Aaron Saxton on the Scientology mindset

Aaron Saxton, an ex-Scientologist and former Sea Org bad-ass, originally posted the following as a comment on ABCs of the RPF, but I thought it deserved a spot as a blog entry (for which Aaron has made a couple of edits and additions). I especially like the questions Aaron raises about what the Independents are doing with their time, energy and money. Read on for some great insights into the hive-mind of a Scientologist and why independent Scientology really isn’t any different from Scientology in the Church of Miscavige.

We can forget about the BS of trying to write off the responsibility of the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) to someone else who wrote it and got it signed off by [Scientology founder] L. Ron Hubbard.

I have heard this line used many times about various policies. Let’s get one thing very straight, the RPF and the type of punishment that LRH dished out on the Ship was RIGHT THERE in front of him. It is fact that LRH would personally assign people to the RPF, including children in front of the musters for all to see. That is fact.

The RPF started because LRH would assign children and people to the Bilge Pumps to do demeaning work, often without food or water for long periods of time.

What is wrong with independent Scientologists like Marty and Mike?

It is simple and very sad – they can no longer evaluate. [Ed. note: In Scientology, auditors are taught not to evaluate what their preclears (subjects/clients) say, with the subtext that any evaluation is a bad thing.] That ability has been wiped. It was wiped by accepting a belief system that overrides any requirement to reason or question.

This DM stuff is wearing very thin. It was LRH that personally trained [current Church leader] David Miscagive from a child. If anything sent DM insane, it was Scientology, just like it did Marty, Mike, Otto, Bill Robertson, Mayo and every other major exec that has ever left there.

The disharmony in Marty’s life, Mike’s, DM’s, LRH’s with their family “suicides” and deaths is just the tip of the iceberg.

Did you know LRH authorised his Messengers to be able to assign anyone to the RPF without a Committee of Evidence? That is how most get there – assigned by Messengers. Usually based on hate and anger.

To date, Marty has failed to do the most obvious thing – show us proof that DM altered anything. Not a shred of proof.

And if anyone wants to know the real reason Mike and Marty do not spill the real beans on DM, it is because they have huge crimes, too – that they have not admitted to that includes murder and abduction.

If they spill the beans on DM about other activities, then they go down for it also. I would like to point out that Mike, nor Marty has given us the names of the operatives the Sea Org uses – I have met them, but do not know their names, and yet Marty and Mike have not even admitted that they even met these people at all.

After Marty screwed up BIG TIME in 93/94 & 95, DM never trusted Marty after that, he was always going to be a patsy that DM could later put stuff on. Because of this, Marty was always going to leave the SO and attack. DM and others knew this, so they made very sure he never got his nose into anything serious at all.

Greg Wilhere, Norman Starkey – these types KNOW stuff because they were trusted.

I truly love how the independents can attack any critic for any error, any color of bad character in a critic and find that reason enough to say “they are liars and should not be trusted”, yet the greatest liar proven time and time again – LRH – is to be trusted.

The warped thinking is really deep brainwashing.

When these guys were sitting in auditing chairs, they thought they were recalling memories to find out more information. They had no idea that their Synaptic gulfs were being dumped by neural transmitters and that they were rewiring to new pathways to create new memories and augment the ones that they already had. The reason why every bad or good thing that happens to an independent in their mind is either Affinity, Reality or Communication is because their brains have been rewired to auto select these options.

It is easy to do.

This same irrational computation is the same reason why they will not see LRH for what he was or Scientology. Their brains have been rewired.

And the only way to deprogram a brain is to cause a crash in it. And they will not let that happen and will try to avoid Scientologists from letting that happen.

You see, if they were to admit LRH was wrong, that would tear down the entire structure of their thinking and their brain. It can have serious consequences.

Rather than find anything wrong, they will only find anything that validates Scientology.

Funnily enough, Marty’s viewpoint is exactly like LRHs to other technology of the mind. Which is exactly the same as DM’s and the Sea Orgs viewpoint of other technology. They will create a religion, expel anyone that does not follow it all the while stating “you are free to think what you like” but you are not.

For people who think they are so different, they are almost identical and will give identical answers to life’s “most important questions.”

Anon can save the newbies and get the front doors reduced to a slow flow. As for the ones in there, do not give them much hope, they are pretty much done like a dinner.

Of all the people that were ever in Scientology, I only met but a handful that ever were capable of walking away from it and LRH.

Even Scientology’s biggest critics in Australia still sit there working out how they will go OT and working out how to find another path to eternal memory and life.

They are the saddest people.

These “ex’s” are so unreliable because at the end of the day, they are suffering from “battered wife’s syndrome” and still sit there today with their little Scientology books wondering about the true route to Operating Thetan.

They never left Scientology thinking. They just walked away from the abuse. They never understood what really happened or why they were duped.

The ones worth saving are the ones that are about to walk in the door and get the wrong answers to life’s questions.

If you want to know the biggest lie in Scientology, it is that when you first walk in there, and for years to come, grown adults look straight at you and tell you bullshit like “Yes, I can go exterior when I want to” and “OT VIII’s took out the Berlin wall and were secretly auditing there when it happened” and other crap like “In 1992 Hurricane Andrew didn’t hit the Fort Harrison hotel because we ‘willed it not to’.”

Grown adults lying straight at you telling you about all these abilities they do not even have. Children believe adults – and they fucking betray us with their weak minds and shitty dreams rather than reality.

Mike Rinder is getting money together to fight Scientology. He isn’t saving up money to get his kids through proper education when they finally get out of the SO.

Mike and Marty aren’t paying doctors to review people who have left the SO and Scientology to find out what damage the Purif or bad nutrition has done to them – they are saving up for an E-Meter.

Independents are getting their kids to Clear and OT. Screw meeting people in other countries, expanding their minds or getting a degree.

Their thinking is completely warped and they have the wrong priorities. You see, if they knew the truth about LRH at the start they (I hope) would never have gone into Scentology or the Sea Org – I know I wouldn’t and this is why millions will not now – they know the truth. Marty and his clan are in love with an image created about LRH that is fiction – it was a total lie, but now they defend the existence of a man who never actually existed.

The reality is that for 25 years these independents have been in Scn and stated for years they had marvelous wins – were they lying? Yes, they were, to themselves the whole time and they are about to do it all over again.

