Reaching the masses

You’ll forgive me for pulling a Marty, but I was watching the movie Gandhi the other night and there was a scene that inspired me to write this blog entry. It’s the part where Gandhi addresses the Indian National Congress (Chapter 7 on the DVD). The speech (the movie version, that is) goes like this:

“What we say here means nothing to the masses of the country. Here, we make speeches for each other, and those English liberal magazines that may grant us a few lines. But the people of India are untouched.” — MovieGandhi

I realized that the same thing applies to the Scientology protest movement.

Most Scientologists are not Sea Org members or staffers, but “public” Scientologists, the people who pay for courses and live ordinary lives. They are the people of Scientology, and much of what we say means nothing to them.

Why do they remain untouched? Because so much of what we (and Marty Rathbun) talk about – beatings by David Miscavige, entrapment at the Gold Base, forced disconnections for those who “blow” (quit) the Sea Org – mean nothing to them. It’s easy for them to dismiss our claims as lies because they don’t see them first-hand. (L. Ron Hubbard coined a word for this: “Out-reality.”)

So does that mean they are immune to the dangers of Scientology? No way – not by a long shot.

Lisa McPherson, who died after 17 days locked in a hotel room undergoing the “Introspection Rundown,” was a public Scientologist. So was Heribert Pfaff, who stopped taking his epilepsy medicine, had a seizure while sleeping, hit his head on the nightstand and died – at Scientology’s Fort Harrison hotel, no less, where he was taking services he was told would cure him.

See, that’s where the real danger lies in Scientology.

This is something I’ve seen with my own eyes: Grown people with jobs and educations, people who should know better, who send their children to auditing instead of the doctor, and who believe that if a person is accident-prone, it is because they are harboring evil intentions. They make poor decisions – decisions you and I would laugh at if the results weren’t so tragic – because they believe anything and everything that L. Ron Hubbard writes.

“But Scientology has all those disclaimers about how it doesn’t treat any disease…” Yeah, right – we all know how much those mean. In fact, they mean even less in Scientology, because Scientologists are taught that they are a special breed, the only group that knows the truth. Listen to an LRH lecture, and if you can stay awake, there’s a good chance you’ll hear him talking about some sickness that Scientology cures. Remember, government regulations – and governments – are for suckers like us, not the über-elite Scientologists.

Want to know how public Scientologists feel? Check out this blog entry. I bet this guy tunes out as soon as he hears stuff about the RPF and DM’s beatings, because it’s out-reality – it doesn’t relate to his experience. As far he’s concerned, Scientology is the reason for his success. (And his failures are a result of not applying Scientology technology properly.)

In fact, if you read that blog entry, it may sound familiar, because it’s the same thing nearly every pubic Scientologist says. That’s another alarming thing about Scientology: Ask ten Christians what they love about their faith, and you’ll get a variety of answers. (For the record, I don’t believe in Christianity any more than I do Scientology.) Ask ten Scientologists the same question, and you’ll get nearly-identical answers. That’s drilled-in groupthink for you.

But let me get back to my point: The things we spend so much of our time discussing – crimes of Scientology management, Marty’s lies about DM and LRH, whether Scientology can be reformed – do they really matter?

Maybe not as much as we think they do.

That leads me back to the issue of Scientology reform, which I’ve been thinking a lot about this week. If the abuses that the Independents allege were to cease – no more haranguing for donations, no more alterations of LRH’s writings, no more beat-downs by David Miscavige and his staff – and the Church delivered only “pure LRH,” would Scientology really be any better?

Not really, no.

It’s the 80/20 rule at work. 80% of the headline-grabbing abuses affect 20% of Scientologists. But even if those abuses were to stop, the real crimes will still be part and parcel of Scientology. And I don’t even mean the abuses we’ve proven are based in LRH tech – things like disconnection, low staff pay and the RPF. I mean the mindset that causes people to make bad decisions for themselves and their families. The mindset that killed pubic Scientologists like Lisa McPherson, Heribert Pfaff, and who knows how many others.

