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Independents lie like the Church

One of the most devious lies told by the Church of Scientology is that Scientology is compatible with other religions. Scientology tells its followers that you can be a Scientologist while being a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, etc.

It’s only later, if and when you make it to the upper OT levels – once you’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, years of your life, and very likely turned your back on close friends who are critical of Scientology – that you find out the truth: In Scientology, there is no God, because essentially you are God. As far as I know, that view is incompatible with every major Judeo-Christian and Islamic religion. The story I’m about to relate deals specifically with Catholicism, which strongly rejects the idea of reincarnation — a central tenet of Scientology belief. In fact, Scientology and Catholicism are about as incompatible as two religions can be.

Marty Rathbun should know this. But that didn’t stop him from lying to a neighbor who picked up a Scientology Handbook that Marty had thrown away, read the introduction, and specifically asked if he would have to give up Catholicism to pursue Scientology. Marty lied and told him he wouldn’t.

Dox: Go to this blog entry and run the video. When you get to 0:45 or so, you’ll hear Marty say:

“He read the introductory part of it, all about the religious [sic] and all that stuff, and he got to the end of it, he said ‘It’s kind of interesting, but do I gotta, like, get rid of Catholicism, you know, if I do this?’ and I said, ‘No, no, no, no. That’s just a PR part. Get into the meat and potatoes of it.'” — Marty Rathbun

Now, this story smells a bit, because IIRC the Scientology Handbook does include the lie that you do not have to give up your religion to be a Scientologist. (That is the “PR part,” so in a way, Marty was telling a half-truth.) Scientologists don’t encounter “past lives” doctrine until well into their Scientology indoctrination. Nevertheless, here we have Marty, who supposedly wants to “reform” the Church of Scientology – and yet he’s telling the same lies that the Church uses to lure newcomers.

You can accuse me of harping on a tiny detail, and you’d be right. This is just another bit of evidence that the idea of Scientology “reform” is baloney. Nothing has changed in sixty years. LRH = DM = MR. It’s all the same shit; it’s simply coming out of a different asshole.


Follow-up: Re-reading this post this morning, I wondered if I should have titled it “Marty lies like the Church.” But I decided to leave it. A large group of Independents seem to have identified Marty as their leader (see “propitiation” on the tone scale, peoples). They largely agree with what he says (although that could merely be an illusion forwarded my Marty’s Draconian censorship. And at the end of the day, you are known by the company you keep. If you are an Independent and you think Marty was wrong to lie to his neighbor, please speak up. Remember, unlike Marty’s blog and Church-backed sites, comments on Caliwog’s blog are not censored. ML, CW