If these independents were for real then they would provide LRH tech for FREE to the world. Rather than posting all the books online for others to see, they post statements about DM. Rather than help homeless or better social issues, they help themselves. They handle their friends’ problems but will not handle their own children’s problems.


Whether or not they are in the C of S they will contribute to it by pushing LRH tech, they will buy books, they will buy e-meters. Either way, the C of S still makes a buck out of them.

Soon you will see front groups, corporations, trusts, property, tax incentives, it will all start to have a familiar smell to it. The same smell LRH gave it. DM did the same. Marty is doing the same. Soon his followers will be told that all critics are liars. Marty will show proof of this to them. Soon comments that offend Scientology will be removed. [Ed. note: Already happening!] Soon his followers neck deep in will not be able to question.

No independent has seen any evidence of changed or altered tech – just the “word” of a few people. If they go back and get the original LRH they will find it is almost identical and will have the same result – Marty will start to tell them who is a squirrel, who is a knock off and that his is the one true tech.

Sound familiar? Independents are suckers because they like it that way.

Scientologists claim to have above normal intelligence – bullshit bullshit bullshit.

I will pay $500,000 to a group of Independents – that are highly publicly visible if that group of 50 persons will outperform 50 members of Anon in a proper IQ test.

In fact, I challenge Nancy Many, Marty and his wife, Jim, Mike and Mike’s wife to take an official IQ test and an SAT in the next month.

If they can beat 6 members of Anon that I will randomly chose, I will go to the Shrine Auditorium and streak in front of DM.

The bet is on.

Wait to you see how fucking stupid and retarded these tossers really are.

It is a serious bet. I got the balls, I doubt they do.

Their excuse? It is not about IQ, it is about “knowing”… — Aaron Saxton

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  1. Bravo Aaron! I just clicked over here from Marty’s blog. (I read it just to see for myself how step by step he is “recreating” Scientology and building up his own version of the cult.)
    I had just read Marty’s defence of LRH and how it really is DM and not ole Ron who is responsible for fair game, disconnection and abuse. It literally was stomach turning to see the mental hoops and lies Marty is selling. I could not bear to read the comments. I am sure all the Martybots are madly praising him. Thank you Aaron for such a timely, brisk, to-the-point blog article. You truly pointed what is happening in the Independents and Free Zoners. These are people who really are not getting that the WHOLE thing is a sham and a brain-washing cult. So many still seem to dream about the “super powers” just waiting for them. So many seem not able to take responsibility for their own lives.
    And speaking for myself, it’s really good to hear from you again.

  2. Michael Varnsbury

    That’s quite a brilliant summation of the Indie-scienos. Thanks for writing, Aaron.

  3. I have been criticized by Scientology haters for not laying blame for the abuses and demise of the church of Scientology on L Ron Hubbard. Some have pointed to my refusal to credit the Fair Game Policy (SPs may be tricked, cheated, lied to, sued or destroyed without any recourse to Scientology justice) as being the chief motivating policy behind the evil and criminal deeds Miscavige’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA) and RTC routinely commit against those who refuse to comply with the dictator’s reign. My response was, and is, that 99% of staff, including the Sea Org, have not even heard of the Fair Game policy, so of course they do not apply it.


    The above is a quote from recent article on MR blog. Reading it, one is almost convinced it sounds authentic, except it is not.

    LRH created Fair Game Policy. Why did he create it in the first place? The fact it was cancelled later is a lie, and also this fact does not mitigate the fact that he legally canceled it due to PUBLIC outcry.

    The fact is he reinstated Fair Game and made provisions that the policy only applied to SPs. He then augmented SPs to include anyone who opposed Scientology in any way, shape or form, which included misapplying the tech, violating church policy or opposing the complete inplementation of Scientolgoy and included even other practises that were not Scientology.

    So you see, fair game was not canceled. Fair Game is known to any SO member in a position of responsibility because it is part of your hat packs for good reason – it is to be applied. It can and is applied per LRH policy to WOGS, and in orer to do so they must fit the definition of SP which as I stated was augmented to include anyone you wished – unless they WERE COMPLETELY on board with Scn.

    Nice try Marty. But it is BS.

    And as for the part about responsibility of leaders, yeah, I have starrated that as wel – what is your point?

    Was DM in the HGB when Foster Thompkins ruthlessley beat up Leah Hines? No. Was DM in CW when Pillar Jason locked up an FLB staff member and abused her? No. Was DM there when a CMOI Missionaire beat on one of my staff? No. Was DM there when I asked a missionaire to physically hit someone? No, he was not. Was DM there when we did man things? No, he was not, and neither were his orders.

    The reality remains Marty that abuse has been part of Scientology going back to it’s beginnings, from LRH labeling physicians, the AMA, the government (for gods sake) the Psychiatric association and other groups or persons (even people he did business with) as SP.

    Marty, stop trying to pawn off your twisted version of events. Facts are facts and all you are doing is providing NO EVIDENCE and OPINION, whereas my statements above are based by affidavits, court evidence and REAL investigation and testimony form those who were there. Marty, you were not there with LRH. I know LRHs auditor Otto Roos and others who were there and their facts are not in dispute.

    Yours are, and are so because you are trying to sell an image that does not match the facts.

    DM has every right to run the C of S how he sees fit. While you attack him for its current demise, you fail to credit him wih the massive expansion in the early 90’s or the numerous victories. Perhaps you just can’t accept that Society does not see a place for your extremist points of view and totalaterian view that all must be saved by your pathetic technology.

    You Marty, and your kind which includes LRH and DM are not considered part of a humane society. You will be fought all the way because facts are truth – not some story you fabricate to placate disappointed Scientologists who have not managed to make a cup of coffee make itself while lying in their beds.

    No one is buying it Marty except those that want to buy it so they can convince themselves it works and that “everything” will be OK.

    What next Marty? If DM goes andYaeger or Starkey or Ingber take sover will we here their horror stories?

    The fact is mate, if yu had taken it over while in there, these same people that are on your side now would be wanting your hanging. Why? Because you would have doen the same bullshit:

    a. Get rid of thsoe that criticise
    b. Attack those that disagree with YOUR VIEW of what is standard tech
    c. Demand dedication to YOUR tech and finally –
    d. Agree that LRH was a brilliant man, cover up the fucking lies, and create a bullshit image of him.
    e. Discredit any FACTS by giving opinion.

    This is what C of S has done – and if you had taken over, it is what you would have done, and are now trying to do from the outside. Perhaps you understand DM very well because you’re cut form the same block.

