Censored by Marty Rathbun? Caliwog will publish your comment!

Marty Rathbun’s blog seems to have become the center of Independent Scientology on the Web. Most posts attract hundreds of comments (albeit from the same small group of people) which implies a great deal of agreement. However, despite his insistence on standing for truth and freedom, Marty carefully moderates his comments and censors those that show flaws in his logic or talk negatively about L. Ron Hubbard.

I believe the truth shouldn’t be censored, and I want all of those censored comments to be heard – so if Marty Rathbun censored your comment, I will publish it.

Go here and let your censored comment see the light of day! And in the future, just use the convenient “Censored by Marty” link at the top of the page. Serious Scientology protesters should probably bookmark it. Please, no made-up comments – Marty censors enough good stuff to provide plenty of good reading!


5 responses to “Censored by Marty Rathbun? Caliwog will publish your comment!

  1. Interesting development: Since posting this blog entry, my latest comment on Marty’s blog is stuck in moderation – he hasn’t approved it but he hasn’t censored it, although later comments have been approved.

    So I can be pretty sure that Marty and/or Mike are reading my blog. Hi, guys! Feel free to comment, I don’t censor here!


  2. Robert Biasotti



  3. Quite right. The Internet isn’t run by a branch of Scientology defectors.

    As a possible topic, I read recently his mother was a long-time mental patient who committed suicide and one of his elder brothers was murdered. Is this true?

  4. Auchraw, I have read about Marty’s mother committing suicide after struggling with depression for several years, and that may well have formed some of Marty’s views on the mental health system, but talking about a guy’s mother might be hitting a bit below the belt. After all, I’m not OSA. 🙂

    The good news is that between LRH’s bullshit and Marty’s attempt to rewrite history, I don’t think this site will ever be lacking for material!


  5. Marty Rathbun should be asked why he reacts so violently about the homicide investigation on his brother Bruce!

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