The Church of Rathbun is open for business!

Marty Rathbun has quietly added a donate link to the header of his blog. I had a feeling it was just a matter of time.

Now that Marty has a profit motive, I think it’s safe to assume that he will continue to remain silent on the issue of the Church’s tax-exempt status, even though it seems at odds with his objections to Chuch leader David Miscavige spending parishoner’s fees on things like scuba trips and private investigators.

Incidentally, check out this comment from Oracle, in which he says “Don’t you have any Jewish friends?” Marty has censored plenty of comments that are anti-LRH, but apparently anti-Semetic slurs are just fine. So much for religious tolerance.


UPDATE: In the spirit of solidarity, I have added my own “donate” link to my site’s header.

18 responses to “The Church of Rathbun is open for business!

  1. Mirna Minkoff

    Well now, we all know Marty has been accepting donations for quite a while – just not visibly on the website until now. He’s made several references to people who have “ensured” his operations can continue and haven’t been “scaled down.” (Because you know how expensive running a free blog can be. Oh and flying the Mark & Marty show to various cult entrances to film footage of them trying to get in – when the BBC isn’t paying for it that is.)

    Marty, like a good Scientologist, has probably maxed out his private donors and now has to put his hat out to who else he can suck in to his funding network.

    Not only that I think it’s creepy Rinder isn’t just sucking up money but going after young, confused women leaving the cult. Rinder swooped into and scooped up Christy Collbran (he’s old enough to be her father) like a chicken hawk. A confused, lonely single mother who just left the SO and split with her husband does not need the cult’s ex-PR huckster, and Marty’s BBF as her new mentor/ molestor. Anyway, they are letting donations fund their little Scientology Love Shack, Fla. edition, along with 4 other Marty groupies. (apparently a former cult member, who ran scammy telemarketing company, hired a bunch of Marty’s crew promising big incomes only to go belly up within a few months. Which left Rinder, Hayden and their respective girlfriends and families sharing a house in Florida – all unemployed all leeching off the budding of a new branch of the cult. (Heaven forbid they get real jobs outside in the wog world which doesn’t understand how superior and advanced they are.) / tangent

    Yet we know its not hard to get donations out of scientologists, Marty is just continuing LRH’s grand and most sacred tradition. I mean if he’s serious about continuing the tradition of LRH’s tech – then sucking up the money has got to be priority #1, 2,3 &4.

    He has his eyes on the multi-million dollar empire DM controls, but he will settle for the gravy drippings of independents in the meantime.

  2. Mirna Minkoff

    After reading the little anti-semitic dig in Marty’s Donate comment section I couldn’t help but add this:

    “I think it would be far more appropriate to ask, “Don’t you have any scientologist friends?” Rather than take an anti-semitic dig.
    Personally I’ve never had a synagogue hit me up for money, on the other hand scientologists doing body routing and book sales are pretty unrelenting in the asking for money dept. Seems to be part and parcel of their practices unlike Judaism. ”

    However, I’m posting it here too because I don’t think it will get by Marty’s iron fist of censorship. (Anything that hits a little to close to the truth behind $cientology always gets blocked)

  3. Mirna….
    “– all unemployed all leeching off the budding of a new branch of the cult. (Heaven forbid they get real jobs outside in the wog world which doesn’t understand how superior and advanced they are.) ”

    touché Mirna……touché

  4. Donations… in Scientology “think” is only capable of being accepted if Marty provides a “service” – and I guess that service is having people believe that in some insane world, he thinks he could really provide something other than a freezone movement.

    Scientology is for the birds and the less than reasonably intelligent – but even the FZers who I despise must be watching Marty with some amusement.

    What is scary is his “think” that there needs to be any kind of control over Scientology – thats really LRHish and that just makes your skin crawl, don’t it? Otherwise why we would he just simply not go off and set up shop? Nah, he wants revenge against DM and it really shows in his postings – everything is DMs fault and never anyone else.

    It is kind of sad to watch Marty do this to himself and the few dorks that follow him… on the other hand I find it terribly entertaining and I think in that respect DM and I have something in common – watching Marty squirm.

    Hell, I hate them both, and Scientology, but it is sort of like watching a comedy skit unfold – you just got to kind of laugh – even if the guy next to you isn’t your buddy.

  5. Robert Biasotti

    Dear Mirna,

    I think that you have hit the nail squarely on the head. Let’s hope that the pointy end is now buried into some place sensitive in Marty’s anatomy.

    I have long distrusted the M&M boys. I believe that they are preparing for the end game, and positioning themselves as the White Knights who will step in and rescue theTech for the glory of LRH, and for their own personal financial gain. Of course, for their campaign to be successful, they have to count on a bloodless coup, or a minimally damaging revolution, to unseat the current tyrant. If, in that process, the Co$ loses its tax exempt status, then there will be little worthwhile of the Empire left for the “victors” to inherit.

