“Private Eye Dog and Pony Show Busted”: Does Marty think his followers are idiots?

It’s been way too long since I’ve written about a Marty Rathbun blog post, and this weekend he’s given us a great one, entitled Private Eye Dog and Pony Show Busted.

It contains a video that, in Marty’s own words, shows “graphic documentation of the lengths Miscavige has gone to in attempting to intimidate JB [another Independent] into silence.”

In fact, the video shows that Miscavige is in fact doing exactly what L. Ron Hubbard instructed his followers to do. I’ll let LRH explain in his own words:

“When we need somebody haunted we investigate. When we investigate we do so noisily always. Remember, intelligence we get with a whisper. Investigation we do with a yell. Always.” – LRH, Manual of Justice

The video title says “What your donations buy…” (remember, I talked about that word “donations”), and several commenters complain that this is a misuse of parishoner funds. In fact, LRH told his followers that their money would be used for defense of Scientology, and he further instructs them to spend lavishly on investigation:

“Overt investigation of someone or something attacking us by an outside detective agency should be done more often and hang the expense. It’s very effective.” — LRH, Manual of Justice

LRH goes on to specifically recommend using private investigators to investigate “squirrels” (people who alter the tech; according to the Co$, that’s what the Independents are):

“A person or an organisation using Dianetics or Scientology wrongly or without rights… is best shut down or shut up by hiring a private detective. Tell the detective ‘We don’t care if they know you’re investigating them for us. In fact, the louder the better.'” – LRH, Manual of Justice

The Co$ doesn’t like to talk about the Manual of Justice, but you can find it online here. It’s long and rambling, as are many of LRH’s writings, but worth a read, especially for this rather ominous definition of justice:

“People attack Scientology; I never forget it, always even the score.

“People attack auditors, or staff, or organisations, or me. I never forget until the slate is clear.

“All these things add up to a Justice Hat*.” – LRH, Manual of Justice

* Hat: Scientologese for a job or post, referencing that some jobs (police officer, train conductor) use hats to identify their role.

Now, surely Marty knows that DM is following LRH’s tech. After all, he and Mike Rinder were part of DM’s top-level staff, and they oversaw a lot of this type of thing themselves. (For proof that the Co$ was doing this sort of ridiculous harassment during the reign of Marty and Mike Rinder, check out my second-favorite Mark Bunker video, The Revenge Picket. [My favorite is 4th of July on L. Ron Hubbard Way.])

Here’s the big question: If Marty knows DM is using LRH tech, why is he trying to convince his followers otherwise? Does he think they can be so easily fooled?

And to think, Independents accuse me of thinking they’re dumb!


11 responses to ““Private Eye Dog and Pony Show Busted”: Does Marty think his followers are idiots?

  1. There needs to be a distinction here. There is LHR and then there is DM. The issue here is that DM has been changing fundamental “scripture” created originally by LRH, and there lies the problem. DM most likely does employ many of the fundamental principles that LRH taught because he relies on others to tell him what they are. He just spends his time vetting out the things he does not like that LRH wrote and putting in his own pizazz. There is also the whole Golden Age of Tech that pretty much pisses all over what LRH wrote and substitutes it with DM goodness. So that seems to anger many people and with good reason.

  2. Robert Biasotti

    Dear b^0b,

    For the first time, I don’t agree with you. (So what?) That’s our right.

    Thank you, Caliwog, for giving us the space, and recognizing our RIGHT to do so. If you were the Orwellian censor that MR is, NONE OF THIS would ever be published. You do us all a service. Thank you.

  3. Robert Biasotti

    Dear Caliwog,

    Thank you for another enlightening, if bone-chilling, expose. You do not cut corners.

    Your target is always precisely defined.

    Your aim is unerring.

    The barbs that you fling are never without deliberation, and always have the force of hard documentation.

    Yet, somehow, there is mercy in your soul.

    It is a puzzlement, but a joyful one.

    And so, I remain your willing, if sometimes willful, student.


  4. Thanks, Robert. Unlike Marty’s blog, all opposing viewpoints are welcome here.

    I think B^ob’s viewpoint is shared by many Independents. It has some basis in fact, but one still can’t change, hide, or ignore the fact that the vast majority of what DM does is based on LRH tech, and is indeed the same way that LRH wanted the Church to be run.

    Unlike Marty, I have no need to censor comments because the truth is on my side. What B^ob said doesn’t change or disprove the fact that Marty blames this sort of behavior on DM, when in fact the tech shows that this behavior was originated by LRH.


  5. Why do you assume that Rathbun means to deny that DM is following the letter of what LRH wrote? Couldn’t he be subtly suggesting, though words and actions, that just because LRH wrote it doesn’t mean anybody needs to do it if it’s a bad idea? Has Marty applied LRH “justice” “tech” to his critics? Do you believe he would if he wasn’t tied up defending himself against the “church”?

    LRH is dead. Just because people choose to do some of the things he said to do doesn’t mean they will inevitably do all of the things he said to do. Are there any actual actions undertaken by Marty et al. as “Independents” that you think are all that terrible? Or do you just think that if DM got knocked off, Marty would take the throne and perpetuate the same abuses because he’d be a Hubbardian fundamentalist? And by the way, are you a member of the “All Muslims are terrorists” crowd?