    The emperor has no clothes.

  4. I saw Marty’s most recent post just as I was putting this one up. Classic example of deflection; DM would be proud. I’ll be writing more about this one soon.


  5. An interesting comment by Jesse Prince, which he posted on Marty’s blog:

    Jesse Prince | November 2, 2010 at 5:31 am | Reply
    I’m glad you brought up this subject of how the crimminality and destructive behavior escalated to what it is today in Scientology. I will start by saying I am not an L Ron Hubbard hater. I am also not an L Ron Hubbard adorer either. I just want to bring up personal knowledge that I have concerning Miss Cabbag’s odd behavior of abusing staff. The behavior of attacking staff DID NOT start with Miss Cabbage or Marty R or anyone else. Here is how it started from my eye wittness account. The year was 1982. The majority of International management (Exec Strata and CMO INT) had been removed from post. Out of that group of people there were two of them that really irritated L Ron personally. The two people I am refering to here is John Attack and David Mayo. For those who were around in 1983, there was RTC Conditions Order #1, a Com Ev on about 12-18 people. The exact number that comes to mind was about 18, but on this I could be mistaken but it was an unsual amount of people on the bill of particulars. I was either a member or secretary of that comm ev that went on for months. During this time RTC as well as ASI and CMOI would send up weekly reports to L Ron on the state of affairs with Int Mgmt ..etc. A report was sent to him each week concerning the comm ev and L Ron would often order this or that investigation of the people being comm ev’d. John Attack was the Exec Strata person over Div 6 activities and L Ron pretty much hated John and I understand hate is a strong word but so were the circumstances. To make a long story short, I read an advice from L Ron to Miss Cabbage ordering him to spit in John’s face and tell him that was from L. Ron. Miss Cabbage complyed with his order and reported the result. I saw the advice that came back to the compliance report of spitting in John’s face and L Ron was very pleased to here the news and escalated the situation by suggesting someone should slap the hell out of John Attack. Sure enough, as John was held by others, John was beaten by Miss Cabbage. Similar degrading actions were taken with David Mayo and this soon spread to others deemed to be SP’s. Prior to this it was unheard of at least by me for any staff member to attack another staff member. In fact it was a serious ethics offence to attack a fellow staff member. I knew Miss Cabbage before he was asked by L Ron to attack staff. He NEVER put a hand on any staff member period and I knew him for years prior to his orders to attack staff members. His wife Shelly would also encourage other executives to abuse staff in this manner and if they didn’t they were accused of having their finger falter on the trigger of a gun. In other words, pull the trigger. God only knows what the hell she was talking about but there you have it. It is so important to have the truth known so that people are not confused.

  6. Oh and here is Marty’s response. Blaming it on the psychs and the FBI, lol

    “martyrathbun09 | November 2, 2010 at 11:42 am | Reply
    Jesse, Thanks. First, I am sure you are talking about John Aczel and not John Atack. LRH didn’t know John Atack from a ground hog. Part of the picture you are missing is what was being sent directly to LRH from DM out of the then-LA unit Special Project (later to become ASI). That is where the reports concerning “All Clear” were sent – not via the Int base. That is where the grand conspiracy reports were sent from. Including the fact that Aczel and Mayo were clearly on the payroll of FBI and APA. “

  7. Hello Aaron, Great Post ! I was confounded by Marty’s blog this morn – and your words reflect what I felt . . . Thank you, and Bravo :-).

  8. Good to see you back and swinging (and connecting) again, Aaron.

    I have a slightly different take on the M & M show to you but I’m certainly in agreement with what you say about the non-recovery of intelligence due to false beliefs and self-delusion.

    The only thing I take exception to is this:

    “Even Scientology’s biggest critics in Australia still sit there working out how they will go OT and working out how to find another path to eternal memory and life.”

    From where I sit, the majority of us here DON’T. Nor will we ever. Period.

    Just because I and others don’t run a full-frontal attack on every aspect of the toxic cult, that doesn’t mean we agree with it in any way. I personally find the whole package a vicious trap.

    But it took me at least a year “out” before I could begin to see that.

    For some (as you detail above), they will probably go their graves never really looking at the trap, nor its components.

    So I tend to be gentle with them. As you said, if they had to look at how wrong they’ve been, it’d kill them.

    And so the need for “baby-steps” when handling them.

    Because, for me at least, they are still human beings and deserve some attempt at rescue. Because we were where they’re at once too, remember?

    Keep up the fight, mate. I’ve missed your imput. 🙂

  9. Yes, the FBI wants Scientolgoy. Do does the CIA and the KGB… of course, rather than all the spook stories Marty shells out, it is most obvious it is easier to go to the copyright office and get ALL the Scientology materials including OT.

    But then again, the FBI were after Ron – but not to get his tech – to prosecute him and his followers at the time who had laundered money, set up false trusts and defrauded hundreds of people and to investigate the missing persons and the reported abductions.

    How Marty loves to spill a great tale… next thing you know, the local police department will be agents of the AMA and working in secrecy for project Ultra.

    These guys are by definition type three – the ultimate goal of Scientology, when you know that the world is a prison planet; the marcabians are out there; you have thousands of people atached to you; anyone outside of the Church practising tech is evil; the government secretly wants to destroy Scn; and the FBI and the Psychs are in control. LOL

    Guys, they are already type three – the EP of Scientology.

  10. Another comment I want to add that Marty would not accept is this, and I doubt he will read it, but some of his delicious followers will not doubt:

    What Marty thinks is that he is different.He doesn’t get that there are many ex’s out there who were as dedicated, if not more to Scientology than he was. I think I was more dedicated than Marty at my peak. I may not have risen to where he was, but I also had no intention to, I was HCO through and through and I liked it in CMO IXU.

    Marty, I am the same as you. Many of us are or were. It takes guts to know that you were re-wired for destruction. Just because you know it, does not mean that it is fixed, it takes time – sometimes a lifetime.

    LRH alludes to this in his book Battlefield Earth. He speaks of the alien race who obtained pleasure from pain and acts of harm. He should know – he figured out how to do it to people without brain surgery. When Marty, you come to realize that it is possible to rewire a person to obtain pleasure from things others find abhorent, you will then truly confront the evil that is in you. It is not a BT attached to you, it is not another personality – it is you.