For all the attention I give him, Marty Rathbun is really little more than a diversion. If we’re going to make a difference, if we’re going to help people steer clear of the dangers of Scientology, we need to make sure we communicate to the masses on a level they can understand.

We need to push our message that Scientology is dangerous and LRH is the reason why.

What’s the best way to make that happen? I don’t know, and I’d love to hear your ideas.


PS: One other line in Movie Ghandi’s speech: “They [the Indian pulic] see no reason to give their loyalty to rich and powerful men who simply want to take over the role of the British.”

I’m looking at you, Marty and Mike.

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  1. Hi Caliwog!

    As always a good blog. Right on target.

    If we cannot reach public Scientologists we can at least reach the other 99.9 per cent of the population.

    Several of us have launched a blog which attempts to do this. So far it focuses on Hubbard as he really was and various current abuses.

    Now I am working to compile a reliable list of 200 people who have died because of Scientology, many of them public.

    I still need to find out how to make the transition from little blog to spreading it around, other than getting myself fair-gamed, but I think a lot of us are working along the same lines, and sooner or later this information will make a difference, as your blog already does.

    I think we are reaching a lot of people who might otherwise be fooled. It has taken only two years for “Scientology” to become synonymous with “bat-shit crazy”.

  2. Caliwog —
    Thank you for your blog.
    It eez Awesome.
    best wishes to you!

  3. Dude, I don’t have time to type a rant. But I read you off and on and I gotta say some days you are so off base you aren’t even in the ballpark. I’m an ex-Scientologist, so I’m not coming from a church or indie or FZ point of view. However, what usually pisses me off about your blog and about so many other I’ve-never-been-one-of-those-disgusting-stupid-idiotic Scientology dumbos is that you don’t even know who you claim you’re fighting for or against.

    For example, most Scientologists I know and knew many years don’t try to cure disease with touch assists. It doesn’t happen that way. Antibiotics, surgery, dentistry, analgesics, you name it — Scientologists do it all the time. Me — I’ve done surgery, dentistry (with novocaine), taken aspirin, Advil, you name it and never thought much about it. I’ve gone to Scientology doctors who prescribed all of the above. And I’ve been to non-Scientology doctors who did the same. It’s some myth that Scientologists don’t do medicine. Somebody gave you the wrong playbook.

    BTW, although it’s not really on point with the above paragraph, writing that reminds me that the all-time biggest patronus anus maximus of all time (Bob Duggan) is the CEO of a public company called Pharmacyclics (look it up). All that probably proves is that the Co$ won’t turn down a nickel, much less $20 mil from the pharma industry.

    Anyway, back to the rant I don’t have time to type. Your blog will never reach public Scientologists. Why in hell would anybody who is a rabid Scientologist seek you out or listen to you? That’s not the way people change their minds. How is it you’re so smart, but you don’t understand this?

    Finally, your obsession with Rathbun is — actually, I don’t have any idea what it is. It’s like — again, I don’t profess to be able to figure out why you are so fixated on the guy. Maybe you know, maybe you don’t. I’m actually not pissed about that, just entertained by it.

    Since you’re spending so much energy doing this, I do think you should get out more, meet one or two Scientologists or ex-Scientologists one of these days. Have some real conversations. Ask some questions. Find out what you think is true and what is just bullshit you read on some blog that somebody retyped after they read it on another blog written by someone who … you get it.

    I think your desire to destroy the Co$ is a good one. However, your credibility gets blown every time you try to describe what Scientology is an isn’t.

    And for the record, most public Scientologists never heard of Lisa McPherson or any other public Scientologist who died from neglect. It’s all covered up. Also, for the record, Jim Meskimen is an asshole, and most public Scientologists think he’s an asshole. Frankly, most public Scientologists are just exhausted, overscheduled, broke, overworked and paranoid as hell. It’s not a happy life.