    That would be devastating for the two of them: He Who Would Be King, and He Who Would Be Chancellor of the Exchequer. If they succeed in unseating DM, and found an empty treasury, I doubt that they would be too distressed, as long as the mechanism to replenish it tax free remained intact.

    So, it is not surprising to me (or to you, I’ll wager) that the M&M boys don’t speak of the Co$’ tax status. It is hardly in their best interests. Better for them to clamp down on such talk with Rathbun’s own Orwellian style of censorship, for now. Soon, though, I think that we will see arguments defending the tax-free status of Co$ coming from M&M. They really don’t have a choice in the matter. What I fear is what they may be trying to do currently, with the behind-the-scenes GO/OSA tactics that they each know so well.

    Will they succeed? I don’t know, and that concerns me. I do expect them to turn on us, eventually. There will be a fight, and it will be dirty. I just wonder when, and if we will see it coming.

    Remember the parable of “The Scorpion and the Frog”.



    PS. I find Rathbun’s “Jewish comment” to be utterly LOATHSOME. He extols the virtues of MLK and Malcolm X, and he postures and proffers himself as a champion of the oppressed, but there is more of Tomas de Torquemada about him than he would have us know.

    Peace, Mirna.


  6. For what it’s worth, Robert, I have always found Scientology to be rather self-limiting. LRH said there was only one way to do things – his way – and while he was an evil genius, he was still living in a sci-fi fantasy world. In my experience, LRH tech may work, but only to a limited extent. Eventually it goes off the rails, because Hubbard never did proper research, and he wasn’t *that* smart.

    The Co$, WISE companies, Church PR campaigns, Scientology music albums and movies (Battlefield Earth!) have one thing in common – they get only so far before they break down and stop working right. And since no one’s allowed to think for themselves and come up with a new way, the problems never get properly fixed. If Marty insists on following LRH tech, the same thing will happen to him. Hell, it’s already breaking down – you’ll read about that in tomorrow’s blog post.


  7. Robert Biasotti

    Dear Aaron Saxton,

    Well, hell, make me look like an idiot, will you?

    Here, I finish a carefully crafted comment only to find that YOU have interjected an idea that is so compelling, so excruciatingly obvious, that I am now KICKING myself (and that is, anatomically, damned nigh to impossible while sitting in a chair – – – yet, my bruised bum will attest to it!)

    Am I the only one who dismissed this motivation behind the actions of M&M?

    Petty jealousy and REVENGE (even SPITE?), those will combine into powerful motivation. I just saw their actions, and chalked-them-up to simple greed and opportunism. Your observations add a new dimension for me.

    Those veteran posters here, even Caliwog him/herself, will attest to the fact that my favorite parable is “The Blind Men and The Elephant”. Thank you for sharing the piece that you grabbed ‘hold of. I look forward to reading more from you in the VERY near future.

    You are one Kool Kiwi.



  8. Robert Biasotti

    Dear Caliwog,

    I look forward to your next post with great curiosity (anticipation? Enthusiasm? Hmmm. How to describe?)

    Your insights, along with Mirna’s and Mr. Saxton’s, have opened a large can of questions in my mind. Best, for me, to take a break and think on them.

    Till then,


    Oh, your site is a great resource for us questioning souls. Caliwog’s Blog, WBM’s site and Magoo44, are each very different and distinct entities, yet they seem to me to have some real and valuable commonalities.

    1. Your shared median and mode of WQ* are far above the common web fare.

    2. You each approach “the elephant” from a distinctly different angle, which is, of itself, a great asset to the rest of us WOGs.

    3. You reject censorship. You encourage free exchange of experience, insight and idea.

    In short, you have integrity. How rare in today’s world. How demanding of acknowledgment.

    We, the club of the blind, are depending on you.

    (*WQ = Wisdom Quotient, quite apart, and distinct from IQ, which is so often, and arrogantly misused.)



  9. You are very good for my ego, Robert.


  10. sometimes trying to explain, hell even think about scientology is like a pile of broken glass on the floor or 20, ooo peice puzzle but i love the way you lay things out for my simple mind to digest thanks cali and u too rb and aaron.

  11. Robert Biasotti

    Dear Ohbuddy,

    What a wonderful analogy!


  12. Robert Biasotti

    That damned glass cuts clean through to the soul, doesn’t it?

  13. Hey there Robert,

    Well, in some respects I am a little like Marty.

    When I went ballistic against the Church in Australia which resulted in a spearheaded speech by Xenophon that the Church loathed to be repeated even once, my motivation was mixed.

    Yes, I wanted the Church to have their doors closed, yes, I wanted the abuses stopped. But primarily, I had waited years until the right moment to get even.