    The good news is that you can change it, but without recognizing it in the first place, there is not much hope. I have not eliminated all my traits from the S.O., but most of them – and the most dangerous ones, have been eliminated not through elimination, but through retraining.

    As an example to those reading, if it were true the psyches were wholetrack and here to dominate, then their murder is justified. Jews in the last several thousand years same story. Same with Muslims. Get informed on who your supposed enemy is. And who told you it was your enemy. Seen any FACTS?

    Marty, currently your wired to have satisfaction only through stats. You have been programmed to punish YOURSELF if you go downstat. You have also been programmed to look at stats in an altered fashion and also to assign stats to your dynamics in a most abnormal way. You have been programed for the short term gain so you never actually develop as a human being – or a man, and remain a child.

    You are now running on stats with regards to Scn again. Hours delivered. Number of people who leave and come to you. Number of people FNing…

    Ex-Scios who come out often start again in life are auto-programmed to treat life in a certain way and they never seem quite normal to their friends and sometimes feel alienated and out of place. The simplest answer is that there are SPs around or other people do not know the tech and thus are “uneducated”. Marty your running (like others) at a hundred miles per hour to ensure that your created world is not going to fall apart.

    The difference between pleasure and pain is not the action – it is whether or no the brain instructs you/I/others to have a certain chemical reaction after or whilst I am doing something. If sticking a knife into a woman gives me a high, one had better ask why (and then lock me up).

    This is a bit of education to the non-Scinetologists watching what is unfolding. You may think Marty is insane – he may be – but what you are really watching is a programmed brain obtain satisfaction the way it has been taught.

    Marty wants to lead, he wants to dominate and he wants to save you and the planet and he is programmed and EXPECTS to meet resistance which is automatically assigned as a threat in his brain and must be destroyed.

    As his own followers start to ask questions and seek real answers, they too, will be shot down in flames by Marty. It is only a matter of time.

    I would tell you Marty to wake up but that is quite impossible, because you see, you will control your environment that you made to provide the right stimulation and triggers that confirm your current state of mind.

    Bravery is not leaving the Sea Org or fighting it. Bravery is knowing what you are fighting and why, and perhaps a realization and acceptance that you too, were just like that, and were as impenetrable as the people in the C of S are right now.

    You want to be brave Marty? Be like some of the ex’s who I have met and actually went and stepped out into the real fucking world; learned something and went through the terrifying transformation. Some didn’t make it, killing themselves, becoming hermits or hiding in other schools of thought or the FZ movement.

    Your a fraud Marty because I think you know your telling little porky lies and are reaaaaally stretching it.

    I may hate a few SO personnel because they were cocksuckers – but I never blamed them, mgmt, CMO or DM for my lot in life – what a flake out that would be.

    There is a question on the Scn IQ Exam (which is well below real standards) and it reads something like this:

    “If a patient recovers from the application of Scientology, who is responsible?”

    A. the PC
    B. the Auditor
    C. LRH

    I marked it plenty of times. The answer according to them is “LRH. So Marty, when you look at your shattered life housed exclusively in Scn, when you look at DMs shattered life, LRHs shattered life, and almost every family that got too close to LRH, what is the source of that, Marty?

    Stop hating DM.

    He is a victim, just like you Marty, so get over it and forgive him. He has done nothing to you or me, or anyone else that I myself (or you) would not have done if I/we were still there.

    LRH however is another matter. While DM could have grown up to be anything, like Otto, Like Bill, like you, like Mike – LRH has assured us that thousands of us had no choice. Neither of us would EVER have started a shit thing like Scn. We, no matter our sins, are just not that evil,. For that, LRH gets my eternal condemnation. But I don’t hate him, I just recognize he is one of the lowest forms of life I ever encountered. He can take his Homo Novus and stick it up his Homo Anus. So can you Marty, take a reality enema. Stop playing the victim card- it’s pathetic and so low on the cause/effect scale you out to be ashamed of yourself.

    If you down DM, it will not satisfy you, Marty. It never could. At least DM understands this about you more so than you understand yourself.

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  12. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    These informations form Jessie are vital for me as I was searching for months and months if ever LRH order any violence (verbal or physical) to any person – adult or child – to be made by miscavige, I wanted an evidence! I got that form Jessie Prince and I consider – with my own intelligence and from his reputations – that this is a fact he witnesses from first hand and that I can rely!

    Jenny Miscavige ever reported in her interviews, talking about D.M. that he ever had been ”nice” person – giving gifts for her birthday …

    And then on I found all this stuff about the great children abuse on the Appolo and the founding of the RPF , wich was wlcoming children as young as 4-5 years old! This is a SHAME ….a shame that silent egocentrics scientologist are guilty if the choose hidding it to ensure they still have a bridge to go up…

    Here we can find a phto of what is a chain locker and imagin a child of 5 years old there for days and days! Woow ..ethics…. woow…people let the old man go mad and were scared! What a brave group we are – we will save this planet!


    And – the flag order can be read there – concerning children to be locked!

    How old was Miscavige at that time – did he still wear his pamper????

    The more I dig and find the truth (evidences – reliable witnesses) the more we understand tha the ex- high grade officers that are silent or get mad when we question about LRH – the more it prooves me the there something to hide and that we see that same valence of LRH and Miscavige running here!

    I am not an LRH hater nor a scientology hater – I am a person who decided to open my mind and eyes to the real truth wich is based on fact and intention! As ron said himself – intentions is cause and seen through the results !

    If scientology was about freedom, love, spirituality –
    Would we have murders – suicides – hidden suspect disceases – psychosis – black dianetics- lies- destroyed lives- destroyed families- so much divorces and abortions- children tortured by locking them in a chain locker – criminal conduct towar tax laws – etc etc etc

    I mean..if this is a religion..and I beleive it …and I want to follow it ..please wake me up …I do not have the courage to realized that I have just been stupid and decide to now make my way , with integrity and compassion towards human, as this is the only way to save this world – by first saving me from lies and suffering!

    Thank’s to all people that speaks freely and honnestly – despite , there is the same attitude of restraining rights and free speach with attacks on poeple who just talk about facts and let other people decide for themselve!
    I realize it is the samethign than inside the Church – there is a Church if independant that do not tolerate any question about LRH – or they p.t. leaders – nor they want to know any facts- they are interested of being free of Miscavige and get back this Church os $ – that’s fine!