    Anyway, thanks for the keyboard. And now back to your regular programming.

    P.S. Seriously, dude, do get out more. Have some conversations.

  4. Thanks for the reply. I actually do know quite a few dedicated Scientologists IRL (Jim is not among them), but your viewpoint is very much appreciated. Every bit of information and perspective helps.


  5. Great blog, Caliwog! I think you responded to the comment made by Sheesh!” very gracefully. Well done.

    As for Marty and his “Rathborgs” as I’ve begun to call them, there are quite a few people who can’t quite control their curiosity about what his true goals might be. I think he can attribute many of his blog traffic to those with a morbid curiosity…… like me. LOL!

    I have to say that there have been many times when I’ve felt so embarrassed for Marty because of the low class responses he gives over on his blog. If anyone asks a question or makes a comment he doesn’t like, he has to put them in their place in the nasty and insulting way. He has absolutely zero control over himself and yet he points the accusing finger at everyone else.

    In my experience, a person shows their true colors when faced with adversity and conflict. They also show their true colors when they attain a position of power. I believe in both instances, we’ve seen Marty Rathbun’s true character. I just hope some of his followers will begin to see this, too.

  6. Typos, typos – meant to say “much of his blog traffic”. That’s what I get for rushing to post…

  7. Hey there sheesh,

    I read what you wrote. There is something that needs to be added here.

    The reality gap between “wogs” and “Scientologists” and “Sea Org” members is huge gap.

    Scientologists still live in the real world. While they may have their own views etc., they still to an extent live int he real world.

    Try to understand that in the Sea Org that is not the case and this is of concern to you as a Scientologist. Firstly, the people pro-Scn are always saying “Son’t attack our beliefs! attack the Actions!” but then when we start to disguss the actions LRH took, they turn around and say “attack DM’s Beliefs!” It is not really a coherent argument.

    The other thing is that if you take all the Sea Org members and sit them down and ask the following, you may be shocked:

    1. How many times have you received amedical checkup?
    2. How many times have you been married?
    3. Do you have any pets?
    4. How much time is spent with your extended family?
    5. Do you have a financial plan in case things do not go correctly?
    6. What level of education do you have?
    7. what level of education do you think is appropriate?
    8. How many hours a day do you excercise?
    9. How many hours a day do you spend reading other books?
    10. Because you can not travel ot other parts of the world or even your own country or city, what is the source of information by which you judge the state of the rest of the world?
    11. Do you read the newspapers?
    12. Do you watch the news?

    The answers reveal something which has been in existence since 1967 when LRH started the Sea Org – a group of people deprived of information and believe what they are fed. This is dangerous.

    It was dangerous when LRH did it, and it was dangerous over 13 years later when DM did it. But it is not just DM. It is everyone in there. There are beatings at the HGB, FLB with or without Marty Mike or DM there. There were beatings on board the Ship when LRH was there.

    So while you sit there and say Scientologists think like this…. the fact remains is that the Sea Org sets the standard for Scientologists and it is unideal.

    they do this because in the Sea Org, it is believed LRH tech can solve everything when it simply can not.

    You as a Scientologist shoudl hold your faith accountable for it’s claims, and DM is only putting forward into execution the same claims LRH did and enforced.

    LRH did not need to create the SEA ORG, he did so because he wanted his own private people and his own faith to be what he wanted it to be – that could not happen with exposure to the real world and obvious truth.

    You are responsible for the Sea Org – it is there because you support it. You will have to withdraw your support for the SO by leaving Scientology.

    The attacks on Marty are justified.

    This si the man who claims the world would be a better place with Scienotlgoy in it – who also said that the books against Scn and showed the abuses should never have been allowed ot be published – WTF? That attitiude lead LRH down dark roads of black operations with WW and has lead DM down the same road.