  6. i get what bob is trying to say but the fact remains just because 20 percent of what dm does lrh wouldn’t do the other 80 percent lrh invented and done ref hanna whitfield and complany in hamburg http://www.xenutv.com/blog/?p=4630 period…..

  7. @ Eponymous http://www.rickross.com/warningsigns.html

    Ten warning signs of a potentially unsafe group/leader

    number 2 – No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry.

    so far only number 2 aplies to mr and they all apply to dm but its a pretty big flag for me….yay for my right for free speech…thanks cali!

  8. Eponymous:

    Advance apologies for this long-winded reply, but you asked good questions and I think they deserve thorough answers.

    Read Marty’s blog and you’ll see that he’s not subtly suggesting anything. 🙂 He is very up front about his beliefs. He censors critics, just like the Church does, which presents the image that all of his commenters agree with him. (They don’t.) And yes, according to him, he is following “justice” tech – read the conversation between us in comments on the Dog and Pony post, and you’ll see that he considers what he is doing to be a noisy investigation of DM.

    >Just because people choose to do some of the things he said to do doesn’t mean they will inevitably do all of the things he said to do.

    In the case of Scientology, it usually does. L. Ron Hubbard made it abundantly clear that one cannot pick and choose from his “technology”. He said this in several places, but it’s most clearly stated in the policy “Keeping Scientology Working” which you can read here.

    >Are there any actual actions undertaken by Marty et al. as “Independents” that you think are all that terrible?

    Yes, there are. Biggest among them is that Marty is attempting to mislead his followers and the general public and present Scientology as a peaceful and constructive religion that is being altered by David Miscavige for his own evil purposes. The truth is that while DM isn’t exactly Nelson Mandela, the aims of the religion haven’t changed since LRH established them. Most of the wrongdoing he attributes to DM was established by LRH, but Marty is attempting to rewrite history and clear Hubbard’s name.

    I have no problem with people believing what they want to believe. Whether your pray to Jesus or Allah or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, that’s fine with me. If you want to join a “religion” that attempt to drain you financially, as Scientology does, that’s your decision. But Scientology recruits by trickery and keeps people in by altering their reality where possible and threatening when necessary. Its practices are medically and emotionally harmful. And it prays on people who are genuinely well-meaning, either looking to find answers or to help mankind. It’s the most evil of organizations, and it’s important to speak out against them.


    PS – No, I am not a member of the “All Muslims are terrorists” crowd.

  9. My take on it is, “Tax exemption does not a religion make.”.

    But to my original point. Marty dislikes that DM has been changing the tech. If DM had kept the LHR dream alive, Marty would still be in there like a dirty shirt. What DM has done is “allegedly”, and I use the term very loosely, created a culture of violence within the Church which would have any of us pooping our pants if subjected to it. Now also tied into it is the fact that DM has taken on the mantel of “Supreme Rulah” of the Church, which is not possible because to the original “parishioner”, LHR is coming back. If you dig into the perceived stature of LHR you will find that no one should ever question what the old man had created. He is “the source”. This explains why some of the independence are angry, someone is challenging and changing the original source. I personally think it is all pretty much bat shit insane, but hey I am on the outside looking in.

    I alway find that even trying to write about this stuff makes my head spin because it is just so unbelievable that LRH manage to create this “religion” and that supposed sane individuals think that its something to not only follow, but mortgage their future and also try and get others to do the same.

    And also, regardless of in the “church” and out of the “church” what is Scientology doing that is adding good in the world? Truly?

    Must stop, head may explode.

  10. Bob,

    Let us look at several aspects of what you have said – that Marty says.

    MR says DM changed the tech. Did he? Did he really? there are more than 30,000 pages of tech, very few little has been changed. And even a slight change would not create much effect. LRH proved this himself by constantly changing and updating tech.

    MR has not even provided a list.

    He just tells you DM “Changed it all” with no proof, no detailed list of every change.

    Explain then, how it is that thousands are using Scn as provided by RTC and are having wins? If it is all wrong, then shouldn’t they all be in a terrible state?

    Are you telling me that if I pick up Dianetics , An Introduction to Scn ethics, A New Slant of Life that these books are “TOTALLY DIFFERENT” form what LRH wrote?

    Nah, I don’t think so – and neither do you.

    As for the violence, my goodness, LRH was into this BIG TIME. Clearly, you have not studied what testimonies have come from LRHs own kids, or his most trusted friends – of which he generally declared anyone that was close to him for more than 10 years. The same man who wanted his critics silenced through harassment and wrote Policies and Espionage Series (which you have never seen, but I have) to bring down people.

    Or the kids and people locked up on the Ship with food served in Buckets.

    Nah, LRH was a real nice guy – top chap!

    DM is nothing compared to LRH. Go off and research this man – LRH. He had a dark side and everyone that knew him long enough, found out about it the hard way – including his own children and his own wife.

    Marty is not source.

  11. “graphic documentation of the lengths Miscavige has gone to in attempting to intimidate JB [another Independent] into silence.”


    What lengths..I just see some cars with guys in them.

    Poisoning people’s dogs, breaking and entering, trespassing, destruction of private property, now those would be some “lengths”.


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