    But we have the right to not want it anymore in our environment and we have the right to criticize and to watch closely any human right that would be denied – because- when doesn’t want to see the root of his insanity – he canot find the truth nor change nor make him better but just hide and commit biggier and bigger overts towards human!
    That is mainly what they are accusing miscavige to do..walking into the footprints, making it bigger footprints to walk into for the next one to make it bigge rand bigger and that will be accused od human abuse!

    Who wants to be the Nex Church of $ leader – the next criminal – rich but violent and hated toward the entired world
    with lot of power over thousands slave to degrade and thousands of ennemies left to destroy! ?????
    If you want it..you are insane man ..get helped and healed!

  13. I have to laugh, I visited ESMB and saw some sour grapes from some people over there commenting about my comments. Seeing as they have no balls to post it here. Ferrel assuming i was talking about him in my comments.

    Most of all from Kevin Mackey’s statements amused me. Yes I have actually done an official I.Q. test – have you , Kevin? Also, interesting on your comment about me finding money – seeing as we know you can’t, you gave it all away to Scientology – after all that is what your court case is really all about, isn’t it, Kevin?

    Let’s quote the great Kevin Mackey “Scientolgoy is the art of self-delusion.” followed by a statement later “Let’s let Scientolgoy go free and wild.” Sure you don’t belong on MR blog there mate?

    And then there is the fact you took your brain damaged child to Scientology to heal them…good one Kevin. Your a source I look up to…totally and sincerely…

  14. I think it is fucking apauling that a guy is sitting there struggling to get a farm in order while he can look back and say with stupid pride “I gave a million dollars to Scientology.” What about putting aside a FRACTION of that money to your kid? the one that needs on-going assistance probably for life from what I understand. I see this same stupid performance in so many Scientologists and ex-Scientologists is is just sickening. Fuck the kids – I’m going OT… fuck the spouse, I’m going with someone who is a Scientologist.

    I’ll get a lecture from a man when one steps up. And you, Kevin Mackey, are no man – you’re not even a good father in my opinion, but seeing as you don’t care for my opinion, brush it off, like your responsibilities and excuses for your failures.

  15. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    Out of the Church , free thinking and speaking is granted with human rights – but we can , as human beings – decide to not forget that we all wanted, one day , to become friend and help and be helped!
    So – speak our mind with dignity and respect – with awareness that roots of hate and anger can resist inside of us, long after our departure, because of indoctrinment – we should pay attention and never allow to make ourselves ennemies
    wich would let the Church of hate win over us!

    We should considered that we can refuse violence to be committed on somebody and expose it, but then, we should also be free to expose all of it or if this is censored and selectively accepted – or part of it ignored from
    the one who suffered tremendously- it would be dishonnest and deniyng to be acknowledge of having suffereing is hurtung twice fot the ones that are ignored and their suffering said to be lies or being natter or false accusations!

    I have am not one who suffers – but I acknowledge the one who suffered – ant that are made liars. InIf one refuse to acknoledge he could be silent but not degraded twice the person that has been hurt qithin the church – especially the one who have been abused – before Miscavige and with LRH consent or after with Miscavige consent! Shouldn’t perform this simple act of compassion – nothing will change and all this violence will remain as it is denied in part we choose not to examine!

    this is up to you – but if the bridge to freedom exist- you could not go up with hate and anger within your heart..do not event think of making a footstep into the path of freedom without courage to confront that something might have exist ! No matter what leader might say! Truth is within you over the barrier of non-confronting!

  16. Good Stuff.
    ….Refreshing to see some real thinking and intelligent discourse going on.

    thank you all.

  17. Is there a requirement to find a bridge?

    The people I have in my life now are happy people who seem to have enjoyed a good childhood and are happy with their lot in life. I just think before stepping into metaphysics, there is a lot of value in truly studying the path man has taken the last several hundred thousand years – it certainly gives ones an interesting and healthy perspective.

    In the hypothetical of the Scientology environment where one views the history of man as a downward spiral of degradation – well I just see that as an unhealthy mindset to any route to happiness.

    A proper introduction to man, his mind, and his ability to advance surely would start with an accurate depiction of where he has come from. I see this as very warped in Scientology and anything built with foundations that are misleading surely can’t build a proper path.

  18. It is good to hear your ‘voice’ again, Aaron. You always take it on, head on. LOL. I have missed that . . . . 🙂

  19. I have engaged in reading on other cults here in the USA – my partner is an avid reader and has a mighty collection (which in all likelihood I will never get through).

    It is interesting to see the vast differences in Scientology/Sea Org and other cults. When they describe the fundamental beliefs, of course, there is a difference so great that one sees a divide between them that would, out of intuitivness consider them very mutually exclusive.

    This holds true until you start to hear and read about the mechanisms of control and the results on the members – suddenly that part sounds familiar.
    Terribly familiar.

    To put it crudely, the body of information attached to the subject appears to me to be irrelevant when one considers the doctrines in place that guide behavior and how punishment, loyalty and reward is provided.

    I guess this is why a coalition between NOI and Scn is possible. The beliefs are far and wide apart – hell, LRH was the White Devil, however, for the puroses of guiding people to perform actions, the two bodies are perfect for each other.

    Strip away Scn down to it’s very very core doctrines (which would equate to only a few actual pages) and it comes across as a philosophy of similar overtones as voiced by other philosophies. “shall not kill” “the golden rule” “be good” etc. But once you add to it the controlling mechanics of how to bring about total control, it becomes quite a wicked thing.

    I, and other I am sure are awaiting to see what becomes of NOI and the Sea Org. I have thought about it in many many ways and I just can not see the combination resulting in anything but a total disaster for both groups concerned. I haven’t studied NOI to know really enough about it other than basic fundamental items, but part of me would like to see the two merge – it could do more damage than anyone on the outside could do. Which would be just lovely.

    The FLB just may become the Mecca after all. Yikes.

  20. Hey Aaron,

    Could you please just let us know that you are safe and well wherever you are…? Some of us good guise out here were worried about you.
    Just let us know you’re okay. You sound good. Sharp as a tack, as always.
    You should be a writer, because naturally you already are one.

    take care.

  21. …not sure where to put this comment, as it is in reference to an observation made regarding what may be perceived as a persistent search or yearning demonstrated by some ex scn on ESMB as far as still wanting to cultivate their OTVIII abilities.

