How to make Caliwog go away

In his blog entry Anonymous or Miscavige, Marty Rathbun makes an interesting point:

Anonymous and Miscavige depend upon one another for their very existences

Is Marty right? In a way, yes.

I cannot speak for all of Anonymous, only myself. But Marty’s partially correct; I do depend on Miscavige for my existence – my existence as Caliwog, that is – just as I depend on Marty and Scientology. If they didn’t exist, there would be no Caliwog and no Caliwog’s Blog.

Thing is, I don’t want Caliwog to exist.

If, by some miracle, all of Scientology folded up tomorrow – the Church, Marty, Mike, the Free Zone movement, the whole kit and caboodle – than I would walk away from this blog and my identity as Caliwog forever and go back to the rest of my life.

And nothing would make me happier.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen. The Church isn’t going to suddenly shut their doors. David Miscavige isn’t going to turn himself in to the cops. Marty isn’t going to give up his blog and his auditing practice and get a legitimate job. Every Scientologist is not going to suddenly realize that LRH’s “tech” is simply a little psychotherapy mixed with a lot of sci-fi bullshit.

As long as Scientology keeps harming people, there will be a Caliwog. As soon as my raison d’Ăªtre goes away, so will I – and believe me, I can’t wait.

So now you know how to shut me up, Marty. How about you go first?


4 responses to “How to make Caliwog go away

  1. Saying Anonymous would depend on DM’s existence is like saying Independent Scientologists depend upon the existence of the reactive mind and engrams, because that’s what they want to get rid off and without it they wouldn’t need Scientology, right? (From THEIR perspective, i don’t believe in the existence of engrams or the reactive mind).
    Or that Amnesty International depends upon the existence of human rights abuses.
    Or or or..
    It’s logically flawed.

  2. Anon existed in varying forms long ago. Do you remember the protests where people dressed in black? They wore ski masks to conceal their identity. Sure, that was the early 90’s and completely different people, but that’s not the point. After DM goes to jail, after the orgs eventually empty, after CO$ turns into lil splinter groups, Anon will still exist.

    Anonymous has a definition on wiktionary that is as follows: Of unknown name; whose name is withheld.

    Books of political infamy have been written anonymously and only before “Deep Throats” death did we find out who that guy was. The idea of making a stance without showing your face isn’t something that’s going to stop. I see this as applying to other religious mafias such as Jehovah’s Witnesses or Trinity Broadcasting Network, should a group of people have an inclination to protest or fight them in some way.

    Scientologists should feel kinda special in a weird way: thousands of people are concerned with what you’re doing, what laws are being broken in the name of your religion, who is taking advantage of you, so on and so forth. But don’t be so arrogant to think you’re the only ones that merit the process. If no one criticized Jesus in early Christianity, we wouldn’t have as much historical evidence to suggest he even existed.

    Be smart, love your critics instead of wanting to throw hydrocholoric acid in their faces. Also, if your doctrine cannot hold up to questioning, how solid is the foundation?

    Change or die out like many other cults/religions/philosophies, pure and simple.

  3. Correctly put, anon exists because there are some people out there that really do give a hoot about a number of issues that include but are in no way limited to Scientology.

    Anon don’t protest against DM. They protest against Scientology. Nice try Marty to deflect.

    Can we not just cancel religion for 20 years and see the difference?

  4. Leland Conrad Powers

    Regardless of who passed that communication along to Mark, it’s correct – both forms of Scientology should be extinguished from the world and from the Internet. Mike and Mark are criminals, they will never come to grips with it because of the malignant narcissism that inhabits Scientologists courtesy of L Ron Hubbards own mental problems leaking into Scientology “scriptures” and making you much much like him.

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