Marty’s hangar hang-up

Marty’s latest blog entry contains pictures of Tom Cruise’s airplane hangar, allegedly decorated by Scientology “slave labor.” (A term I’m not quite comfortable with; unlike slaves, Scientologist laborers are generally volunteers.)

You’ve probably noticed that Marty is a bit obsessed with the fruits of Sea Org labor. Earlier posts have been dedicated to Tom Cruise’s office and Tom Cruise’s motorcycles, all allegedly built by the Sea Org. (“This week on Scientology Chopper…”)

My response: Who the fuck cares?

Don’t get me wrong – using Scientology laborers to build stuff for Tom Cruise is not cool. But if you’re going to protest the crimes of the Church of Scientology, there are much more important things you could concentrate on.

Like Scientology’s view towards medical care, which essentially is “You don’t need any.” There are several well-known stories of people who have died because L. Ron Hubbard told his followers that Scientology can cure ills – and I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, more that we don’t know about, because the victims and their families were dedicated Scientologists and didn’t complain. Oh, sure, many of Hubbard’s books carry disclaimers so as to avoid trouble from the Food and Drug Administration, but do you think Scientologists pay attention to a few words of legalese mandated by a suppressive government? To them, the meat in the sandwich is what LRH wrote:

“The skills offered in this handbook will produce…the Dianetic Relase, an individual who has been freed from his major anxieties or illnesses.” — LRH, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

“When [engrams (bad memories) in the tooth pulp] are relieved, a ‘toothache’ in that tooth becomes almost impossible no matter how many ‘nerves’ are exposed, a matter which brings about quite a revolution in dentistry.” — LRH, History of Man

“With someone in a psychotic break, it is necessary to isolate the person…Between [auditing] sessions the muzzled rule is in force. No one speaks to the person or in his hearing.” — LRH, HCOB 23 Jan 1975 RB, THE INTROSPECTION RD (this is the one that killed Lisa McPherson)

I mean, really, with Scientology leading so many people down such a dangerous road, is an airplane hangar really that big a deal?

Besides, it’s not as if the whole slave-labor thing was David Miscavige’s idea. In an article entitled What Your Fees Buy – changed after Hubbard’s death to “What Your Donations Buy” – Hubbard seemed to take pride in how little staff were paid:

“A Sea Org member draws about four pounds a week and his room and board… So not much of your fee goes to them even though they bear the full burden of management of pure services. Org staff members over the world work for so little that Execs occasionally get letters from their landladies demanding orgs increase their pay level so staff members can pay their rent.” — LRH, What Your Fees Buy

In other words, by paying staff such criminally low wages, David Miscavige is simply doing LRH’s bidding. Of course, DM could pay them more, but he doesn’t. Marty seems to think this is a huge crime, and yet I can’t recall him ever saying he tried to increase staff pay during all his years in Scientology upper management. (Maybe he was too busy helping DM with the effort to strong-arm the IRS into giving Scientology tax-exempt status.)

Now, knowing that Tom Cruise is a good Scientologist, I’d be surprised if he allowed the Church to build the hangar for free. Scientologists believe strongly in what they call exchange* – trading valuables for goods or services. Not meeting this condition – being “out-exchange” – is bad.

“When you let a person give nothing for something,” Hubbard wrote, “you are factually encouraging crime.” (LRH, Admin Dictionary) I’m sure the hangar, if it was built by Scientologists, was seen as exchange for all money Cruise donates to the Church.

But even if Scientologists did build Tom Cruise’s hanger for nothing – so what? Scientology commits far worse crimes, but you won’t hear about a lot of those from Marty, because a) he has a personal obsession with ruining David Miscavige, and b) he believes in LRH’s “technology,” which is the source of most of Scientology’s evils.

Of course, Marty won’t tell you that – so it’s up to us.

Read the stories of ex-Scientologists, and you’ll find that many, if not most, of them left because things just didn’t add up. “The tech” didn’t work as Ron promised, and most realized that was because the tech is bullshit.

Unfortunately, many others believe the story that Marty is selling, which is that DM messed up the tech in an effort to kill off Scientology, a subject I’ll talk more about in a future blog entry.

If we’re going to stop Scientology, we have to learn to think like Scientologists. We have to listen to the ex-Scientologists who are truly out – those who have realized that LRH was a con man. Fortunately, many are willing to tell us their stories: How they got in, how they got out, and, most importantly, what made them realize they’d been duped. Those are the people who can best teach us how to get our message across.

