Daily Archives: January 18, 2011

Tips on using the Censored by Marty section

My Censored by Marty™ section now has nearly fifty comments that Marty Rathbun won’t allow his followers to see. I have no doubt there are more. A lot more.

Some suggestions for using the section:

  • If you think your comment is censorship material*, copy and paste into a Word doc and/or take a screen shot. That makes it easier to post here (and the screen shot makes for nice dox).
  • Post a follow-up comment on Marty’s blog with a link to your censored comment here on the Caliwog Blog. (The date/time line has the direct comment link.) That’ll get censored too, but that way Marty knows he can’t keep the truth away from everyone.

* More on censorship material: Let’s be fair. If you post something that says “MARTY YOU’RE JUST A BIG LYING ASSHOLE,” of course it’s going to get censored. You really don’t have to try that hard. All you have to do is ask questions or point out how the Church activities about which he is complaining have been going on since before the days of DM. Best is when you can point out that DM’s actions are in accordance with LRH policy. Post anything like that, and Marty will do his best to make it disappear.

Except he can’t, because we’re here.

One thing Marty Rathbun has in common with David Miscavige and LRH: All three think/thought they could run from the truth. Let’s keep the pressure on Marty to be honest — and let’s make sure his followers know they aren’t getting the full story. Scientologists generally drop out of Scientology when they figure out the truth. I want to have the same sort of resource for Independents. They may not all want to look, but when they do, we’ll be ready.