Daily Archives: June 15, 2010

Independents show their true colors

Marty’s post about children and the Sea Org sparked a great deal of emotion; no surprise there as it dealt with touchy subjects like parenting and abortion. But when one ex-Scientologist, who calls himself (herself?) “Chairman of the Bored,” posted a viewpoint that the other Independents didn’t agree with, they let him have it. Big time.

“You are one sick little f?***[sic]…You obviously are not on the same wavelength as others here.” – Tom

“Marty…if you’re making a list of people you’re considering routing off the blog, would you please add Chairman of the Bored to that list. He doesn’t deserve to be here.” – Just Me

“LEAVE!” – JustMe

“Be happy chairman that as yet, the technology doesn’t exit to reach through the computer … Cause you’d be feelin’ two pair of hands.” – Windhorse [Ed. note: He has four hands?]

“and here I was trying to form a short concise statement about this asshole’s statment[sic]! … cross my path and you will experience the 911 system…Gawd you disgust me.” – Gary Morehead aka “Jackson”

“shake hands with your buddy COB [David Miscavige].” – Fidelio

And the grand prize goes to:

“You crass, spineless little fucking jellyfish fuck face. Never, ever cross my path in the real world you cunt. Ever.” – Jim Logan

What did Chairman say to evoke all this? Did he say LRH was a fraud, a liar, and a hypocrite, as I often do? Of course not – Marty censors any such criticism of LRH on his blog. No, Chairman simply said he didn’t see why Sea Org members would want to bring kids into that environment, and that these womens’ decisions to have abortions was their own choice and had nothing to do with the Sea Org. For the record, I agree with the former and disagree with the latter, but I don’t see that as that good reason reason to refer to someone as a “jellyfish fuck face” and threaten them with implied physical violence. Am I overreacting here?

One Independent did try to talk some sense…

Jim and others: I understand your anger, but this is just a person with a viewpoint. Maybe it’s wrong, maybe they stated it wrong, but whatever, it’s just an opinion, and that can change. Really, the world is watching. Let’s set a good example and act like professionals.” – Beebercat

…but even that got the smackdown.

Did Marty chime in on this? Oh yes he did. After Chairman posted a comment that essentially said “WTF, people?” and talked about how he followed LRH policy for leaving the Sea Org, Marty said:

“Just like Dave and Tommy, Little Lord Faulteroy, never done anything wrong in your entire life. Not even have sex. Hell, are you the Virgin Mary?” – Marty Rathbun

Not sure I get the reference, but… wow.

I was truly taken aback. Isn’t this the same group supposedly opposed to Miscavige’s violence against his staff? And yet here they are acting like a bunch of wolves turning on the weakest member of the pack.

I’m not just playing this up because it makes a good blog entry. I’ve always respected the Independent movement, even if I didn’t agree with them – but after seeing this, they’ve lost a great deal of that respect. If Marty is ever able to kick of his Reformed Church of Scientology, I fear this is a glimpse of what we can expect from those “harmless” Scientologists.

As I am so fond of saying, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”