A Scientologist is a Scientologist is a Scientologist

Lest you think I only pick on Marty Rathbun and the Independents, I’d like to remind you that Church-going Scientologists are just as deep in the crazy.

I know I spend a lot of time harping on Marty and his beliefs, but let’s not forget that the majority of what he thinks is shared by Church members in good standing. A recent post on an anti-Marty, pro-Church blog gives some idea of just how much crazy we’re dealing with. The blog post is called Desperate Marty, and here are the basic points it makes:

  • Marty believes there are profits to be made from bad-mouthing the Church to the media.
  • Marty’s stories about Church abuses are bullshit, but the Indies believe them because they have their own “overts and withholds” (sins).
  • Media outlets are paying Marty, but not enough.
  • Drug companies are not paying Marty, but they would.
  • Marty is using hypnotism on his followers.*
  • Marty tried to destroy the Church from within, and is now trying to destroy it from without.

* Hypnotism by blog? Shit, where can I learn to do that?!

Now, you’ll notice how a few of these accusations are remarkably similar to those that Marty makes against the Church. Why is this? Well, first, Scientologists tend to argue like four-year-olds. (“You’re smelly!” “No, you’re smelly!”) And second, they are both singing off the same sheet of music. They genuinely see each other as committing the same crimes, because they have the same sense of right and wrong – the one invented and instilled by L. Ron Hubbard.

Most of the accusations are too ridiculous to comment on – and for the record, Indies, I don’t think any of them are true – but I will address one: The idea that Marty is in it for the money. Marty has his obvious revenge-against-Miscavige thing, but at the end of the day, he’s in it for the same reason that all* Scientologists are in it: He believes that LRH’s tech is the only salvation for mankind.

* “All” includes David Miscavige, but excludes L. Ron Hubbard. LRH was in it for the money, the glory and the power.

For us protesters, the blog post in question reminds us that Marty and his Independents are not as different from David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology as they would like everyone (including themselves) to think. Both the Independents and the Church-goers believe in the same tenets, and the methods employed by Marty and Mike Rinder are not much different than those employed by the Church. (Let’s not forget, it wasn’t too long ago that Marty and Mike were employing these same methods on behalf of the Church rather than against it.)

Bottom line: A Scientologist is a Scientologist is a Scientologist. Independents will argue until they are blue in the face about how they are completely different from Church-goers – but the truth is that aside from the color of the (virtual) jerseys they wear, they are pretty much all the same.


8 responses to “A Scientologist is a Scientologist is a Scientologist

  1. * “All” includes David Miscavige, but excludes L. Ron Hubbard. LRH was in it for the money, the glory and the power.

    Hmmm, not sure I agree there. Does Miscavige really believe that LRH’s tech is the only salvation for mankind? He says he does, but does he really? When was the last time he was audited? When has he ever tried to speak to his BTs? I think to be precise David Miscavige thinks David Miscavige is the only hope for Scientology. As for the world, it can go screw itself.

    As for Hubbard, well he definitely wanted money, glory and power. Thing is, I think he also was so delusional that he actually believed his own bullshit. If you read “A piece of blue sky” or “Bare-faced Messiah” you will read stories of Hubbard using auditing to try and heal his various maladies. He also went (even more) nuts trying to rid himself of BTs.

  2. the independants are exactly like Scios in the church.

    The only ones who think they are not – are themselves.

    To them, the action justifies the intent, so when they act the same way for a different cause, to them it is OK.

    Anons and others see that they are all just as whacked as one another.

  3. im very interested to read what u have to say on the doc, and here is another short program my countrys cbc did as well (weird its airing around the same time)


  4. Ohbuddy: I probably won’t get to watch the Panorama doc in full until later today, but don’t worry, I will definitely comment. I’ve seen the first part, and John Sweeney is still my hero!


  5. Sid:

    It’s been a while since I came to the (unpopular) belief that DM is a True Believer. For me, the most telling evidence is that he hasn’t released OT9 or OT10. Releasing a new OT level brings in tons of $, and if DM were just in it for the cash, that’s what he’d do. (Besides, it’s a Church policy to repeat successful actions, and I’m sure new OT levels are considered successful actions.) But he doesn’t – I think based on what he’s done, he’s sticking to LRH’s orders to not release them until the Church reaches a certain size.

    Good article from Aaron Saxton on what LRH might have done to make DM believe:

    As for LRH – another unpopular view. I think he lived in the universe he created; after all, he was God and King, and how cool is that? But I think that up until the end, or at least near the end, he talked a good game but knew it was all a scam.

    But… that’s just one protester’s opinion! (Well, two opinions.)


  6. I see your point, but I see a little bit of difference between the two groups. One group puts up with the abuse, one is pissed off by it and “not gonna take it anymore!” by golly. First step to resolving a problem is recognizing you have one. The problem with problems is that some are easier to spot than others.

    Abuse=problem Belief=don’t care. Please allow me to be blunt, but I’m not a book burner and I’ve had days where people have tried to convince me my faith was unwarranted. I do take serious issue with the auditing process of someone knowing innermost thoughts and/or having them written down. That’s a huge power of persuasion, and it’s not like just because DM is gone that problem is going to evaporate. Persuasion is like dangling a carrot in front of a bunny; of course they are going to like it and want more.

  7. Jessica, the way I see it, both groups put up with the abuse. DM hitting his staff is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more abuse that goes on in the Church, and virtually all of it is codified in LRH’s tech. Most Independents left the Church because they felt LRH’s tech wasn’t being properly applied – which means they believe in all of it, as written, abuse and all.

    I agree with you that people are free to believe what they want to believe, but Scientology isn’t about faith; it’s a money-making scam dreamed up by one very smart and evil man.

    Suggest you check this out:

    I used to think much like you do, but the more I learned about Scientology, the more I realized what terrible things it does to its members, and without them even knowing it. That’s what got me on to this bandwagon.


  8. Marty likes having it both ways. He criticizes DM for turning Scientology into an abusive system, and also claims one of DM’s most egregious faults is not spreading it enough, as if it would be so much better if he spread his Reverse Dianetics more.

    For Marty, it’s better to have spent decades after dropping out of college, chasing people around, slapping them up in the name of “ethics,” than to never to have any Scientology at all. Without Scientology, Marty would probably have a smoking and drinking problem.

    Whoops. He seems to have one anyway. It’s hard to figure out what Marty thinks Scientology has done for him, except now it has given him a career as proprietor of a half-way house for exes. As frustrating as his big blind spot about LRH is, and all the people who had to suffer or escape during the LRH years, and the fact that DM does MOST of what he does because of what he learned from LRH, well I think Marty helps the cult and belief system collapse too.

    Give Xenu away for free I say. (He can pretend that DM made up the stuff about dying from pneumonia.)

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