    Now Marty is saying he wants it that way, he wants censorship, he wants TRUE LRH tech yet he can not provide it – he is only assuming has been changed but in reality cna not show you or anyone else the actual changes.

    He is chasing his dream – a perfect world with perfect tech.

    It does not exist.

    and to that extend Marty should be shutdown just as the Church should be.

    Scientologists are arrogant fools. Scios do not like me because I can shoot down Scientology at any level. It is not because I can win the argument – it is because I stepped back and reviewed the logic and it lead me towards seeing the obvious. Scn can not win the argument that it’s religion is all supreme because it just simply is not.

    Scn has not changed the world. It has destryed more families than it has bought together. LRHs family, Martys, Mikes, JBs, Marc Headleys, Any Scoobees, every single god damned person LRH trained personally – TAKE A LOOK at their families.

    Where there are shattered lives there is smoke and fire.

    Scientology just does not deliver what it promises. Things that have had 60 years to do this have had enough time. Throw it out the window alreayd and find technology that works – it is not in Scientology.

    Stop being so damned scared and go off and start looking. LRH is not the man you thought he was. Remember it was just an illusion created by your perceptions which were fed false information to make you form an opinion.

    Go look. Relax on the defensive, and just let it be – go look, and by go look means GO LOOK, not find people that re to or for your state of mind or opinion. I don’t care what Marty, LRH or DM says, the sky is blue if you look at it, period. Just see it for what it is and ask yourself the following:

    1. Why did LRHs son, kill himself or get killed?
    2. Why did his other son leave him?
    3. Why was MSH jailed (the real reason)
    4. Why did LRH have the Guardian office and WW
    5. Is what he says in RJ67 really true?

    This is not about getting people out of Scientolgoy. That is ewhat MArty wants, so he can snare them up again. The Anons and so forth are about getting these people help by showing them that it is a body of lies and to get them to come into the real world where millions if not hundreds of millions of people are truely happy and content and are advancing as beings.

    It is a lie that the world is unhappy. Go study history, study the human brain and where it came from.

    We are moving ahead. Scientology is a step backward and if written 200 years ago would have made as much nonsense as it does now.

  8. Caliwog, the website to the 200 have died is noble, but really?

    Is that what it important? What about the 10,000 families wrecked? What is more damaging?

    i would invite you to look at the top 50 people in Scn history, and see what happened to them and their families and document that instead. That would give an accurate picture of the goodness of Scientology.

    Otto Roos. MSH, LRH, DM, Marty – etc. they ALL have death, disconnection and some cases murder in their OWN families.

    that enough is a clear picture of how wonderful Scientology is. And would strike a cord.

    if they want their families wrecked, murdered, or forgotten, then join Scientology and rise.

    John Travolta paid the price with the cost of his own child’s life. DM has lost his wife, his father and brother. LRH lost two sons and his wife. Marty has lost his family and so has Mike Rinder. The lsit is astounding.

    But be ready for it…according to them the only thing that can fix it is…scientology! It is sort of like a guy who starts a war and then tells his people the solution to end the war is war itself. After the war is won, he will find another war.

    Pain and anguish has not left Marty or his followers yet. Soon members of Marty’s team will start to be kicked out, hastled, told what to think, what to read, cut down for open thinking, and told what is right and what is wrong, what is LRH and what is not.

    It is all on the way, and they will be lead again to road that goes nowhere. And screw them, they had their chances, there are other people in the world that deserve our attention more than fucked up people who keep putting a gun to their own heads.

    The most intelligent people in the world 2000 years ago all knew the world was flat. It was not because they were stupid, it is because they did not ahve the tools to find out if it was true or not.

    Today we have all the tools to know if Scientology is full of shit. And we have not seen a pile of shit this high since the dinosaurs.

    the verdict is out. Those that disagree with it have not looked. If they do not want to, let them suffer.