If we simply get hung up on hangars, we’ll never put an end to the crimes of Scientology.


* Note that Marty’s donation page is out-exchange. My donation page, on the other hand, is 100% on-policy.

15 responses to “Marty’s hangar hang-up

  1. Mariachi El Bronx

    Okay Cali my friend, i agree whole heartedly with the last paragraph of your blog entry, but must disagree with the fact you consider this “hanger ” issue small potatoes. This is exactly the kind of “tabloid ho-kus-pokus” the American tabloid reading public craves and gobbles up as factual “datum”.
    In turn, reading such hoopla “john Q public” will in fact TESTIFY that Scientology is a – phony baloney – con job on humanity.
    Okay, i admit i am really stretching this but you do get my point, yes?
    Marty can con his “followers” all day long, and it doesn’t take a brilliant mind to see that, but, the general public at large isn’t paying so much attention to the cult or Marty, (and that must eat him up inside, know what i’m saying?) so the way I figure it, this whole Hanger con job (Hanger-gate?) could go a long way in the “bad Pub dept.” for the cult at large (including Marty)
    just my two cents,
    johnny d as M E B

  2. There is probably also some relevance to this in respect to Co$ tax status, especially if these little jobs for Tom Cruise are done in exchange for tax exempt “donations” to the Co$.

  3. This slave labor talk is really foul coming from Marty – this fucker tells us how great LRH is and how fucked up DM is and then whines about SLAVE LABOR.


    On the Ship, LRH started the entire cycle and it never ended. There has never been anything but Slave Labor from LRH and the SO.

    You know Marty is just the greatest Fraud. Sciontology knows it. the FZers know it, we know it.

    He claims fans int he thousands, but I doubt he could put together a list of a mere 200 that would fun his org he wants to establish.

    Besides, the Marty crew are so stupid to whine about the money spent on T.C. and J.T., I am CERTAIN they have donated enough to warrant a complex being built for them.

    I remember my time in the Sea Org and all the stupid things we built – and there was Marty for 25 YEARS ensuring the ranks of the RPF were fully loaded to ensure there was a supply of slave labor.

    Fuck you Marty.

  4. “Like Scientology’s view towards medical care, which essentially is ‘You don’t need any.’”


    Then explain this:

    1. Robert W. Duggan, one of Scientology’s largest contributors , see, is the CEO and Chairman of Pharmacyclics, Inc. At

    2. And Bryan Zwan, one of Scientology’s other largest contributors (at, invests in pharmaceutical companies. At .

    ‘Splain that, Lucy.

    And then follow the money.

  5. Abbadabba: Very interesting. Such stuff is supposed to be strictly against Scientology policy. But I guess they aren’t going to say “no” to big contributors. Maybe they see it as a way to take those evil pharmaceutical profits and do some good with them? Just a guess.

    MEB/JohnnyD: Point well taken, and I *love* the new name.


  6. I thought it was interesting, to see how deep Mr. Cruise is in the muck. It ruined his career, broke up 1 (possibly 2) of his marriages, and now his integrity is deeply questionable. Maybe he’s really not a bad guy, maybe he is. Did church money buy the material? I suppose it doesn’t matter, as much as TC donated. From what I understand, there’s a special place at Gold just for Tom and RPF had to rebuild it after a mudslide. There’s a commercial for a movie that’s coming out where a girl says to another: “You’re going to have to answer to a higher power!” and the response is: “Tom Cruise”? The guy is already a punchline to jokes.

    Scientology doesn’t work and doesn’t help people. I don’t say that because I’m a heartless asshole, I just see a wide, gaping hole where evidence should be. It’s filled with broken dreams of truly dedicated people that have been rewarded with heaping piles of poo.

  7. Aaron, you are the man!!!There is no pussy footin around with you. I am soooo glad we are on the same side.

  8. Leland Conrad Powers

    In Expanded Dianetics one is taught [as an auditor] that there is nothing that cannot be cured which the medical world is confounded about; mostly in part, because the medical field is full of nonsense.