    I sat and thought about that awhile, and maybe in their own evolution, they are still looking for Freedom. True Freedom. Of course, I don’t know what that means for anyone but myself… but that’s all. Freedom.
    a continual spiritual journey that does not have a beginning nor an end.

    it’s really nice to be out of the whole paradigm, myself.

  22. Hello Spacegrace.

    I am well and have a new life which is all going to plan, I have only good things and people around me – it is excellent. That search for OT… if it were possible would it not be great? But it begs the question what is wrong with your life at the moment that would make you think you could only be happy by obtaining the impossible. Nothing beats living well. If it is happiness people are after then they should seek happiness rather than seek a mechanism that will result in their happiness. Happiness can be overcomplicated sometimes – especially by those preying on those who are in need of honest help seeking snake oils.

    I am no writer, but thank you for the compliment. I am brash, argumentative, I never re-read anything I write, proof read it or review it again for smoothness. But that’s alright for blogging – I guess. I am a better protester – that is where I felt most comfortable – and when the Cult felt the most intimidated.

    I left a lot of mixed emotions about me with WWP, ESMB and people I met – and of course the Church (cult, I meant cult!). And by mixed emotions I mean I pissed them off. I enjoy reading Caliwog’s post – he has a sharp perspective on things, writes well and keeps his emotion generally out of the equation – some of the best writing I have seen on the subject.

    It would be good to see Scientology go truly into the rut here in the USA, but it is an entirely different ballgame than anywhere else, this is their stronghold, though diminishing, it is their last fort and powerful. The time to swipe at them here is approaching. I would credit WWP with bringing them slowly down to their knees here – the cult is almost there, a year or so to go before an external force will create more pressure than they can exert to repel it.

  23. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    I would say the same!

    I got a couple of answers about 10 years after leaving scientology and let go outof my mind any teaching to weight it’s value to into the real life!
    (by the way , one of the mos valuable thing that I kept was the auditor code)

    I really emptied my mind of all these concepts to make myself start a new journey on my road to my freedom!

    I discover it has nothing related to concepts! Any ”truth about real freedom” that is written or explained is false! Any master that teatch is not a master because a real master has nothing to teatch! Because the real master knows that there is nothing to know so nothing to teach. This became a fundation for me! Never search for a master or truth to be teatch – geven, bought! Rely on you own deep knowingness and in case of doubt, look more deeply and make your mind quiet and mental calm!
    The day we encounter the lord of the death – we are alone
    and only our ability to master our mind, without letting the fear to come, will be of help!
    This I know from first hand!
    A peace warrior make it a journey through freedom because he succeded to win the real war – the war over his mental agitation! This is where insanity is.

    The day a person take a child that is abused – and despite his fear or being threatened by the group, take this child a secure place and take care – this day this person have made himself aa true spiritual being – being at no fear and totally responible! If he cannot even reach that level – I mean – he better ask for a diploma to be convinced he is a great magical spiritual being!
    Sorry! for me this is the realm of illusions and not a good place to be.

  24. ex-scn staff –

    Clearly you have solidly walked this solitary path, and for that you have my respect. I must quote you, now: “A peace warrior make it a journey through freedom because he succeded to win the real war – the war over his mental agitation!”.
    YES. absolutely yes.

  25. Aaron,
    Thank you for your reply, and i am glad that you are well.

    I am all for happiness and dreaming even seemingly impossible dreams.
    I just don’t like anybody telling me what it is I should or should not think, and ultimately, perhaps that is the crux of why i went my own way….because i want freedom, and it is not freedom if someone is controlling what it is i think!!
    —and life goes on.

  26. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    because you want freedom…
    because you dreamed about freedom…
    because yo overcame your fears
    and start to walk your walk alone…

    on the road to happiness and dream…
    The way to hapiness ?????
    no more fear their fears

    We came back ….home! ;D

  27. lovely.

  28. Aaron,
    Hi. As you probably know, it is being stated on Marty’s blog that you recently ripped off some people by taking their money they donated to you for legal defense and blew it on gambling and travel and got your legal services donated. Is this true? And if not, why is it being said? I’m not asking for proof of anything, just what you have to say about it. I mean no disrespect and have no opinion or judgement in the matter.

    Also, I’m assuming you know that it’s been stated that Caliwog is an OSA operative. What do you have to say about that?

  29. William Johnson

    One thing I have to thank Marty for–I first read about your blog there! Otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it. Thanks Caliwog for the blog, and thanks Aaron for the concise description of what is going on so far. I will be spending a lot of time reading here now that I have found this place.


  30. ODTD – What a time to ask this question. I very rarely ever get asked a question (this is like the second or third its happened the entire time I have been on Caliwog), and I had sent an email to Caliwog and also to Marty just last night stating the bashing was over and I was off these forums as well. But then today Caliwog sent me this and asked if I would at least answer it.

    So here is your answer: (any further questions can always be emailed to me – I have said this before to aaronsaxton1@gmail.com)

    Is Caliwog an OSA Op? I don’t know. I have no idea who Caliwog is. I would find it incredible if they were, but how could I ever actually know? I don’t think so, but what I believe holds no relevance as whether it is a fact or not.

    I went to court the first time by myself before assistance was given by Shiela who started up a donation drive along with some others.

    My first appearance with a solicitor in court was donated. The second appearance was paid for. There was never a third appearance with a solicitor, I did not return to Australia to see out the second AVO – there was no point, there would have been half a dozen other AVOs waiting, and the cost to pursue Sue hunt for her false allegations was horrific, needless to say I would never outrun the money stream the Church threw at me and were willing to keep throwing. Some people posted the costs were minimal – the lawyers seemed to disagree with that statement, and the Cult loves to drive you to bankruptcy. I was also tired of the PIs in Sydney and also did not want to see a repeat dose of PIs at my mums house – or any other relative in New Zealand where again Mike Ferris was again making a case to have me in court for a ficticous charge – but costly never the less.

    The rest of the money I spent on travel to see media(in NY) and personal(West Virginia), education (cult books, books on the brain), fast cars (EH Holden), hookers (men and women & in-between), drinking (fosters, Jim Beam, CC, & Vodka), gambling (Craps, Blackjack, Poker), drugs (meth, ice, Cocaine, dope, gear & needles), Fetish (whips, black leather and graveyards) and giving money to other members of Anon(in Sydney) who were hard up.

    Seeing as how people only want to believe what I say when it suits them, and throw away the actual facts because they don’t like them, I will leave it up to you to make up your own opinion as that is what dominates the forums these days.