    The final solution is less people in Scientology. that is why Anon has been so successful. They know this, understand this. They know w=once they are tainted they are pretty screwed up and 99% will still live in their minds, in Scientology either in the official church of a FZ movement.

    anon is right – target those that are not victims yet. Frankly, Anon is saving us all socially millions of dollars because we are not having as many fuckups that Society has to deal with later.

    They should be paid for the work they do.

    Personally, I enjoyed my brief protest time. The big fat checks from the Pharma companies were fantastic! and the AMA paid huge, vast sums too…

    (I just wanted to give the Sea Org something they can give to their stupid followers to believe, cause they will not bother looking anyways).

  9. “It’s some myth that Scientologists don’t do medicine. ”

    So, if this is a myth, then why are there so many OTs who have died from cancer, because they thought they would be able to handle it with Scientology instead of seeking out real medical help?

  10. Aaron,

    Sheesh here. Thanks for reading my comment.

    You missed the major point of my post. You started by missing the fact I’m not a Scio. Been gone more than 20 years. You also missed the fact I wasn’t suggesting Caliwog respect any Scio beliefs OR practices. I was suggesting if he’s gonna debate the subject he needs to understand what it actually is. For example, he has the idea most Scientologists try to cure diseases with touch assists. That’s not church policy (look it up, Caliwog). And public Scios would recognize his misunderstanding as huh? Just as one example.

    Aaron, I hear you on the insane, torturous gulag existence of rank and file Sea Org members. It’s a horror. It’s a crime. Personally, I can’t understand how the courts are giving the church a pass on the basis of “ministerial exception”. I have to think the crap judgment by that crap Socal judge the Headleys had will be reversed on appeal.

    So at the end of your reply there I got confused. Which strategy are you proposing: Focus on keeping out any new members and let the Scios (public and Sea Org alike) rot in hell? Or try to free the wretched souls you described so well who are still in the Sea Org?

    I don’t knock anybody, and I mean anybody, who’s trying to tear down the house of horrors that is the Church of Scientology. However they’re doing it.

    Happy Halloween, everybody. Eat all your candy.

  11. You see, there are indipendent Scientologists, who believe that “suppression” causes cancer.
    I think this is what caliwog is talking about, when he says that it is a dangerous belief.
    “There are two stable data which anyone has to have, understand and know are true in order to obtain results in handling the person connected to suppressives. These data are:

    “1. That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition.

    “2. That getting rid of the condition requires three basic actions: (A) Discover; (B) Handle or (C) Disconnect.” – LRH

    I recently spoke to a Class IX GAT C/S who is no longer a Scientologist who told me about the incredible numbers of OTs who had died of cancer — not from doing OT levels, but from the inevitable PTS condition that results from being connected to truly suppressive entities: DM and his subverted groups. I also saw with my own eyes the surprising number of people who got cancer and other maladies at the Int base.

    Now we have it from an ex-Solo NOTs D of P (Director of Processing) in Europe, Michael Angelo. According to his figures circa 2006, somewhere close to 30% of OTs have cancer. That is a result of the toxic environment created by David Miscavige that envelops Scientology like a cloud of poison gas: gross out-tech, gross misapplication of ethics, gross financial irregularities — all implemented by David Miscavige.

  12. Hi Sheesh, I’m very glad you came back to join us.

    You’re an ex-Scientologist, and I’m certainly not going to argue with what you saw. But please understand that I have my own experiences, which included being elbow-deep in Scientology culture (and policy, though more green than red.) (Oh, and I did the Ups and Downs in Life course, but I drew the line at the purif.)

    Anyway, I’m not making this stuff up; like you, I saw what I saw.

    We all know Scientology has plenty of disclaimers about not curing diseases. But you know as well as I that LRH talked about curing diseases all the time. Just the other day, I stared reading the transcript of a lecture (Handling the PTS), and there it is, not two minutes in, LRH talking about running some processes when he “Turned on a marveous case of bursitis, and didn’t call the doctor; simply straightend out the GPMs.” When LRH talked about OT3, he mentioned breaking his body’s back. Did anyone ever see LRH in a cast? Not so far as I can tell. The implication is obvious.