    7204C07SO – Expanded Dianetics & Word Clearing

    “if an epileptic ever took you by the hand and so forth, hes liable to break every bone in your hand, if he suddenly had a seizure. But the doctors keep them on something to prevent this. Its just a tranquilizer and they keep them on that one year, year in and year out. And then you come along as an auditor and you try to audit the pc and you tell the pc that hell have to go off that drug. And then all of a sudden, why something will happen from someplace or another that the pc will tell the doctor that they have been taken off the drug by the auditor. And the doctor will call up plaintively asking you to please put her back on the drug because she needs this. And you get into a collision between medical treatment and so on. Now Ive been using a lot of medical words here or chemical words really. Just don’t pay any attention to them because they’re mostly gobbledygook, and there’s an awful lot of gobbledygook words. Gobbledygook just means nonsense chatter, you see. There’s an awful lot of them.”

  9. I remember always that while LRH lied through his teeth, it is in fact people like Marty that perpetuate the lie. What gets me, really, is that children expect their parents and elders to show some ability to evaluate and steer you away from trouble.

    Good parenting.

    And I have seen very little of it with Scientologists.

    Here we have a guy Marty standing by LRH’s word, and yet he can not even “cure” his own family of it’s woes. Same story for LRH and his family. DM and his family. And any exec in the SO and their family.

    What I found amusing is that I did not know LRH even had a son that was killed/suicide and another that disowned LRH. Or his other marriages. And the LRH Life Exhibition was part of CMO IXU where I was for years. Oh, the lies that were set up and never told even to SO personnel that thought they knew LRHs past “completely”.

    I remember at the protests in ANZO with Anon – just telling Scios and SO members we saw that LRH had two sons that they did not even know about startled them.

    Following the money trail of Scientology is impossible. Unless a court of law opens the books everywhere. But we do know that they lost a ton of money along the way in investments – but never fear, their suporters have vast pockets. As Marty is now finding out for himself. Having Karen now support the movement – the irony that she was once Heber’s husband, and now she is a hoar to Marty’s needs financially.

    I wonder if Marty will give her superpowers in exchange?

    I heard Marty’s got a new rundown called “The Child rundwon” where the EP is the ability for his friends to leave their spouses and persue younger women half their ages.

    Another EP is to leave your sane spouse and go for one that believes in UFOs.

    Quite a nifty little rundown he has got going there.

    the net result of all MArtys actions against DM has resulted in an absolute ZERO result. Marty likes to portray that he has inside info.

    Not true.

    DM is precisely aware of all the info that Marty gets and it is controlled. Now DM has successfully got Marty attacking stupid things like TCs hanger. The tech of LRH, LRHs life are no where mentioned because if DM woudl fe anything, it would be the total truth about LRHs phoney life getting out.

    Like DM would give a shit if the photos are out there of the hanger. Did we not just see DM release a video showing off the Int Bases lavish appointments?


  10. Here is some more balderdash from Marty Rathbun. Irconically, to support his “belief” that DM has “controlled”Scientology, he posted a quote from LRH, it is highly amusing, I would like to point out the following:

    “The whole of existence, actually, is run very much like an hypnotic trance. ”

    No, it isn’t, unless of course you have been living your life like that, are on drugs, or have mental issues.

    ” How do you hyptnotize somebody? Well, you get them to agree with you. ”

    This makes no sense at all. What LRH really meant here was to make you agree with things that are lies. Like Scientology. There is nothing wrong with agreeing to facts.

    ” And then you get them to agree with you a little bit more. Oh, most people think that it’s done by watches or something or other. It’s not done that way. It’s done in a very interesting way.”

    “I don’t know much about Western hypnotism.”

    I highly doubt this statement. LOL

    “I myself studied hypnotism in the East and when I came over to America again, I wondered what on earth this strange practice was that these people were practicing and calling hypnotism. Because it wasn’t even vaguely what is taught in the East to induce trances. It’s quite remarkable that hypnotism is inducible on small or large groups.”

    Firslty, LRH never studied Hypnotism in the East. What he practiced in the 50’s was occult versions of it that were in the West. LRH never went to the East and studied anything.

    “Now, the worse off a group is, which is to say, the less communication they have, actually, the more communication can be forced upon them. And you can get a form of hypnotism there.”

    This is ridiculous. If they have less communication, then obviously it is possible to give them more communication. Let us rephrase this with orange juice and we get…””Now, the worse off a group is, which is to say, the less Organge Juice they have, actually, the more organge juice can be forced upon them”” May I add that any group can have more communication “forced” upon them, all you have to do is speak.

    “But the interesting thing is that they must have been prepared by an enormous number of agreements before they got into that state.”

    Would that be like the dozens of Scientology books that re-preare you? the courses of non ending repeats of KSW? Because if it is valid informaiton, liek a real education, then there is nothing wrong ith agreeing to facts. But what would LRH or a scientologist like MArty, know about facts?

