Why Independents (might) think the Church and Anonymous are aligned

Marty and other Independents often accuse Anonymous and other Scientology protesters of being in league with David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology. This may seem totally ridiculous to your average protester, but to the Scientology faithful, it makes perfect sense.

Here’s the deal: To the indies, the protest movement is out to destroy Scientology. Argue over the wording if you like, but that’s more or less true.

But the way they see it, David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology, is also out to destroy Scientology. You’ll notice that Marty and the Independents use phrases like “Black Dianetics” and “Reverse Scientology”. They believe that David Miscavige has intentionally altered LRH’s tech so as to ensure that Scientologists not only do not get gains, but will become mindless robots who do his bidding without question. Sounds pretty far out, right? LRH explains in an article he wrote in 1952, dramatically titled “Danger: Black Dianetics!”:

Death, insanity, or merely a slavish obedience can be efficiently effected by the use of Black Dianetics… A person on whom Black Dianetics has been employed seldom retains the sanity or will to make a complaint, or does not know he has been victimized.” — LRH

To the Independents, this explains why Church members don’t see the light, and why Marty and his Kool-Aid drinkers think of Church members as Kool-Aid drinkers. David Miscavige has enslaved them, and they don’t even realize they are victims. (Oddly enough, Church-going Scientologists could use this same argument against Marty and his flock.) (UPDATE: That’s exactly what they did.)

According to the Indie viewpoint, LRH even explains why David Miscavige hasn’t gone to jail for his well-documented crimes:

“Persons claiming such offenses against their persons are commonly catalogued by doctors as suffering from delusion. Thus the employer of Black Dianetics can escape unpunished under existing legal procedures.” — LRH

Incidentally, if you read the whole article (available in the Wikileaks policy pack), you’ll notice that LRH doesn’t define “Black Dianetics” too specifically, and his recommended remedy is to learn more about Dianetics. Why was he so vague? Because the article was written for Ability magazine. LRH intended magazines to be used for promoting Scientology services. That’s right… the preceeding “Black Dianetics” article is basically a glorified advertisement.

So, according to the Independents, we have two groups out to destroy Scientology, us and the Church. Remember that in Scientology that when it comes to allegiances, there is no gray, only black or white. You’re either a member of the group or you’re not. It’s as simple as that. If someone has doubts, they’re not simply a group member with doubts – according to Hubbard, they are instantly not a member of the group but are pretending to be a member of the group (which may well be worse than not being in the group at all).

And so we, the protesters, are seen by independent Scientologists as being in the same group as the Church. We are trying to destroy Scientology by spreading information; DM is trying to destroy Scientology by misapplication of L. Ron Hubbard’s “tech.” Same shit, different source.

The former is true; the latter is preposterous bullshit, but not to those who believe it. It is, to them, a perfectly reasonable* way to explain why Scientology did not deliver the gains promised to them by L. Ron Hubbard – DM is actively trying to prevent them from getting those gains. And not only has he done so, but he’s brainwashed Church followers into not seeing it. Only Marty, Mike and the other Independents can really see what’s going on. (Does that sound like cult behavior to you?)

Of course, there is an alternative, which is that Scientology itself is bullshit. But that’s a very painful and difficult conclusion to which to come.

It’s easier to insist that Anons and the Church must be aligned.


* When I say “reasonable,” I mean the real definition, not LRH’s redefinition (which essentially is coming up with reasons why something that is not OK, is OK. To Scientologists, being reasonable is a bad thing).

8 responses to “Why Independents (might) think the Church and Anonymous are aligned

  1. Please don’t ever stop posting this blog.

  2. Cali,
    fuck Cali,……………….. you might as well put a pile of dog shit on the side-walk in front of a “church-member” and tell them it is a loving token from our leader” l.ron ha-aa-bered”… right oh…o.kay;;doakey

  3. *Facepalm*
    Now I understand!

  4. There’s another subtle factor also, well to some indies anyway. They think there is an interdependence between anonymous and David Miscavige.

