Another gem from the Marty h8rs

The following is a quote from a pro-Church, anti-Marty site:

Scientology is doing what LRH says should be done. If you do what LRH says then you are a Scientologist. And conversely, if you are a Scientologist then you do what LRH says to do in any given situation.

Ladies and gentlemen, the prosecution rests.

And you know what the really funny/really sad part is? Scientologists – whether they be Church-affiliated or independents – will read the above quote and think there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

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8 responses to “Another gem from the Marty h8rs

  1. As per LRH, Marty is an SP because he per the policies of the Church, failed to request a Comm Ev to establish his claims, and thus, is an SP.

    Per LRH, all Scios that have gone to Marty are associating with a known, declared SP and are thus SPs themselves.

    Funny how Marty can tell them what to follow when he wants, and they buy it, and yet per their own beliefs, they are unable to.

    I get the idea that they are just as manipulated as Marty is by LRH.

    LRH is the LAW and DICTATOR and may not be questioned. Period. And as long as Marty claims he is following LRH to the letter, he may not be questioned, PERIOD, or doubted, PERIOD. Thus we see that defiance of Marty is defiance of LRH.

    Case closed. They are nutjobs.

  2. I like the Quote

    ”Scientology is doing what LRH says should be done. If you do what LRH says then you are a Scientologist. And conversely, if you are a Scientologist then you do what LRH says to do in any given situation.”

    That is finally the simple truth !

    What made me laugh about the quote is the same than you:

    ”And you know what the really funny/really sad part is? Scientologists – whether they be Church-affiliated or independents – will read the above quote and think there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever.”

    I guess
    it doesn’t ring a bell…..may be too much simple and evident


  3. When they suffer and leave the cult – but keep beleive in LRH or the tech – as they assign ”the corporate Church and David Miscavige” of being the the cause abuses they know and or witnessed!

    They do not look and analyse…the listen to Marty and they hope again to a better world with the true tech and call their new world out of The corporate Church the FREEZONE …..

    But we all know that the is no relation fo cause\effect from LRH and his tech (ethics – orders -rpf-punisment….) to these said abuses.

    Everything that is written green on white and that ”seems” beautifull is the ”tech” the real tech from the great Humanarian LRH –
    But, when it’s green on white and is of the realm of evil that make living of human being a hell …zoup…the mind crash on a wall…nothing…blank…

    Houuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Houuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    is there another guru to make a sens of it..

    And suddenly..from heaven of free…the voice talk:

    it’s Miscavige fault my brothers..the ”evil” one perverted the tech….

    here is the real true story

    A reformed Church would be a paradise more hate, no more war..the higher state of spiritual power and elevation my brothers… same as Ron reached himself before he died..promise… and when you died..Ron wait for you in a Heaven you would never imaginate…With huuuuge gate to make sure you never walk into hell again..a golden gate to protect you from the evil

    Hummmmmmmmm I guess they made a mistake..usually , it would be better to put the spike outside to protect from the eveil wog world to come in…I don’t get the logic….Miscavige probably perverted the ptech on how to install spikes fence! That’s really another high crime of tech alteration.

    Please excuse my
    y enthousiasm… Like Tom Cruise, it is very difficult for me to fall down to your level and below tone 40…I am so hurry to elevate to to a tone my body could not stand…

  4. Ah, yes, the beautiful church… a pipe dream.

    You do realise that when LRH was around many considered it to be paradise then? You know, with breaking in the FBI, shutting down critics, suicides in LRHs family and it’s senior members…children locked in bilge pumps… people declared and split from their families, students thrown overboard, staff beat up, etc. etc.

    I guess the real reality is that when you are a Scientologist, as long as information control is extered upon you, and you don;t know, then ignorance is bliss.

    Sadly, that is the real hallmark of total irresponsibility.

    I would tell you to open your eyes, but they already are. The problem is you were trained to not see, so eyes are pretty much worthless to a blind person.

  5. And, to ad, the only reason people leave Scientology and fight the Church is because one day it happens to you. Until then, you’re sphere of responsibility only extents to your own selfish desires.

    Eventually, most leave, and the reasons are selfish.

    So turn a blind eye while staff get locked up in the RPF for years, LRH kept them there not until they were rehabed, but totally broken.

    Scios and FZers make lousy parents, lousy neighbors, lousy humaitarians, and lousy human beings. Oops, my bad.

    Just like LRH.

