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Marty’s hangar hang-up

Marty’s latest blog entry contains pictures of Tom Cruise’s airplane hangar, allegedly decorated by Scientology “slave labor.” (A term I’m not quite comfortable with; unlike slaves, Scientologist laborers are generally volunteers.)

You’ve probably noticed that Marty is a bit obsessed with the fruits of Sea Org labor. Earlier posts have been dedicated to Tom Cruise’s office and Tom Cruise’s motorcycles, all allegedly built by the Sea Org. (“This week on Scientology Chopper…”)

My response: Who the fuck cares?

Don’t get me wrong – using Scientology laborers to build stuff for Tom Cruise is not cool. But if you’re going to protest the crimes of the Church of Scientology, there are much more important things you could concentrate on.

Like Scientology’s view towards medical care, which essentially is “You don’t need any.” There are several well-known stories of people who have died because L. Ron Hubbard told his followers that Scientology can cure ills – and I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, more that we don’t know about, because the victims and their families were dedicated Scientologists and didn’t complain. Oh, sure, many of Hubbard’s books carry disclaimers so as to avoid trouble from the Food and Drug Administration, but do you think Scientologists pay attention to a few words of legalese mandated by a suppressive government? To them, the meat in the sandwich is what LRH wrote:

“The skills offered in this handbook will produce…the Dianetic Relase, an individual who has been freed from his major anxieties or illnesses.” — LRH, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

“When [engrams (bad memories) in the tooth pulp] are relieved, a ‘toothache’ in that tooth becomes almost impossible no matter how many ‘nerves’ are exposed, a matter which brings about quite a revolution in dentistry.” — LRH, History of Man

“With someone in a psychotic break, it is necessary to isolate the person…Between [auditing] sessions the muzzled rule is in force. No one speaks to the person or in his hearing.” — LRH, HCOB 23 Jan 1975 RB, THE INTROSPECTION RD (this is the one that killed Lisa McPherson)

I mean, really, with Scientology leading so many people down such a dangerous road, is an airplane hangar really that big a deal?

Besides, it’s not as if the whole slave-labor thing was David Miscavige’s idea. In an article entitled What Your Fees Buy – changed after Hubbard’s death to “What Your Donations Buy” – Hubbard seemed to take pride in how little staff were paid:

“A Sea Org member draws about four pounds a week and his room and board… So not much of your fee goes to them even though they bear the full burden of management of pure services. Org staff members over the world work for so little that Execs occasionally get letters from their landladies demanding orgs increase their pay level so staff members can pay their rent.” — LRH, What Your Fees Buy

In other words, by paying staff such criminally low wages, David Miscavige is simply doing LRH’s bidding. Of course, DM could pay them more, but he doesn’t. Marty seems to think this is a huge crime, and yet I can’t recall him ever saying he tried to increase staff pay during all his years in Scientology upper management. (Maybe he was too busy helping DM with the effort to strong-arm the IRS into giving Scientology tax-exempt status.)

Now, knowing that Tom Cruise is a good Scientologist, I’d be surprised if he allowed the Church to build the hangar for free. Scientologists believe strongly in what they call exchange* – trading valuables for goods or services. Not meeting this condition – being “out-exchange” – is bad.

“When you let a person give nothing for something,” Hubbard wrote, “you are factually encouraging crime.” (LRH, Admin Dictionary) I’m sure the hangar, if it was built by Scientologists, was seen as exchange for all money Cruise donates to the Church.

But even if Scientologists did build Tom Cruise’s hanger for nothing – so what? Scientology commits far worse crimes, but you won’t hear about a lot of those from Marty, because a) he has a personal obsession with ruining David Miscavige, and b) he believes in LRH’s “technology,” which is the source of most of Scientology’s evils.

Of course, Marty won’t tell you that – so it’s up to us.

Read the stories of ex-Scientologists, and you’ll find that many, if not most, of them left because things just didn’t add up. “The tech” didn’t work as Ron promised, and most realized that was because the tech is bullshit.

Unfortunately, many others believe the story that Marty is selling, which is that DM messed up the tech in an effort to kill off Scientology, a subject I’ll talk more about in a future blog entry.

If we’re going to stop Scientology, we have to learn to think like Scientologists. We have to listen to the ex-Scientologists who are truly out – those who have realized that LRH was a con man. Fortunately, many are willing to tell us their stories: How they got in, how they got out, and, most importantly, what made them realize they’d been duped. Those are the people who can best teach us how to get our message across.

If we simply get hung up on hangars, we’ll never put an end to the crimes of Scientology.


* Note that Marty’s donation page is out-exchange. My donation page, on the other hand, is 100% on-policy.