Emergency Marty (or, Casablanca Stat Analysis)

It seems ironic that Marty Rathbun, who has railed against the Church of Scientology for its “Ideal Org” program (in which big money is being spent on fancy buildings), should be advertising that he himself is moving from his “shack” to a bigger, nicer house. Is “Casablanca Tejas” Marty’s own Ideal Org?

Regardless, I want to draw attention to something Marty said in his blog entry about the new house: He is moving “in order to be better prepared to deliver.”

Those well versed in Scientology will know what that means, but for those who don’t, “prepare to deliver” is step four of L. Ron Hubbard’s Emergency formula – a set of steps that must be performed under certain circumstances. And it means things are most likely not going well.

Condition formulas are an important part of Scientology; like all his other “tech,” LRH warned that they must be followed to the letter in order to get results. There are only two reasons a Scientologist does the Emergency formula: One, his statistics are in Emergency (long-term flat or a gentle downtrend), or two, he is working up from a lower condition (i.e. Danger or Non-Existence).

Marty has been auditing for a while, so we can safely assume that he is not working his way up from Non-Existence for an activity he just started. So if he is working up from a lower condition, it’s either because his statistics have not been good – people aren’t coming to him for auditing – or he performed some act so heinous that he saw fit to assign himself a lower condition.

Either way, it’s an indication that things are not going well. I think it’s wrong to be happy about other people’s troubles, but if Marty is having trouble finding customers for his Scientology auditing, that’s a good thing. It indicates that fewer people are trading the Church’s brand of LRH slavery for Marty’s brand of LRH slavery.

Another indicator, by the way, is that Marty has opened a second blog, one in which he says he will no longer allow dissent (I love how he pretends he does not censor dissent his original blog!). That could be his way of doing Step 2 of the Emergency Fomula, “Change your operating basis.” Or the new blog entry could be Step 1, “Promote” – a new way of advertising his services.

If Marty’s stats were good, he wouldn’t be moving from The Shack. Step 1 of the Normal formula (statistics in a steady uptrend) says “Don’t change anything.” And the Affluence formula (sharp increase in statistics) instructs says “Don’t buy anything that has any future commitment to it.” (Like signing a lease or a mortgage.) (Sticklers for detail will note that Affluence also says “Invest…in service facilities; make it more possible to deliver.” Note the difference in words, “possible to deliver” vs. “prepare to deliver”. Scientologists don’t miss details like that; Marty is not in Affluence.)

If Marty moves to yet another house in the next few weeks, we’ll know things are getting worse.

More about statistics and formulas: Statistics, Scientology-style


7 responses to “Emergency Marty (or, Casablanca Stat Analysis)

  1. Of course, there may be a factor of pc’s/pre-ots that are “more comfortable” with the lavish digs in the current cos – ones that really wouldn’t want auditing in a shack. I don’t think it would be out of hand for one or more of his potential clients “donating” to upgrade. Along this train of thought, I have wondered about taxes…

  2. Catfish, I’m sure the ideal org program has some appeals. That said, don’t underestimate how devoutly Scientologists follow LRH’s word. LRH has a course, “How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior.” It doesn’t work so much on the average person, but it sure as hell works on Scientologists. They are incredibly predictable, and if you’re familiar with the tech, you’ll often pick up bits of phrases that tell you exactly what policy they are applying. It’s a little amusing, a little scary.


  3. Yes, amusing in a not so funny way. Agreed, scary. Definitely telling.
    Incredibly predictable – because of KSW.

    I think you have done an excellent job picking up the phrases and linking them to the policy that’s being applied.

    Personally, I don’t find ideal orgs appealing. As staff, we just white-gloved whatever we had and made improvements with lots of good ‘ole human ingenuity. However, there are status oriented scientologists. And… I seem to dimly recall a policy about the public knowing us (cos) by our MEST. (I’ll try to find it later – when I am around the library.)

    I say ignore the new digs and look for the red-flags in Martyland. But a true “KSW” scientologist won’t do that easily, if at all.

  4. Catfish, I’d love to know what that reference is. I’ll search for it too. Thanks.

    For those who don’t speak Scientologese, MEST is Matter, Energy, Space and Time… basically, stuff in the physical universe.


  5. While looking for the policy, I find this interesting definition in the Administrative Dictionary “MEST, mathematical symbol for matter, energy, space and time. Loosely, property and possessions. (HTLTAE, p. 121)” [How to Live Though an Executive]
    Gotta love the word “mathematical” there.

    The exact phrase “THE PUBLIC KNOWS US BY OUR MEST” is in HCO PL 22 Oct 62 Theory of Scientology Organizations.

    There is also HCOPL 24 Aug 65 II CLEANLINESS OF QUARTERS AND STAFF IMPROVE OUR IMAGE which includes “A clean set of quarters and a neat, professional looking staff can increase your
    income by about 500%. IMPROVE OUR IMAGE.”

    Here’s a tidbit from An Essay on Management “A true group will conquer the most MEST. Not even given proportionate resources with another group, it will conquer other groups which are not quite true groups. Brilliance and skill tend naturally to rally to the standards of a true group as well as resources. As a sort of inevitable consequence, MEST will move under a true group. The amount of MEST a true group will eventually conquer-but not necessarily OWN-is directly in proportion to the amount of Theta that group displays-Theta being many things including solutions along the dynamics toward survival.”

    Years of hindsight, sans blinders while reading this stuff makes for quite a different view!

  6. Marty needed water access, to “deliver.” Gotta keep the pods moist?

  7. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    From what I read and see from Rathbun ,

    I would think he is walking in the footsteps of Ron as some others.

    He probably considers he is right and doing exactely what should be done as a scientologis and auditor to ”save and clear ” the planet form it’s insanity……

    I think it is a contagious aberration of nevrosis , wich is a complex of messiah – that came from Ron ” me an aberated suffering person I will healed all the humans and save the planet from it’s insanity , I have foud the orignin of ”other” insanity – (not mine) and I am able to cure it in exchange of alot of money!

    I know because it took me years to cure with meditation and recognised that I already had a pretty huge job to save myself – 😀

    Prepare to deliver !

    A true free individual – or a true devoted to freedom group will never look to conquer MEST not to build an asset or properties or mest! Not saying that they won’t be located in proper and nice environment , but they won’t seek to get more MEST.

    Why? It is simple!
    When one is engaged in a path of freeing himself truly , he finds soon that his attachment to anything – opinion, someone, mest, security, money beleif etc ..etc..is causing most of his suffering because of the fight to not loose it, mich is in fact impossible!
    To that regard, Ron was not a master, but himself slave of mest and money.
    Questons of money – power – admiration – attachment ot his taughts and opinion all contributed ot his downward fall – he lost his true quest for freedom that he maight have a one point for a quest for mest – wich gave us the CO$ and his choosen successor DM to persue this way.

    Have a good day!

    I have a question:

    Can somebody tell me about David miscavige real power over CO$ and it’s management in 1984! This is important to me as I witnessed things at that time that independants are making him responsible! Was Ron still making orgs to be run his way? How was Miscavige at that time ? Powerfull over all the int executives or only a ASI and CMO or none of it ????
    Thank you!

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