    If someone in Scientology accidentally sticks a letter opener in their shoulder, they go to the doctor. (And then they audit to handle why they are accident prone.) But what do they do for minor aches and pains? Touch assists. I can’t recall every seeing a Scientologist take (or even have) aspirin. You did, and you know other Scis who did, and I’ll take your word for it, but I saw all manner of aches and bugs handled by touch assists. Including my own, btw. (Didn’t work.)

    I’ve had Scientologists tell me to my face (high-tone, btw) that colds aren’t caused by germs, that antidepressant medications don’t work, that PTS/SP tech is the truth behind all sickness, that being accident prone is cause for suspicion, and that Scientology keeps them well. And don’t even get me started on all the “false data” I heard about psychiatry… that’s another blog entry for another day.

    Again, I’m not going to argue with what you tell us you saw. I’m sure there are Scientologists who go to doctors regularly. I can only speak for the Scis I know. From what I observed and understood, they believe in going to a traditional doctor if you break your leg, but pretty much nothing less severe. (They did love chiropractors, though. And dentists, come to think of it.)

    That said, few people wake up one morning and realize their arteries are clogged or they have a tumor halfway up their colon. Often as not these things start as the aches and pains that they “handle” with touch assists. And I always got the feeling that the higher-up OTs I knew didn’t fear big diseases like cancer all that much. Don’t know if they expected to “solve it with Scientology” or drop the cancer-ridden body and grab another one, but I know enough about the tech to know that both were possibilities.

    For the record, I don’t intend my blog to be read by pubic Scientologists. I write it for protesters, although I always hope that a wayward Church member or Independent will stop by and read.

    And I actually do have a life, a rather fulfilling one at that. However, I also feel I have a responsibility to my fellow man. Evil occurs all around us. I can’t fight for every cause, but I can pick one or two and do a little bit, and this is one I know something about.

    Do I know everything? No. Do I get everything right? No. But I do my best, and I’m lucky to have people like you who are willing to contribute their own experiences. You think I’m doing it wrong, and you spoke up. I appreciate that.


  13. OK, you win, Anon. Have at ’em with your anti-scientology “science”, which sounds just as nutty as the scientology you hate. Seriously, dude. Read your own post. Seriously, if you’re gonna debate that crap, then fer crissakes don’t go at ’em with garlic necklaces and wooden crosses! You can’t possibly out-cult them. Don’t even try.

  14. Cali, we must have crossed in the ether there. Just got a quick second here. Yes, I’ll give you the pts stuff and symptoms turning on in session stuff if you’ll accept that lots of scios get colonoscopies and annual prostate checks and pap smears and physicals. We can call it even. I’ll also give you points for doing what I suggested earlier — that you “get out and have a conversation with a real ex-scio or scio.” Turns out it was with me. Check you later.

  15. Sheesh, to clarify: I merely quoted a passage from the article that i linked to.
    That it sounds “nutty” that cancer is caused by a “PTS condition” is exactly my point.

  16. Ex scio and ex-so here – of many years.

    Sorry Sheesh – can’t accept the “lots of scios get colonoscopies and annual prostate checks and pap smears and physicals” BS. I don’t think there are “lots of scios” and of those that there are – a high percent aren’t getting medical care, not to mention well-checks – especially if you are speaking of staff and sea org. Didn’t and doesn’t happen- except for an “acceptable” medical emergency. And once your assists are complete, there’s ethics and PTS handling to follow. It’s better just not to pull stuff like that in…

    In my many years in the SO, there was NO doctor or dental care. The exception might be going to a chiro – and that is still more of a scio-public realm, not something that staff and sea org do.

    I knew of Flag public with cancer that were not getting medical care. They got assists. And, got sent home (away from Flag) to die so there wouldn’t be bad PR at Flag.