    And I did it without lying once. And that made it all the more effective. But I never tried to do what Marty is doing – getting together a lynch mob. It was true I organized a little in the Anon area to get maximum impact, but that was just to the point where my damage had been maximized.

    So I understand some of Marty’s motivations because I held them in common. Now I have done it, I am done with it.

    I very much enjoy Caliwogs forum, it is precision, yet simple to follow, well constructed and it is communicating in a way that I am not prone to myself – clear and to the point.

    I like the analogy to Scientology being bits of broken glass and a 20,000 piece puzzle – it was my life 24/7 for 7 years while in the SO, and I am fortunate enough to have entirely escaped physically and mentally.

    the first piece of the puzzle which makes it all fit is LRHs character. Once you understand just how twisted he was, it comes together. In 1929 it would be hard to believe where Hitler was going with it all, and how a small group of people slowly changed the mindset of millions… LRH never got that far, but the intention was the same.

    His new race was the Homo Novis. It will never come.

  14. @ RB it sure does…ohhhhhhhhhbuddy it does

  15. @ RB ohhhhhhhhhbuddy it sure does, sigh and we keep trucking along

  16. Robert Biasotti

    Dear aaron saxton,

    There is an old Italian saying, “Revenge is a dish best served COLD.” You did it right. Perhaps revenge was part of your motivation. Good God, why not? But that does NOT make you anything like Marty.

    You have acted with honor, courage and commitment. You did not fly off the handle. You ENDURED. You waited to strike until that point in time where your blows would have their greatest effect, and, as you have stated yourself, YOU NEVER LIED. (Oh, and one other thing, YOU NEVER WHINED!)

    All of this makes you very unlike Monsignor Marty. Truth be told, it makes you his antithesis.

    Please keep posting. You and Caliwog together are truly amazing.


  17. If we take a close look at Marty Rathbun, we see a very common theme with him and Tommy Davies.

    Tommy has been kept away from the atrocities of the Sea Org for very good reason – so that when he denies something, he means it.

    I have no doubt believing that Tommy has not seen anything much to do with abortions or the like. He has been given the “flower” treatment in the Sea Org so that when he took the post he was groomed for, he would do as he is doing it. Hard to believe considering what a lousy PR officer he is, but then again, when defending atrocities, what else is there other than denial?

    Marty is the same. Tommy Davies’s post SOUNDS like he would have know a lot, you would THINK he would know intimate details… but he doesn’t – his mother saw to that. 🙂

    Now Marty was groomed up… he was not really allowed to be in on the big things, he was not allowed to really do anything with LRH or anybody really. He wasn’t part of the Darker Operations that existed in the SO’s past from the days of the GO (pre DM I may add), and so when it came down to it, letting Marty go did not really mean letting a lot of information out.

    Marty is still searching for answers, plucking away at bits of info here and there. Here we see him defending LRH – he didn’t even know the damn guy. And when you do not know someone personally – always, always judge them by their actions.

    Marty, like Tommy are mushrooms, put in the dark and feed S*&t so they stay stupid.

    If I may add something, the disease most ex-Scios suffer from really is the “ideal” of LRH. They are trying to follow an “ideal” like Jesus that just does not exist. So when they follow his tech, it is no wonder they end up lying to themselves, it is what LRH did his whole life.

    I mean, you really know you got someone by the balls when they are prepared for 2 years to sit down, pay a super amount of money to audit THEMSELVES (OT VII) and dredge up stuff that never happened except in a star wars movie.

    And yet, these people are many of the Ex-Scn community that still, to this day, claim it is all real – and claim to know what is real and what is not. It would not be hard to get these people sold on the “DM conspiracy”, as they are bound to buy into anything.

    This is easy proven when Marty can post a blog, say he is connecting dots – when in fact he connects none.

    These same Ex-Scners along with Marty preach to others OT past track recall is totally real and yet, to date, not a single word from another world; no technology; no sketching of aliens (of what we looked like), and yet this is despite in their auditing procedure they must in detail provide time, place, form and event and in particular, uncover the spoken word – because according to LRH this held a lot fo power.

    If they can’t recall anything and have been making it all up for years in their own mind, then how hard is it to implant into these people any idea you like?

    This IS something Marty understands, and his groupies are dumber than shitzu’s crossed with plankton.

    And I mean to offense to Shitzu’s which can at least tell the difference between a dog biscuit and a pile of crap.

  18. Go “Church” of Scientology!

    “All Orgs are now Churches; Stationary is to reflect fact that orgs are churches; All public literature must state that Scn is religious.” It also states, “This may or may not be publically acceptable. This is NOT the point. It is a requisite defense.”

    Hubbard Organization Executive Course,
    (1969 version) Volume 6, Page 119

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