Daily Archives: January 16, 2011

The censorship continues!

I had yet another comment censored by Marty Rathbun. I added it to my Censored by Marty™ section, but I thought this particular one merited its own blog entry, because it illustrates (yet again) how Marty and the Independent movement are trying to re-write history.

I was responding to Marty’s post Gnats and Losers, in which Marty claims a Church member came to his house to harangue his wife and she chased them away. Marty says that during the years he was in the Church supporting David Miscavige:

“We also didn’t have years of virtually all Scientology resources engaging in forcible, life ruining extortion for the most OFF POLICY, OFF SOURCE, and destructive anti-Scientology programs imaginable.”

I quoted that and responded:

“Wait a second, Marty – weren’t you working for the Church when Mark Bunker had people picketing his home and giving flyers to his neighbors saying he was a religious bigot? Remember, Mark had videotape running (http://www.xenutv.com/blog/?p=594). And what about Paulette Cooper? Wasn’t LRH at the helm when that little bit of mental torture took place?

“Oh, and speaking of Mark Bunker… you guys really should always have a video camera at hand.

“I’m sure you won’t post this comment, Marty – don’t worry, I’ll run it on my site 🙂 – but good on Mosey for chasing these guys down. Despite my disagreements with you, I still think the Church’s harassment of you is despicable. You may or may not believe this, but I despite the Church just as you do, and their behavior towards you (and others) is one reason why.

“ML, Caliwog”

As I expected, my comment was censored. Apparently, inconvenient truths still count as entheta!

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure whether to believe Marty’s story, though I’m hesitant to accuse him of making this stuff up because it makes me sound like a slimy Church lackey. And we’ve all seen the creepy airport spy video posted by the Church (labeled as an anon), so we know Marty’s being followed. Still, reports of harassment against Marty’s wife always rally the troops – especially after a nonsensical post that doesn’t get many comments – and one wonders why there is no video or a shot of the guy in the first photo getting into the car. And Marty isn’t exactly known for his honesty; LRH did advise his followers that it was OK to lie (or tell an “acceptable truth”) for PR purposes. Regardless, I have no doubt that the Church has been sending people to harass Marty, Mike and their wives, and I stand by my statement that such behavior is despicable and wrong.

Remember, if you have a comment that gets Censored by Marty™ be sure to add it to our collection. And whenever you think that Scientology can be reformed by high ranking ex-members, just remember… leopards don’t change their spots.