    I still cringe remembering the SO member that had full mouth dental planing with their gums peeled back and then stitched up – they were only allowed over-the-counter Tylenol, and assists. Oh, and NO CASE ON POST – in other words, one must continue working in this condition, or face stiffer ethics.

    Same scenario for another SO member I recall having been to the hospital with surgery for some female problem – they were not allowed meds and were expected to walk home from the hospital and get immediately back on post.

    My own young son was told by their current-scio parent that “he had pulled it in” when he was getting a medical biopsy to determine if something was cancerous.

    Scientology DOES NOT embrace medical healing.

  17. I was thinking of something Paul Haggis mentioned in an article I read, how he ignored anything said against Scientology, just dismissed it without even reading it. Just as Sea Org members ignore all the news, and many Public members’ reading list shrinks to Ron books only, it isn’t until a Sci experiences some major conflicts and doubts in their experience, that they might start being curious about what is on the web.

    The web is changing all of our lives. However, I believe it will have an immediate effect on Sci’s new members. More and more of them are going to do research before they show up at an Org, even if they have a friend or cult member love bombing them. This process, in itself, is going to make more existing members start looking on the web.

    The cult has trained members to give more, fight harder, stop more thoughts, etc. as things go downhill for the cult or they have individual doubts. The catch is, they also teach communication, and the web is taking over communication, not Hubbard tech.

    It is also shining very bright light into all the dark corners of Scientology. So, as far as the most effective thing that can be said or done — hard to say what that is — but I think it is happening organically and safely, as the web enhances everyone’s awareness.

    How many defecting Sea Ogres can the cult keep chasing around? Pretty soon the cult’s PI force will be larger than their membership.

    (I read on Marty’s blog that you are OSA, LOL, what a nut. Unless of course an OSA member is using your name on his blog…he deleted the comment.)

  18. DM causes cancer…LOL!!

    What a fucking idiot.

    The guy who believes this doesn’t have a clue what cancer actually is. It is not surprising. This is Congonese witchdoctor crap. This sort of mumbo-jumbo is what kept medicine in the dark for hundreds of years. Thank god we had some intelligent people who managed to defy the norm of society to bring as actual results.

    This guy proves my point entirely – why argue with these dickheads in Scientology when they can not even be educated – and do not want to be.

    Next thing he will tell us is that LRH wrote a book that made a good movie…

    If you don’t want OT’s to die of cancer – get them to a fucking doctor for an annual checkup so it gets caught early and handled! Fucking moron… do you even know what a pap smear is and how effective it is? Nah, it’s liek steak, it just turns up at the supermarket for you prepared, you just do not know how things work.

    Go back to your cave…

    God I love attacking Scio’s, it is just so much god damn fun talking to adults with the brains of baboons.

  19. Scientology thinking:

    1. The people in haiti pulled it in. So did the people in the Boxing Day Tsunami.
    2. The Jews were supressed – nah, you think so???

    Here’s some news for you good scienotlogy types, the reason why Scientology is failing is not because of SPs, it is because of you. Your tech is terrible, it does not work, and your blaming SPs that do not exist.

    Thank god the world is not run by Scientology. “Today BP announced that due to the recent devastation, it has begun an SP investigation…” “We are PTS to the Taliban…” “Microsoft is downstat not because their product actually sucks, but because they misapplied the affluence formula…”
    “The share market crashed due to a violation of the danger formula…”

    I can just imagine a Scientology President – “Lets do an FP #1 for America!!!”

    Honestly, Scientolgoy, thank you for existing. You have finally managed to give common people, religious types and even culties something they all can share “We may be crazy, but we ain’t as crazy as Scientologists!”

    LRHs worst nightmare – the AMA is the 50’s asking for proof of his findings… Ron’s response, declare them suppressive.

  20. Hey Sheesh,
    I thought you didn’t “have the time” to “rant” ????

  21. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    I confirm tha the impressions of Galiwog are true!
    I confirm that what Catfish mentionned are lonly facts about scientologists an Sea org that are easily seen and observed!