    I got a lot of people out of Scientology, prevented many from going through the doors, created a storm for Scn with some good quotes and information on their criminality which previously had not been voiced in so many media outlets – thank Xenophon for quoting my testimony on that. I would appreciate it if the videos I did would come down – I still get emails to this day from people who have just seen them and then go to Marty’s camp or ESMB or WWP, but they contain really personal information and despite my requests, people are not removing them all.

    Then again, I have been called an OSA Op as well. I guess a title of Hitler or devil still awaits me somewhere.

    I did a lot of good. I also fucked royally. I know I fucked many things – if someone wants to punish me for that, then I can’t stop them from trying.

    I am getting on with my life. If there is something anyone wants me to do, then they can email me as they always have been able to, no need to put it on a forum unless you feel the need. But now I have to keep my word – no more posts here.

  31. thanks to caliwog for providing a place to talk about this stuff.

    aaron, as you know, you can always change your mind and post here again should you choose to.

  32. Everyone,
    Please remember that ultimately, you want to Rise Above and not become that which you detest. Take what you know from being human and transform it into compassion and understanding. Cultivate peace of mind and give of it freely to others, as we are all interconnected in this big human family of which we are all an inseparable part. Mostly, it is never too late to turn things around. May we all find a way to walk peacefully in the world and contribute something good and of value to ourselves and others.
    I wish you peace of mind, and while walking about imperfectly in an imperfect world, to strive to live your ideals in observance of the highest law of the land, that being Love.

  33. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    We appears as preachers in the desert!
    I see the same but it appears that they have too much testosterone and for some of them, they are unable to behave like normal human but just as an extend of CO$. Compassion and friendship has to wait for a drop of testosterone and de-brain washing! lol

    I Dream of the day WOGS will save people emprisonned and suffering suffering silently in fear and despear within the church and outside!
    Ex are occupied in a fight with lies and truth about Miscavige and ron and the tech -some are not really concerned about children abuse nor to get authorities to moove with truth and evidence!

    It is fact that LRH would personally assign people to the RPF, including children in front of the musters for all to see. That is fact.

    The RPF started because LRH would assign children and people to the Bilge Pumps to do demeaning work, often without food or water for long periods of time.

    I would add: It is fact that LRK orden children 3 to 5 years old to be locked in the chain locker for day – screaminf rof days and days…

    Yes it is – it has been witnessed – it has been reported an everybody have seen the policies written by Ron to established a rpf – and the locking of children ! It’s easy to find on the internet with some testimony of reliable people.

    But this not important – these things are censored – no right to expose it – it’s like when Uncle George where abusing you – when you where very young – Dad did not want to talk about that because he was working for uncle george !

    It entertained scientologists on the internet!

  34. ex-scn staff,

    Right On!
    (you really should give yourself a better name. lol, because clearly you are outside of the labels that some still have an obsessive hankering for, Desert Dude! and deserve it. LOL! you are much more than that. : )

  35. Sorry,
    I do not have these 2 things that they shouldld have – even though out of OSA – to call myself dude ;(
    But I agree to be the nun of the desert – I don’t have that much of an ego! lol

    Walk into the desert , when the last drop of water within you is gone – you’ll get the grace of flying into the infinite space – without any need of water 😀

  36. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    I’ll just answer this one part at a time.

    aaron saxton | November 2, 2010 at 9:02 pm |
    I have to laugh, I visited ESMB and saw some sour grapes from some people over there commenting about my comments. Seeing as they have no balls to post it here. Ferrel assuming i was talking about him in my comments.

    *I didn’t, I assumed you were having a dig at the leading critics as that’s what you actually said, I was defending them….shit for brains.*

    Most of all from Kevin Mackey’s statements amused me. Yes I have actually done an official I.Q. test – have you , Kevin?

    *Yes when I was at school, why do you ask?*

    Also, interesting on your comment about me finding money – seeing as we know you can’t, you gave it all away to Scientology – after all that is what your court case is really all about, isn’t it, Kevin?

    *We’re OK for money. We have a nice home on 5300 acres, it’s also a business, we run 300 odd dry cattle and up to 2000 merino sheep.

    More is also nice, I am investment oriented by nature. But the court case is about getting back the money that was fraudulently obtained by the CofS.*

    Let’s quote the great Kevin Mackey “Scientolgoy is the art of self-delusion.” followed by a statement later “Let’s let Scientolgoy go free and wild.” Sure you don’t belong on MR blog there mate?

    *No, but I can tolerate peoples differing views, I can also accommodate them, you should try it one day.*

    And then there is the fact you took your brain damaged child to Scientology to heal them…good one Kevin. Your a source I look up to…totally and sincerely…

    *No, I did audit Courtney though. We also dropped everything and engaged in a full time therapy for 5 years with the Domans. We also have done Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilition, Chiropractic, the Defeat Autism Now (DAN) program, physiotherapy, acupuncture, NAET (Nambutan Allergy Elimination therapy and now we are about to get corrective surgery for her.

    I’ve taken the time to attempt to educate you, probably wasted but the story you are representing isn’t any relative to the truth.*

    aaron saxton | November 2, 2010 at 9:09 pm |
    I think it is fucking apauling that a guy is sitting there struggling to get a farm in order while he can look back and say with stupid pride “I gave a million dollars to Scientology.” What about putting aside a FRACTION of that money to your kid? the one that needs on-going assistance probably for life from what I understand.

    *I did say that you don’t let the facts get in the way of your theories, didn’t I?

    Did you ever read my story where I go into detail of what we did and do for her?

    Are you aware how bad you are making yourself look to anyone who actually knows?*

    I see this same stupid performance in so many Scientologists and ex-Scientologists is is just sickening. Fuck the kids – I’m going OT… fuck the spouse, I’m going with someone who is a Scientologist.

    *I’ve seen that too, but aren’t you generalizing a bit here?*

    I’ll get a lecture from a man when one steps up. And you, Kevin Mackey, are no man – you’re not even a good father in my opinion, but seeing as you don’t care for my opinion, brush it off, like your responsibilities and excuses for your failures.

    *I’m so hurt being told that from a man who does ….. what is it that you do for a living again Arron?

    I think you were boasting to me that you were in the livestock business too weren’t you?*

  37. exscn staff / Desert Nun

    🙂 I guess i was trying to say that i am impressed with your level of insight and depth. The “dude” part, lol, i guess when being silly as i was in that moment, it could be gender neutral. we both know that courage has little to do with anatomy! LOL
    call yourself whatever you like, or whatever makes you happy!

