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Listen between the lines: Independents want a Scientology world

The latest video from M&M talks about Scientology’s goal of planetary clearing, specifically a Church declaration that they will clear the planet (all people will be Scientologists who have achieved the Scientology state of Clear) when all orgs (Scientology churches) are upgraded to Ideal Orgs.

In the video, Mike Rinder take issue with this. “There’s a hundred orgs,” he says, that need to be Idealized (my phrase, not his). “Allocate $5 million per,” he continues. “That’s $500 million. It could be done in two months. They actually have the money… so if that actually is the solution to planetary clearing, why isn’t it being done?”

Okay, folks, did you get that? The goal of the Church is to make everyone a Scientologist (which we knew) and M&M don’t take issue with this. They don’t say “This goal is wrong, people should be able to practice religion as they please.” Nope, they’re saying “The Church has the resources, why aren’t they doing it?” (Their usual answer is that Church leader David Miscavige is an SP who is trying to destroy Scientology. If only that were the case!)

What about people who don’t want to be Scientologists? Keep in mind what Tom Cruise said about suppressive persons (SPs) in his famous video. (4:45: “Maybe one day it’ll be like that… SPs, like, they’ll just read about those in the history books.”) According to L. Ron Hubbard – the guy who these people believe has all the answers and speaks only the truth – 2.5% of the population are SPs. They are evil, insane, beyond salvage. Even Scientology can’t help them.

So in order for the planet to be cleared, 2.5% of us are going to have to disappear.

With all due respect to Mike Godwin, isn’t that how Hitler started?

The good news is that Scientology is hog-tied by LRH’s policies. It’s difficult to get much done in a Scientology organization, either official or un-official. Still, anyone who thinks Scientology isn’t truly dangerous to the rest of us should think again. Scientologists may not much done very quickly, but they certainly have the will and the motivation, and that’s dangerous. Let’s not forget that they cowed the IRS into submission.

The rest of the video goes on to accuse the Church of constantly promising that the next big thing is always right around the corner, instead of simply releasing what they have. Why are they doing this, M&M ask? If they have everything they need to clear the planet, why are they promising something new instead of delivering?

The answer is right in LRH tech — the bits that Mark and Mike are apparently hoping people won’t read. LRH was constantly making such promises; in fact, he encouraged his marketing minions to always say that something new was on the way.

“Write and act like you have new news,” LRH wrote (HCO PL 20 August 1979, DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY ARE NEW).

The answer to your question, Mark and Marty, is that DM is doing more or less what LRH said to do.

Now perhaps in your next video, you could tell us what exactly will happen to the the 2.5% of us who are SPs when and if “planetary clearing” is achieved?