    They think that without David Miscavige, anonymous would have nothing to protest against. Similarly, without anonymous DM would not be able to scare Scns into regging loads of cash to wage war against the anonymous boogeyman.

    There may be some very small truth in that, but Rathbun tries to exaggerate it to make anons seem equally as bad as DM in the eyes of his followers. Mentally it’s a small leap from interdependence to cooperation. He also says of course that both camps hate Scientology, so again mentally it’s easy to jump to a conclusion that isn’t true.

    With true interdependence, both parties NEED each other to exist, and WANT each other to exist. Does DM need anonymous? I don’t think so, he was doing his stuff long before anonymous came along. Does he want them to stay around doing their stuff? I doubt it. He’d love to tell everyone that anonymous went away because he confronted them. Anonymous has mortally wounded Scientology, I struggle to believe DM would not want them out of his way. Maybe you could argue the mortally wounded Scientology now relies on heavy regging for survival, and maybe therefore DM does rely on the boogeyman myth he has created. But he could carry that myth on with or without anonymous causing him major problems, and I’m sure he’d rather they left him and his “church” alone.

    Do anonymous need DM? Well maybe in a sense, because if he was deposed in some way there’s no doubt some anons might get bored, hang up their masks and move on, although it would depend on what replaced him of course. Do anonymous want DM? Definitely not, they would love to see DM topple from his ivory tower.

    As you say, the real bone of contention between the indies and anonymous is whether LRH tech is bullshit or not. Marty depends on ex-members leaving the CoS, but not leaving LRH tech.

    Marty therefore increasingly sees critics/anons as being a danger to him. He accuses DM of creating the anonymous boogeyman, but himself is now trying to do the same thing. If he can convince his followers that anons/critics are in league with DM, he can inoculate them against the doubt that otherwise might cause them to complete their waking up process.

  5. Sid, excellent points, thank you for taking the time to post.


  6. Hi Sid,

    Just a mention here of something you may find useful:

    First, there is no doubt that DM would LOVE to see Anon go away. They are jackals to him. They really do educate the public and he would love to see them gone.

    Secondly, LRH policy calls for the use of Anon and to subvert it, slowly. The Sea Org did this to the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) and actually secretly ensured it survived by protecting it legally and funding it, to get big enough so that it would eventually get the personal information of all opposers to Scientology.

    Then it closed in.

    The Sea Org now has no ability to do that seeing as Anon is not organized into a corporation or company, so they rely on subterfuge. I have met people that are with anon that ARE NOT with Anon posing as Anon to get information.

    The problem is that most anons do not have secrets. Sure, they have things they do not want revealed, but most of them are willing to wear it in order to have their say – the SO is not used to such devoted action.

    they are a porblem for DM and Marty.

    If you forget for a moment that Marty is disliked by the Church, you would actually mistake him for a Director of the Church of Scientology. He does everything the Sea Org does – he even gets people to spy and provide personal info to him about people on ESMB and WWP that oppose him.

    So that makes him just like the SO.

    Remember, when your dealign with the “legacy of the tech” cough, plutter, puke, nothing is immoral to protect it – even Marty actively supports and is happy to assist in having people seperate to find partners pro-Scientology. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

    So yeah, Marty hates Anon with a passion even though that fuckwit would have been chopped into FLAMES if Anon hadn’t formed and made it safe for people to speak out.

    Anon is owed a hell of a lot – a lot more than what any ex-Scio has ever done to hurt the church. It is Anon that gave them the breathing space.

  7. Hear, hear, Aaron.


  8. Can you imagine what DM thought when Anonymous burst on the scene with huge world wide protests?

    He probably thought the same thing LRH thought when Paulette Cooper was publishing her book, “the end for the cult is near.”

    Turned out LRH got off easy with Cooper’s book, even with the horrendous way he fair gamed her, because there was just not enough awareness of Scientology for anyone to buy her book or care. It went out of print, and scilons probably stole the library copies.

    Anonymous, combined with the OG and other exes, has had much more of an impact than any single author, and even though Anonymous is smaller, this group keeps track of the cult, raises awareness, and contributes significantly to the cult’s safe disintegration.

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