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“The only way out is through – Community”

In yesterday’s blog post, entitled The only way out is through – Community, Marty talked about “creating Independence communities” (which probably means trying to rope Freezoners into the Church of Rathbunology).

I think the operative word here is “create,” which can mean “to bring into existence” or “to produce through imaginative skill.” For Marty, the latter definition is definitely more appropriate.

For while Marty claims to bring his followers (and the media) the truth, in fact he is creating his own version of the truth, editing events and weeding out comments that disagree with his viewpoint. If you post a reply that agrees with Marty, it will appear. If you post one that presents evidence that DM’s evil deeds are based on LRH policy, it will most likely not pass moderation.

To be fair, this kind of censorship wasn’t Marty’s idea. The Church of Scientology regularly practices censorship and has done since the days of LRH. The idea is to protect Churchgoers from “entheta” – a made-up word that essentially means negative energy. The real reason LRH came up with the concept of entheta is to keep Scientologists isolated from the real world and real truth. (That’s why the Internet has had such a devastating effect on the Church. One wonders what LRH would have written about it. He probably would have said that it was started by psychiatrists.)

One has to ask: Why does Marty feel the need to shield his Independents from the truth? Clearly, now that they are out of the Church, independents can see plenty of entheta. There are lots of great forums, like the Ex-Scientologist Message Board, where Independents and non-believers freely mix.

Does Marty think his followers are not smart enough to handle the truth? Is he afraid that they will figure out that he, like LRH, is not being 100% honest and truthful?

Or is Marty simply following in the footsteps of L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige?

Marty ends his blog post with a long LRH quote. I’ll end mine with a short one:

The only way you can control people is to lie to them. When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you. — LRH, Technique 88

Read Marty’s original blog post here.