    When you run a flu – you are ask to recover the loss you encounter just before the cold appear till you find it !

    I would like to add that unfortunately I lost several of my friends of cancer and some made it through but some not ..all where long time scientologist – some executives -ome real good trained auditor -some young – from 30 to 45 years old) But the percentage of cancer is truly higher in my scientologists friens than from the wog! Also scientologists are much more ”stressed” always under pressure for stats and money and often have really bad habits of smoking – junk food – lack of sleeping – not going to see the doctor when not feeling good – no check-up …tons of cofee…no exercices..

    All factor that create a good ground for cancer to develop.

    We all have billions of cancer cell within our body each day – that is why we need a good immune system to fight them – failing immune sustem will allow these to develop and grow within the body!

    I presonnaly have to fight a cancer for 10 years and I can assure you that Surgery had save my life – and my responsibility has been to change and modify major things as to stop smoking – do exercice- and eat more fruit and vegetable as well as a lot of Tai Chi and zen meditation to find a secure space of present time awareness within me – a quit mind -wich has nothing to compare with TRO in scientology!

    To be really in pt makes one able to walk his walk alone and to help recover a better flow of energy within the body to give a chance for medication or anything else to make good result!

    I would like to point something that is very sad and that other scientologists should confirm!
    Wich is to say that in scientology , sickness and especially cancer are not well regarded! It is consider being ”bad pr” especially if OT’s are having cancer! So , it is expected from them to hide and not been too much seen sick at the org as it may affect the income by showing sick scientologists.
    So lot of them die alone – and lot of scientologists are saying that they pulled it in by out-ethics and ptsness –
    so they can justify to abandon them!
    The same as they abandon children and ederly!

    The same as ROn abandonned his wives – his childre – Quintin- children – ederlies – and he has been dying alone without his family – to hide his problems as he showed to Miscavige!

    This is very sad!

    If you are to have cancer you better not be a scientologist!

  22. a great comment -n yes the immune system is compromised in a stressful environment. Good health, food and time to relax is vital in these sorts of environments. Solders have work and rest to ensure their bodies get back to proper chemical and hormonal levels.

    DM only learned from LRH. And Marty learned from them both.

    I think it is clear Marty will disappear with his group of Scios and have his own church. He has the financial backing and he has enough in terms of numbers to keep the movement alive.

    His isn’t the only FZ movement – there are others out there, some of which have been around for decades catering to small numbers.

    I have said it before in many posts of the past, the correct target to see the total downfall of Scientology will be to zero in on the Sea Org 100%. With that structure gone, Scientology will collapse.

    The Sea Org has many weaknesses – and I would like to see it gone sooner rather than later. There is certainly enough manpower out there to shut the Sea Org down.

    I just wish we had statistics on hand to actually identify how many SO members there are and in what locations. People say the numbers are dropping, but are they? and if so, what are the real numbers?

  23. I personally feel that the ‘agenda’ should be to inform the public and prevent the cult from getting it’s claws into folks in the first place. Since widdle davy thinks only about money, I think that an OT III or two escaping the cult doesn’t bother dm nearly as much as preventing a couple of people from joining in the first place, BECAUSE THE OT III’s HAVE ALREADY GIVEN ALL THEIR MONEY TO THE CULT. The old saying about ‘killing a snake by cutting off it’s head’ symbolically represents the situation here. Starve the cult from noobies and it will certainly die. Getting old hands out of the cult is certainly a worthwhile goal, but should not be the PRIMARY goal. You can see with people like Marty, they have been in so long that their brainwashing is complete, total, and all they are now is a burden on the ‘normal’ people around them. The fact that they spout their ‘independent scientology’ crap makes them still a danger to those around them. Better leave them inside the cult, where the cult must use it’s resources to take care of them.
    Just my 2 cents.

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