    “In other words, somebody else prepared them, so they didn’t care who they agreed with after a while.”

    Bullshit. Any sane person can evaluate and find information. And agree or disagree.

    “Anybody in a uniform walks up to a soldier, if that uniform has a higher rank on, the soldier will obey them. Well, this is a form of hypnotism.”

    No, this is not a form of anything but what the person agreed to – which was to do what the senior person says. LRH again, takes a perfectly workable thing here and turns it into something apparantly “evil”. As he did with the Sea Org.

    “Now, you can take an audience and simply get them to agree with you. And you get them to agree more and more and more and more and more and the next thing you know — and, by the way, when I say ‘agree with you’, I mean you could get them to agree first that you were simply standing there.”

    Again, no words of wisdom here. again, it is down to the individual to agree or disagree. No one is making them think anything.

    “And then, the next thing that you could get them to agree to is the fact that they were listening to you. And then you would give them a few little things on which they would agree with. And the next thing you know, you could tell them that the world was on fire and the audience would rush out to find out. Or maybe they just sit there and burn. It’s quite interesting. But you could move it out that way.”

    No, you couldn’t. Only wiht scientologists could this sort of think work with – or other numb brained people. Sane people would not run out. Or believe anything thrown at them.

    “Now, what is this all about? Does that mean that anybody bringing about an agreement would bring about hypnotism? Oh no. The reason why in Scientology we do not bring about a hypnotism, even by Opening Procedure by Duplication – every Case V, that’s had this run on him claims, it’s a way to induce a trance – but every single one of the tenets of Scientology could be reversed and with a bad intention, and so forth, could be worked out in the opposite direction.”

    Scientology brings about hypnotism – every auditing session is a form of it, proved.

    “We are undoing the agreements which people have been making for 76 trillion years. Only we’re undoing them, so this makes them freer and freer and freer.”

    What a load of shit. We have been around 76 Trillion years? 76,000,000,000,000? I do not think so. again, LRH wouldn;t know about techtonic plate suntil someone with a brain found out about them.

    “Now, show you this fellow on the stage who simply gets the audience to agree and agree and agree and agree and then tells them the place is on fire. Oh? He isn’t really going in the direction of making them freer, is he? His intention for this is entirely different.”


    “It isn’t that intention is above agreement. It’s that consideration is always above agreement. And he is trying to work them into a situation where they will accept what he says without question. We’re not interested in Scientology, in anybody accepting what we say without question. We ask them to question it. We ask them to please look at the physical universe around you, please look at people, at your own mind and understand, thereby,that what we are talking about happens to be actual. This is the series of agreements. These are. They aren’t just fancy ideas.”

    you may not question anything in Scientology.

    I tell you, this sort of balderdash is the sort of shit that is like the statement from the Triple M or 3M, short version for the Marty Moron Maniacs.

    these goons on his website say shit like “look into yourself, allt he answers are there”. Clearly, they are not.

    If we are expected to “beleive” this then I guess we can expect everyne to believe that if we were raised without language that we could somewhow sit down and write a book? Or perhaps if we looked deep into our souls, that scientific solutions to life would come, or medicine, or how to grow crops, raise kids, or drive a car.

    The ultimate stupidity Marty and his followers show was shown by LRH – look into yourself for all answers. Thank god sane people are insane enough to go out into the world and find answers. Kind of weird that LRH says he went “all over the world” looking for answers, and then tells you not to look. He knew if you did you woudl out he was full of shit.

    And Marty is full of shit, too. Just about everything he does is what LRH suggested – repeat it and repeat it until people stop looking and just accept it as truth – like it is all DMs fault. The people spillign this shit line have all one thing in common – they can not accurately tell you about Scientology or LRH from 19540 onwards, and that says something – stupidity on a huge scale.

    Marty’s group will grow, as more and more Scientologists learn to blame someone else other than themselves for their inability to get OT . I guess what Marty is really telling evryone that all the people in Scientology are expereicing out-tech and that all their wins are lies. Does the ex crowd really buy that bullshit line? It seems like John Travolta, the Kirstie alleys and Cartwrights of this world are veyr happy with the scientology they have, or is Marty trying to tell you that they, too, are like DM?

    One thing Marty will never tell you is the absolute truth, which is this:

    99% of those that left the Sea Org were trying to leave and the SO tried to stop them because they needed them there as slaves. But with Marty, the truth is very simple, they were glad to get rid of him. DM spent tons of money on this dickhead, stuck him on the ship to get his head straight and 15 years later, he is still a goof ball.