  6. It doesn’t make sens to me!
    What you describe is the truth of the situation but people act as they are blind!
    They stop to care about children, even when some are sexually abused, locked with no care, tortured in a chainlocker…(Hannah Whitfield is one of the witness) , even man fall in terror and would abandonned their spouse to the destroy plan of rpf (stacey young never forgot) her huusban can not explain why he did not deliverder her…he was broken he said!

    You cannot be a compasionnate, humanitarian, kind human being and be a scientologis especially a staff member or Sea Org!

    ”shoul you refuse to punish others , to follow disconnection and fair game, to agree the talk to your sp family , sould you even plan to get your friend ,, or spouse out of the rpf become instantly an SP as per refusing to apply LRH orders! ” This is the reason I blew whan I saw the reality of the para-military croiminal cult! Especially the care about the children and the despair in the rpfer’s eyes…the dying ”soul” …..

    This is what a ”scientologist” a true one should become sooner or later! The more he climps up the higher statta of command , the faster he will confront what it is all about ,
    and the more he gets close to David Miscavige and high exec, the more he will encounter the ”peace and love” and ”spiritual freedom” – of Scientology – especially of he gets the winning number to be called at the Golden base..the wonderfull resort…a paradise life! SOme scientology beleive it..isn’t it a shame????

    And be sure you will have to comply and apply all the Ron HCOPL or Flag or Sea Org orders to abuse human rights and human dignity.
    You comply on it or you will be sec checked – rpf and declared.
    So , for you OWN SURVIVAL, as the only way to ensure it, instead of leaving, you will betray and abuse your fellow man and the children, nor to say pressuse to commit abortions!

    That is what a scientologist is, per scientologist..a true LRH and Church follower…Indie and out of church scn agree that they are LRH true beleiver and advocete the 100% tech application, One way or the other, we are stuck with the same inasane source of managing people and their rights!

  7. We have to be careful here. No one is doubting many Scientologists are happy with the way things are.

    It is our perspective on things that says these actions are horrendous. Also our ability to see what results are from their actions is a large contributing factor.

    One German was quoted as saying during the war “If this is War then so be it”, because the conditions the fighters were given were fabulous. The point here is that people can be happy committing crimes against humanity.

    To find out why takes a real study of the human in all it’s aspects.

    Your brain can be re-wired to enjoy things it previously associated with pain and punishment. Conversely, the brain can be re-wired to take hate things it previously enjoyed.

    Here are some interesting switches in a lot of scientologists and most Sea Org people:

    Previously important things:

    1. Providing care and spending time with their families.
    2. Believing that one has a right to speak up about abuses.
    3. That medicine is an important science that saves a lot of people.
    4. That some drugs can factually cure medical matters, and some are not so good.
    5. That one should have time for oneself.
    6. That reading is fun, and learning new subjects is enjoyable.
    7. Vacations and visiting parts of the world keep you informed about what is really going on.
    8. Mixing with people of different views gives you a healthy perspective.
    9. That children are important.

    We see in Scientology, the SO and in Marty’s camp many people with destroyed marriages, split kids, decisions to leave their family and children and join with others who “think” as a Scientologist does instead of what is best for the child, that children can take care of themselves, and the abandonment of family values and poor relations with brothers and other family members.

    Yet they are happy.

    This all stems not from being instructed in it, but from example and force to follow these ideas. those ideas came from books and materials enforced by others as gospel written by ONE man. His name is LRH, and he had the poorest record of all when it comes to honesty, family and loyalty.

  8. Destroyed families, marriages, friendship, social network is a common best way for cults, to start the process of destroying one’s own-determinism and resilience.

    Studies have proven that facing life treatening ilnesses, bancrupsy, mental breakdown, severe depression etc..
    to be resilient is what will determine one’s issue (psycholigical or physical)

    The capacity of being resilient depend upon the fact that we have emotional \ caring\love\expectations from our sherished ones.

    Ron wnew that as well as any Rondroidie named miscavige or anybody, especially the one who want to lead a group of cult follower.

    1 ) star with giving koolaid and goodies (div 6)
    2) get THEIR ethics in
    3)get the disconnect with the family
    4) get THEIR ethics in
    4) rpf them
    6) get them divorced
    7) make her get an abortion
    8) go back to rpf and get you 12$ pay
    9) RPF’S rpf them
    10) sent them to nother country rpf
    11) get them lost and forgotten – to cut the grass of the Ron’s crop circles and and run around a tree , like Ron found was really good. Poor ill man..poor enslaved men.

    And they say they are fighting for human rights – especially children rights…

    1) Koolaid and goodies to the leaders
    2) get their ethics in (wise)

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