A curious reaction

Marty posted a blog entry in response to a new St. Petersburg Times article about a WISE-affiliated company accused of paperwork fraud. (WISE is the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, an organization that licenses Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s management system, the “Administrative Technology.” I used to work at a WISE company, by the way; that was the beginning of my Scientology education.)

What’s of interest to me is not the article, but the way Marty reacted to it.

“The Times took the lazy, low road on this ‘investigation,'” writes Marty. “They take a couple of LRH quotes out of context and position them as the why for the criminality… If the LRH quotes…had any bearing on the company’s criminality (ALL RECENT) then where was the Times twenty years ago?”

I clicked Marty’s link to the article expecting to find some really damning Admin Tech quotes. (Goodness knows there are a lot!) Instead, I found this:

Hubbard preached that managers keep a keen eye on statistics and not worry about coddling employees.

“However one tries to coat the pill, there is no substitute, in an executive, for the ability to get the crew to produce,” he wrote. “The fire-breathing product officer will be followed and supported when the wishy-washy old pal guy will be stepped all over in the rush to follow the real leader.”

The only way for an organization to survive is to grow, said Hubbard, who also devised a system of “ethics” in which unproductive employees could work their way out of conditions called “danger” and “nonexistence.”

That’s it. 104 words out of a 2,800 word article. And nothing that blames the company’s bad behavior on LRH.

So why is Marty so adamant? Why is he suddenly down on the SP Times — a paper he loved and lauded when they featured him in their Truth Rundown series ?

The answer, I think, is that Marty knows the truth about the Admin Tech. See, the Admin Tech is where LRH pretty much explains how the Scientology scam is run. Granted, it’s written so as not to disabuse the True Believers – read my blog entry Hard Sell for more on that – but it’s plain that the Admin Tech is all about spreading the word and making money.

That’s fine for a secular business, but it’s not so fine when you realize that it’s how LRH ran his “religion.”

As a former Scientology exec, Marty Rathbun should be very familiar with the Admin Tech, but many of his followers (those who were public Scientologists and not staff members) aren’t. And from what I’ve seen in the past, Marty is keen to keep it that way. You rarely see Admin Tech quotes on Marty’s site, and posting a quote from the Admin Tech in a comment is a pretty sure-fire way to get it censored.

I’ve always suspected Marty fears that if his followers start reading the Admin Tech, they are more likely to see Scientology for what it really is. And he’s probably right.

Now, if the article really did attempt to blame NTC’s troubles on the Admin Tech, I’d say that Marty had a point. I know the Admin Tech fairly well, and I can’t recall anything that encourages fraud – in fact, most of the admin tech is pretty sensible, if a bit close-minded. The article does seem to use NTC’s alleged illegalities as a reason to talk about Scientology’s ties to the business community.

Of course, Church-going Scientologists see that as a good thing. Most WISE business owners will be pleased to talk your ear off about their success with LRH’s Admin Tech. Used properly, it makes a lot of money for those who use it – including the Church of Scientology.

And that’s what makes Marty’s reaction so interesting. Perhaps he is just illustrating Scientology’s black-or-white mentality: The article talks about LRH’s Admin Tech; the article is negative; therefore, the article is anti-LRH entheta.

But Marty seems so eager to avoid the subject of the Admin Tech, that I can’t help but think there’s something else going on. I can tell you that the Admin Tech is the reason I’m not a Scientologist. Perhaps Marty’s afraid that his flock might feel the same way.

Am I reading too much into this?

Read the original articles here:

UPDATE: Great quote in a comment from Marty:

“They [the SP Times] received so much grief from the church for the Truth Rundown series they have been a weird sort of propitiation band since. At the expense of LRH and the tech. This article is really the work of Miscavige. Throw LRH under the bus so as to divert attention from Miscavige.”

Get that? According to Marty, this article is a way of kissing up to the Church. If the first two sentences weren’t so delusional, the last two would be laugh-out-loud funny. Marty’s lying makes me angry, but at times like this, I really do feel sorry for the guy. I honestly do.


6 responses to “A curious reaction

  1. I don’t see that SPTimes said the connection was a why – rather that there is a connection – and they wanted to expose and/or make it known.

    One can hardly quote all of the Hubbard policy – fair use and all that – so they would have to pull applicable quotes – as does Marty and, and, and, and whenever they are quoting Hubbard. Marty could have posted the rest of the policy, perhaps?

    And wow, what a surprise that this company was down and dirty just like others with their signing of docs.

    What I don’t see with the “wise” use of scientology “religious” policy is the cream rising to the top of the business world – ETHICALLY as well as statistically.

    I would venture to guess that the ethics within any wise company parallel that of cos – bottom line being the greatest good for the greatest number. Translated to mean that if it creates money for IAS and cos, then it is ethical.

  2. I had a lot of experience with WISE and other public Scios running businesses.

    It would be fair to say that the majority run the businesses ethically. However, when it comes to the church obtaining funds from them, the company in question can sometimes revert to tactics to create income that is generally considered illegal.

    I saw this with Earthlink, I saw this with Dynamic Bell ripping of thousands of investors millions of dollars, the Feshbach’s and Carly Crutchfield, I saw this with Executive Software International providing free software and hardware to the C of S’s INCOMM and then overcharging their own customers to make up the difference in income. And we have seen it with the C of S squeezing it’s membership.

    Now, while every person is responsibile for his or her own business, there is a reocurring theme with the false IRS and publci reporting that the companies I have named and quoted have in common:

    The ends justified the means. And the Ends were above the law.

    Where did this mentality come from?

    If you think providing the Church with income is more important than anything else, then we have our answer.

    Keep in mind Marty does more writing than actual investigating, and he wouldn’t have a damn clue about what the company in question has been or has not been doing. He is pulling it out of his ass. The smart person says “let the officials investigate it” and the idiot comes up with his own answer without investigation.

    In Scientology we called this inspection before the fact.

    And Marty is rampant with it in his mindset.

  3. I don’t have experience with WISE – so thanks for that, Aaron.
    And, I don’t think Caliwog is reading too much into Marty’s reaction.

    “The ends justified the means. And the Ends were above the law. Where did this mentality come from?”

    I know you weren’t asking for an answer, were you? My best answer is “the greatest good for the greatest number” which is directly attributed to Hubbard. Was and is /enforced followed by any “good” “ethical” scientologist, staff member and sea org member.

  4. Whatever! Rathbun, no matter how u slice and dice is an arrogant, aloof, point-the-finger A-hole. I am a tolerant Anon but this guy gets my gore. I don’t care about the shooting that is going on between him and the Scios. I don’t care. What I read of him is that of a con man. Can we keep to the heart of the matter. He’s a scam artist. I hate scam artists. Besides he looks like one, talks like one and is one. End of conversation.

  5. Yeah – duh! Emulates another known, but dead, conman.

  6. If a human being went OT and left his body in a forest and no one saw it, did it really happen?

    Apparently yes if you are a Scientologist.

    If a con man rises and states open lies which are disporven right in front of your face, did it happen?

    Apparently, no if you are a Scientologist.

    I wonder sometimes what it is like at Marty’s place. A bunch of space cadets sitting around comparing OT stories (penises), and finding out who has the most impressive.

    I saw this with my mum. She would have some friends over sometimes and they woudl talk of the things “others couldn’t comprehend”. My favorite was this guy Bill, who spoke about a spaceship a few million years ago, he was one of the seven crew members who controlled it. I thought that was pretty cool as a kid until I saw “The Last Starfighter” and realized he must have been on something either in the movie theater or in session (or both).

    God, to have a bug on the wall at Marty’s house, can you just imagine???

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