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Marty and the Independents: A Scientology view

I came across an interesting (and old) blog entry from an anti-Marty site (apparently) run by a Church-going Scientologist, and I thought it gave an interesting view of how “public” Co$ Scientologists see Marty, the Independent movement, and “squirrels”.

Now, before I post the link, I have to clarify: These guys hate Marty, and they have no problem lying and making wild accusations about him. I don’t condone such behavior. I may disagree with Marty’s words and worldview, but everything I’ve written about him has been, to the best of my knowledge, true. I see no good reason to lie about Marty, the Church, Scientologists or Scientology. (Who needs to? The truth is juicy enough!)

I’m posting this blog entry because it presents some insight into how Scientologists view “squirrels” – much of which, by the way, is clearly Church-authored bullshit – and because it’s important to understand how our opponents think. I am not posting it because I support the authors or what they say, because I don’t. Preamble over; here’s the link:

Mark Rathbun the Squirrel

NOTE: If the above link dies, please email me at caliwog(at)hotmail.com and I’ll paste in the original text. Thanks to FiFi LeToit for the tip!