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Censored by Marty: The Conversation Stops Here edition

I have a collection of comments I’ve posted to Marty Rathbun’s blog that have been Censored by Marty™. I generally don’t share them here as that seems a little indulgent, but this last one was rather interesting as it gives insight into where Marty draws the line.

In reply to the blog post Pride and Joy, Marty allowed me to engage in conversation with his loyal flock about DM’s motivations, and to express my agreement that DM’s latest alleged operation against Marty and Mike was childish and wrong. Go to the post and search for Caliwog to see the exchange.

But the following comment of mine apparently crossed the line:


>If there were no Scientology, DM would be involved in some other heinous assault against humanity.

Agreed. He’s a sadistic little twerp. You can see it in his demeanor, even when he’s presenting his public “PR” image.


I am all too familiar with [the tone scale] 🙂 and I agree with your assessment of DM as 1.1. It amazes me that Church members don’t spot that more easily.

Where I disagree with most Independents is on the basic purposes of Scientology. See, I do think that Scientology is about controlling people. I don’t think LRH’s aims were altruistic. When you live in the real world, the wog world, it’s easy to see that most of the beneficial bits of the “tech” were sourced elsewhere, and the rest is filler made of sci-fi nonsense and outright lies. What’s the difference between DM’s leadership and LRH’s? DM lacks LRH’s subtlety and patience.

LRH had his followers adapt a mindset, an altered reality, that he draped over his followers like a bedsheet. DM is greedy, he goes out-gradient, he stresses the fabric of deceit and that creates rips and tears through which church-goers can see small bits of the truth – just enough to know there’s something else out there. Blaming DM rather than LRH is an easy (although logical) intermediate step on the path out.

What’s the real difference between DM and LRH? DM never claimed to “discover” any of the tech (only to refine it). But if you look at the history of the Church, you’ll see that the nonsense being pulled on Marty and Mike was just as likely to happen in the late 60s and early 70s as it is now. DM is working on the operating basis established by LRH… he’s just not as good at it.


And what do you know – while everything I wrote against DM and in support of Marty stayed, this comment was censored.

I posted a follow-up:

Ah, Marty, you censored my reply. Wouldn’t want the followers reading alternative views about LRH – what if they start thinking for themselves?

VWD*, Marty; DM and LRH would be proud of you.


Needless to say, Marty censored that comment, too. 🙂

*VWD: Very Well Done, a common Scientology compliment.

“To censor, to cut someone else’s communication, is to imply that the listener has a weak ability to discern true and helpful information from false and harmful information. It is insulting and degrading.” — Mac Stevens, former (?) Scientologist