    And besides Marty, stop telling the world you were DMs second in command., Bullshit. You were under Greg Wilhere (the actual Inspector General) the whole time. And Greg was iron, and Marty wasn’t and DM trusted his big stuff to Greg and not Marty. And that is why Marty can’t give you one foreign bank account, or one paper trail that leads anywhere. He was kept as fluff because after he screwed up in 1993, he was never fully trusted ever again, and was cut out of the loop.

  11. I detest this website, Marty is trying to bring back Scientology to it’s core.


    “This is useful knowledge. With it the blind again see,
    the lame walk, the ill recover, the insane become sane and
    the sane become saner. By its use the thousand abilities
    Man has sought to recover become his once more.”
    L. Ron Hubbard: History of Man – 1952-

    Between 1952 and 1980 – almost 28 years thousands took off their glasses and could see again – just go to the medical journals and see!

    Thousands walked again, and all those abilities were restored.

    Shame on you caliwog – shame on you!

    LRH is watching you form Venus…

  12. Re: Hypnosis

    “When somebody enrols, consider he or she has joined up for the duration of the universe – never permit an `open-minded’ approach … If they enrolled, they’re aboard, and if they’re aboard they’re here on the same terms as the rest of us – win or die in the attempt. Never let them be half minded about being Scientologists … When Mrs. Pattycake comes to us to be taught, turn that wandering doubt in her eye into a fixed, dedicated glare .. The proper instruction attitude is “. . We’d rather have you dead than incapable. “‘ – L. Ron Hubbard, Keeping Scientology Working, 7 February 1965, reissued 27 August 1980.

    Hubbard claimed to have studied hypnosis from his teens onwards. At the outset, he admitted that his Dianetic “research” was done using deep trance hypnosis. In the early days, he also admitted that the Dianetic procedure could be trance inducing. The term “hypnosis” has aroused much controversy. Probably the most exacting conceptual framework was made by hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, who asserted that hypnosis is an interaction between people which accesses altered states of consciousness.

    Contemporary psychology accepts that most mental processes occur below consciousness. A hypnotherapist accesses the unconscious in an attempt to place beneficial suggestions therein which will have the same motivating force upon the individual as his or her own decisions. In hypnotherapy, the client gives permission for this process to occur. In Scientology, the process occurs without consent.

    Hubbard asserted that everything that exists is a product of consciousness: Reality is agreement”, “the universe is an agreed upon apparency”. From this perspective, Scientology seeks to change the individual’s perception of reality, and replace it with Hubbard’s notions, at the same time pretending that the individual is becoming more aware, and more “self-determined”. Scientology claims to be scientific, but factually, it is impossible to undertake “auditing” without submitting to beliefs which have not been scientifically validated, such as reincarnation, possession by spirits (or body thetans) and the existence and influence of “engrams”.

    Restrictions are put upon Scientologists to prevent them reaching a critical understanding of Scientology. Explanation of Hubbard’s work is forbidden; the materials must be quoted exactly. Dissent from the materials is also forbidden then Scientologist’s “realisations” in counselling must align with Hubbard’s pronouncements about the nature of reality. Any disagreement with Hubbard or his teachings will lead the individual to the “Ethics Office”, a department of Scientology’s internal police force.

    The Scientologist may not talk about his “case” or problems other than to his or her auditor, thus inhibiting close relationships. The “technology” of Scientology is and always has been right (even when Hubbard changed it every few months), and failure to achieve spectacular success (i.e., euphoric states) is always considered to be the fault of either the auditor or the preclear, never of the techniques. Scientologists are led to believe that criticism (unless made by Hubbard) always stems from guilt about one’s own transgressions. The individual’s attention is focused inwards and so deflected from consideration of Hubbard’s or Scientology’s faults.

    Scientology procedures are comparable with those of hypnotherapy. In Training Routine 0, two people are supposed to sit looking at each other “for some hours”. Visual fixation has long been accepted as a means of inducing altered or trance states. Repetition is another method of induction, and Hubbard admitted that a number of his procedures are mindnumbingly monotonous. It is possible in Scientology to sit for several hours answering the same single line question, the wording never varied, such as “From where could you communicate to a victim?”

