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An open letter to Ray Randolph

Dear Ray,

First, let me say that it’s an honor to address a protester who has attracted the attention of David Miscavige and Bob Minton alike.

I wanted to respond to your post on Marty Rathbun’s blog. You brought up an interesting question: Can you – and, by extension, we as protesters – live with a “kinder, gentler” Scientology?

Everything I’ve read, seen and experienced has led me to believe that “safe” Scientology is about as realistic as a “safe” cigarette. If you delve into Scientology policy, you’ll see that most of the abuses – including those that Marty, Mike and the Independents speak out against – are hard-coded into the “tech” by L. Ron Hubbard.

Marty is motivated by his hatred of David Miscavige, a hatred that is probably well-deserved. But Marty believes in LRH’s tech, and his vision of a “reformed” Scientology is no different than the horrors that have existed since LRH first created his money-making fiefdom.

Want proof? Start with this post, in which Marty says that Lisa McPherson died because DM misapplied LRH’s tech and “falsely declared her as clear,” which, according to Marty, led to her psychotic break. Nowhere does Marty say that Lisa should have been turned over to proper doctors rather than locked in a room with people refusing to talk to her. That’s what LRH said to do – and that’s what Marty believes. (LRH quotes and more info in this Caliwog post.)

In fact, from the parenthetical note he added to your post (“blogger note: contains reference to OT3 data”), it would appear that Marty forwards the Church line that telling the unprepared about OT3 can cause sickness or death. I have no doubt that Marty truly believes this, and he’s free to believe what he wants. But the fact is that Marty’s vision of “reform” also includes hiding Scientology’s space-opera tenets from an unsuspecting public.

When I first started reading Marty’s blog, I believed much as you do – here was a good guy who envisioned Scientology without the abuses. But then I started commenting, and when my comments were critical of LRH or Scientology practices, they were censored. When I replied to this blog post and accused Mike Rinder of acting as if proving DM wrong was more important than reuniting with his family – you’ll see my follow-up comments, but not this original, as it was censored – I was told that I was “doing David Miscavige’s bidding“.

I knew enough about the tech to know that most of the abuses that the Independents blamed on Miscavige in fact had their origins in LRH policy – but any time I (and others) tried to point this out in a comment, that comment never made it to the site. (Sure, Marty has a right to censor as he pleases, but it’s important to remember that what you see on Marty’s site is not the whole truth. You said that you have no reason to believe that Marty isn’t honest. Those reasons exist, but Marty has ensured you won’t see them on his site.)

I quickly came to the realization that Marty was not the good guy I was hoping he would be, and that he had no interest in reforming the more dangerous and deceptive aspects of Scientology.

All he wants is to get back at David Miscavige.

The bottom line is that Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder believe 100% in the “technology” of Scientology, as written by LRH. DM is the new boss, and Marty and Mike are actively trying to cover up the fact that he’s the same as the old boss.

If David Miscavige were to quit and Marty were to take his place, Scientology would be no less dangerous. Oh, sure, there would be changes; a few people out of the RPF, and maybe he’d open the gates at Gold. But it wouldn’t be long before people started talking about the abuses, just as Paulette Cooper did years before David Miscavige’s rise to power. And if the Lisa McPherson situation were to re-occur under Marty’s management, the same thing would happen and she’d be just as dead.

You asked the question, “Is this a brand of Scientology I can co-exist with?”

In order to answer that question, you need to delve deeper into the tech that Marty believes in. Don’t take Marty’s word for it; don’t take my word for it. Read LRH’s tech for yourself – particularly the issues written before David Miscavige took power, the ones that Indies say DM altered. You will find as I did that for virtually every abuse that Marty blames on David Miscavige, there is LRH policy justifying DM’s actions.

In other words, I’m afraid you’ll find that the answer to your question is “no”.

Thanks for reading and for doing what you do.

Respectfully yours (and ML),

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