardian’s office (GO) at San Francisco org, the hat pack that I was given for my post included a datum concerning Covert Black Intelligence Operations.

    The datum was that covert black intelligence operations had to remain covert in order for them to have power. (be effective)

    The antidote for covert black intelligence operations is to expose them to the people concerned and the public – at which point they lose their power.

    For example, if Marty/Mike were to expose a detailed account of exactly who was used, what was done, and when – in regards each of my friends and family – this would have far-reaching effec. It would help the people concerned recover from any lingering ill-effects they might still have. But even more important, it would serve to help proof them up for any future attempts that might be tried, plus it would educate any number of people as to the fact that these things do go on.

    Marty and Mike were trained on these same materials for the posts that they held. They know as well as I do, that their failure to reveal the details of these covert black operations is a continuation of them. With their silence, they are still acting to give power to these covert black operations – rather than de-powering them by exposing them for all to see.

    That is proof, right there, that they are still running covert black intelligence operations.

    I would like to thank you for pointing readers to my blog, thereby assisting them to look.


  2. I’ve often wondered how the piano sounded that Mike’s wife Virginia bought based on the psychic channeling of LRH?

    Do they still channel LRH? It was so amusing to read back in the day….

    Are the global enslavers still your prime interest?

    And to throw mud at mike and marty when you yourself were involved in putting LSD on a pregnant woman’s toothbrush and planting drugs on a guy connected to psychiatry…Pot, kettle, black?

    My suggestion? Come up to present time. Spot the pt terminals and opterminals and act outside the dichotomy of them.

    How do we create a better future Mike? Certainly not by dwelling on the past…not by being in a co-create with one pole of a gpm…

    • Alexworksforscientology

      How about you stop spewing your bullshit propaganda about my family “Alex”. My Dad was not the one responsible for the LSD, he was away during that time that they did that and had NOTHING to do with it. Get out of our families lives you sick fucking people.

  3. I wouldn’t have a problem with anyone in Scientology and especially the SO – even if they murdered someone.

    We all have done things when we are deluded or brainwashed.

    After your out though, and you have the opportunity to discover what happened… that is a different matter.

    Mike and Marty are amusing.

    I just love how they post on the blog with posts that make it look like DM is shaking in his boots.

    DM is laughing at them, and so are most others.

    Marty has alluded for a long time to the ability to overthrow DM – nah I don’t think so and to be frank, I wouldn’t mind seeing Marty and Mike running the SO.

    It would be like…Star Trek VI, a new crew, but just not as hardcore or as believable as the old crew.

    Marty is using his OT powers right now. I know cause I need to go to the bathroom and…

  4. What is with all the enthata music being spread on Marty’s site? How can they sponsor and share the music created by those clothed in retarded aliens! Don’t they know the message being given by those “artists” are actually false memories? C’mon, either poop or get off the pot if you are going to be a Scientologist. All in or nothing, from what I understand it is not a pick or choose system. Sheesh. Really. Scientologists can’t even practice right out of the Church.
    Le sigh.

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