    Eventually, the individual’s entire perception and belief system is over-ridden by Scientology. The Scientologist may not talk about the Operating Thetan levels, so is separated from most of humanity, believing malevolent spirits to be the real cause of all disability and conflict. Scientologists do not accept any other perception of reality than Hubbard’s. Hubbard derided hypnotherapy, psychology, analysis, meditation and religious counselling, claiming that Scientology is the only effective system.

    Staff members, especially those in the Sea Organization, become even more suggestible through long working hours, sleep deprivation, poor diet and regular doses of the Rehabilitation Project Force.

  13. Like all hypnosis, one is pretty much unaware of it as it happens.

    And the suggestion that yu are being hypnotized upsets you because yu can’t see it. I remember public telling me I was hypnotized, and when I asked them to prove it, they would point out certain things about the tech and LRH. It did not do any good because my mind was programmed to auto-reject these statements out of hand without evaluating them. That was the most important teaching in Scientology – how to get someone to auto-reject.

    It is a brilliant science, one which LRH mastered beautifully.

    I admire him for that. I always admire genius, but the intent and the consequences is what I use to judge the person by.

    As an asian guy once told me “Blame the game, not the player”.

  14. Michael Varnsbury

    I quit the cult many, many years ago because I flatly refused to take part in the brutalisation of another human being. At that point, the scales began to fall from my eyes – nothing excuses the arbitrary, capricious torture I have seen within the S.O. This isn’t the misuse of policy; indeed it is wilful to pretend that this brutality is anything other than inherent, built in by the arch-abuser LRH himself. The evidence is plain from issues such as the appalling Flag Order 3434 series which establish the RPF.

    Shamefully, many scientologists were not so willing to resist attacking others, and per the Millgram psychological studies and the Stanford Prison Experiment, we can expect a rough percentage of 70% to cross that line to become oppressors. This was what I found within the cult: about seven out of ten hadn’t the strength of character to stand up and say ‘NO’ when 5they were ordered to abuse another human being.

    Ex-scientologists must ask themselves how they behaved when faced with the choice of abusing someone else or being punished for it. Did *you* stand up against the bullies with pride, or were *you* part of the 70% who sided with the oppressor for your own safety? If you were part of that majority, then you have issues to address because you will never be ‘OT’ (whatever that means) while you can so easily abandon your third and fourth dynamics.

    It is welcome, and even a duty, for those who are out of the cult, (especially Mr. Rinder), to blow the whistle. But I find it unacceptable and even sickening that the ‘mere’ brutalisation of other people was insufficient to cause so many SO members to leave. These johnny-come-latelies to the subject of personal values and integrity didn’t quit until they themselves were suffering. What kind of values are invisible to you until you’re suffering?

  15. I have to agree wholeheartedly. Leaving the Sea Org is often and in almost every case to do with personal suffering rather than the abuses that happen to the guy next to you.

    It is truly sad and is an indictment on Scientology. It creates the most selfish bastards.

    John Travolta, to show the world he was right and his kid was OK, refused to have his own child diagnosed. The result, that child is dead. And the fate of his next child should that child have a physical disorder? We can only imagine.

    Staying in the Sea Org with a bad environment, and bad nutrition lends itself to creating people with mental disorders – remember, it is a disorder in terms of how the brain gets re-wired and the functions get screwed up – it is not the choice of the individual or anything to do with ethics.

    The longer you are in, the worse it gets. LRH, his direct family, DM, his direct family, Marty and his direct family all show this. Perhaps there is a disposition to it, or a pre-existing condition, but remaining in the Sea Org can cause brain damage, factually.

    The rise of tyrants there is calculated to be a never ending cycle due to the environment. It started not on the Ship, but in 1950 when LRH unleashed his poor work and tested the public like guinea pigs – and the results have never been in dispute.

    Recovery can happen once you leave the Sea Org, but is can also take time and of course, it doesn’t just go away, it must be treated. And most never get the treatment and continue to find similar groups to forfil their need. Ergo, Marty’s group and others like it is simply trading places. they see the differences in the groups and consider it a change. Their brains however do not, and thus, no recovery is possible.

    To see uneducated ridiculous thinking that would make most high-school grades cringe with disbelief, just go to ESMB and see the ridiculous comments posted.

    Besides the genuine critics on the sight, the rest are near retarded in mental development. They are not future leaders, they are future kitten glove cases and so will most of their family members that stay under their weird thinking.

    And they think they are soooooo great. And enlightened.

    they are dumber than dog shit with I.Q.s that are being lowered by Scientology.

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