  38. Aaron Saxton follows a pattern. He starts out making sense, saying things that are true, then screws it up grandly. I won’t show anyone what Aaron wrote here because they’ll say, “Yep, that’s true, but this part is mean and borderline nuts.” Aaron, you nullify anything you do that is helpful with your (usually after a good start) pettiness. Get it together for your own sake.

  39. Hey Aaron, i just want to say that imho you are doing the right thing by chosing not to participate anymore in this whole Scientology drama and instead chose to move on with your life.
    I see a lot of exes who while out of the cult are still so heavily involved in the mindset, trying to make sense of the LRH crap or wasting their time raging and bitching about CoS and DM, that they never get on with their actual lives. It is a huge waste of time to concern oneself with Scientology. One could as well spend years observing a pile of shit, because one thinks that there are some raisins in the shit or because one wants to understand why the shit stinks so much.
    If you keep concerning yourself with Scientology for longer than necessary to recognize that it’s BS, then LRH has really achieved what he wanted. He has enslaved your mind and your life, even though you are not a member of CoS anymore.
    I know that it might take some years for exes to understand what actually happened to them and where they also need to exchange views with other exes, who are in the same mindset and speak the same Scientology language, speak out and protest a bit. But at one point this needs to come to an end and one must get on with life and best not waste anymore thoughts on Scientology at all.
    Scientology is in the grand scheme of things absolutely irrelevant and it will be dead and forgotten in at most 20 years anyway, simply because there is nothing of lasting value in any of LRH’s many words and once stripped of their artificial protection by the cult, LRH’s ideas will die a natural death.
    There is so much real beauty, so much real knowledge and wisdom and so much real joy in life. Scientology has nothing to do with it.
    I wish you good luck in your future life. Enjoy it!


  40. They’re both gone.

    > New comment on your post “Aaron Saxton on the Scientology mindset”

  41. Well said DD. Aaron has shown an extremely mean and downright evil streak in his posts about Kevin. These were way below the belt and I’m sure very hurtful to read. One expects this behavior from OSA and “still in” Scilons, certainly not from an ex. Please get some help Aaron.

  42. Anonymous, just FYI, DD asked that I remove his comments, so I did.


  43. Kevin Mackey’s comments are interesting to read above. I never actually read them until today – he doesn’t actually address anything I said. That is Ok, he does not have to.

    What I wrote actually makes a hell of a lot of sense.

    There of course was intent to piss off Kevin – I have my own reasons for this. There are literally thousands of ex’s in the ex community that I never pass comment on. But Kevin is a special case. In fact, the number I pass comment on would probably fit on two hands – because these are some of the biggest dickheads I have ever encountered.

    These guys practice a form of “revolt” against Scientology based on nothing more than dislike for what happened to them – and nothing to do with any blinding education or actual understanding of what happened in Scientology.

    It is also prudent to point out that what is posted by me is designed to create an effect – it is not always in agreement with me personally. There is nothing more amusing then a casual visit to ESMB to see how the whack-jobs are still doing Scientology without even knowing it.

    This is what comes from ignorance and a keen desire to intentionally refuse to educate themselves. The number of books recommended by members of ESMB to victims includes stupid books all about ex-SO in Scn. Not a single book is recommended on the brain, the body, the truth of human evolution, science, psychology or any other book that explains how and why this ever happened to them or others.

    A lake of ignorance.

    On the other hand I have offered to provide reference books written by very intelligent people that offer real answers and help – and people who have emailed me have been given them and after reading them rarely ever ask themselves later what happened to them or others in Scientology because now they know.

    I notice the likes of Kevin never do this.

    There is a reason – he is an idiot. And he likes to be surrounded by them, so do not expect him anytime soon to recommend anyone who is a victim of Scientology to go off and get an education, read the true history of man or any other reference to actually show the true facts behind LRHs basic books that started the whole cycle of filling their heads with trash.

    For every basic book I have read the corresponding bodies of knowledge that provide the correct information – and I still am continuously.

    I am sorry if my comments offend – it is just that when I am dealing with real dickheads that “are opionion leaders” of the movement against the Church, I am saddened by their ignorance and I like to stir their shit.

    On the other hand, in my personal life, I am surrounded by good friends, smart and intelligent and successful in every aspect of their lives. And I compliment them as well as they compliment me.

    When I want to become a moron again, and start talking in beliefs instead of facts, “truth from empty heads” instead of truth from a line of intelligent people going back centuries, I will return to ESMB to get another dose of absolute victim trash assistance.

    Anyone who is a victim of Scientology should stay away form ESMB, and anyone who is serious about fighting the Church should stay away form these nutjobs also.

    Remember, Kevin would not be able to tell a sole why Scientology is actually harmful – just opinions based on his own experience. He doesn’t realize that others have spent DECADES studying cults and other aspects of this and REAL research with precision measurements, proven techniques and have really researched.

    Kevin doesn’t like that cause to him, the answers all come to you when you sit there and introvert and audit out the lies.

    I can factually tell someone what happened to them in Scientology and get them up to a point that they would be well, have left Scientology completely and be enjoying a new life. I never do tell them though, I point to the books and references of professionals and excellent authors that are really going to help them.

    So when I am being aggressive and annoying some people, it is for a purpose more than it is about what I actually say. Does it work? For some, and not for others. Do I care if all the victims of Scientology get help? not particularly.

  44. Aaron, you should get help, you need it.

    I stand by my rebuttal of your comments and if anyone wants to accept your “last words” they should also read your earlier posts for a full picture of your “wisdom”.

    Good luck in your future.

  45. Oh Kevin, I appreciate your comments.

    Get help? Help with what? Are you summing up my mindset or my actions? I doubt you are factually familiar with my actions, but you are with my mindset as I have displayed in the comments.

    You too, like the other Scios that get onto this blog will never address the points I raise about Scientology, LRHs absurd words and computated why it is that you, and others thought it was somehow reasonable and acceptable to audit out millions of thetans from your body.

    I doubt you to this day even know why you even did that.

    It is not about belief that you had thetans. You thought you FACTUALLY had thetans. How did that trick of absurdity come about?

    Scientology is the art of self delusion.

    So Kevin, what precisely did you self delude yourself into? And can you explain why and how you did this? I am interested.

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