Marty vs. Mayo

I wanted to talk more about David Mayo vs. Marty Rathbun. Now, I’m not writing this to glorify the Independent movement; as far as I’m concerned, Scientology in all its forms is a fraud. But I wanted to put paid to Marty Rathbun’s attempts to downplay the accomplishments of Mayo’s Advanced Ability Center (AAC) and the Free Zone movement that followed it and paint himself as the “source” of the Independent Scientology movement.

A reminder of what Marty said:

[Mayo’s] stint as a Scientology practioner [sic] outside the church lasted a far sight shorter than the existence of the modern Independent movement, which has only just begun…

“[I have been] contemplating a post to distinguish us from the likes of Mayo. I have noticed over the past year several old AACers coming out of retirement and hanging up their shingles. While nattering about Independents being ‘johnny come lately’ out of one side of their mouths, they are back in business only because of the exodus we have unleashed.”

It is true that the original AAC did not last very long – but they also did a lot more to attract the Church’s ire. Within a short time, David Mayo had a full staff and was training multiple clients. He had at least two AAC chapters in Europe. He was trying to create a unified world-wide Independent Scientology movement, remnants of which still exist to this day.

But the original Independents didn’t just sell Scientology services. They, like Anonymous, were activists. They picketed Saint Hill at a time when the Church was at its most powerful.

Today the Church is under siege from several directions, and what does Marty do? He has a barbeque in the back woods of Texas.

Almost makes you wonder who was really trying to reform Scientology and who is just “hanging up his shingle” and trying to make some money.

Marty continues:

“Sure, David Mayo took a beating. You think we haven’t?”

Well, compared to what David Mayo endured, Marty’s kind of a lightweight. Getting your name smeared in Scientology’s own magazines and having some dorks with cameras show up on your doorstep is child’s play compared to the lawsuits, harassment and vilification that Mayo went through.

Truth is, if you look at how far Mayo’s Advanced Ability Center got, not to mention the fact that Mayo was LRH’s right-hand man until the ol’ fraud turned his back on him, Marty really hasn’t accomplished anything worth bragging about. No wonder Marty is so eager to talk shit about Mayo – compared to the AAC, Casablanca is a fart in the wind.

I’ll be honest: I never had much of a problem with the Independent/Free Zone movement until Marty came along. I’ve always thought the teachings of Scientology are a mix of repackaged psychology and sci-fi bullshit. It wasn’t until I realized that Marty was lying to his followers and attempting to censor the truth that I realized just how dangerous Independent Scientology could be. Fact is, if Marty wasn’t trying to Miscavige-ize the Independent movement, this blog probably wouldn’t exist.

Why is Marty so eager to tone down the accomplishments of David Mayo? Well, there are a few possible reasons. One is that he’s an egomaniac and a narcissist, just like LRH and DM. Think about it: Saying that he’s picking up where Mayo left off would give him a tremendous rallying point and a huge potential client base. But it would also mean sharing the glory (not to mention the auditing sales), and we can all see how Marty likes to keep people like Mike Rinder in his shadow, even if they have a lot to contribute. But perhaps Marty thinks the AACers would laugh at him for not having enough experience in Scientology tech. After all, Mayo was chief Case Supervisor; Marty was chief thug.

Maybe it has to do with Marty’s devotion to LRH. Remember, Mayo wasn’t just given his Suppressive Person declare and told to leave. He was thoroughly demonized by L. Ron Hubbard, the man with whom David worked side by side and to whose teachings he had dedicated his life. (Read The Story of a Squirrel: David Mayo.) Marty’s desire for revenge against Miscavige is one thing, but can you imagine the betrayal Mayo must have felt?

Another possible explanation is that David Mayo has turned his back on Scientology. And when you’re trying to pay your bills by selling Scientology services – just as Marty Rathbun, David Miscavige, and LRH before them both – that’s simply not good for business.

To me, though, the most likely reason that Marty Rathbun thinks David Mayo is bad that LRH said David Mayo was bad. And Marty Rathbun, like any proper Scientologist, always does what LRH said.

As far as I can tell, that’s the real difference between David Mayo and Marty Rathbun: Marty takes LRH at face value. David actually used his mind and thought about what was going on – a path that led him away from LRH, away from the Church, and, finally, away from Scientology.

I find the fact that David Mayo no longer considers himself to be a Scientologist very, very encouraging. If LRH’s co-pilot, a man who believed so earnestly that he helped co-author much of the religion, can turn away, that gives me hope that other Scientologists can do the same.

Most Scientologists leave because they eventually see through the lies. And we’ve seen first-hand how even Marty’s loyal flock saw through his attempt to re-write the history of the Independent movement. With that in mind, I’ll close with a quote from one of David Mayo’s lectures:

“I feel that we should make a particular point of maintaining our own integrity and truthfulness, because that is a very valuable thing that we have. And although others may go into a lot of mud-slinging and name-calling and so on, if we maintain our integrity, then we maintain our freedom and our independence.”

Marty would do well to heed David’s advice.


38 responses to “Marty vs. Mayo

  1. johnny d. (its me cupcake)

    Marty could never heed Mr. Mayo’s advise:

    “I feel that we should make a particular point of maintaining our own integrity and truthfulness, because that is a very valuable thing that we have. And although others may go into a lot of mud-slinging and name-calling and so on, if we maintain our integrity, then we maintain our freedom and our independence.”

    You see “mud-slinging and name-calling” is precisely what LRH wrote in his policies regarding critics and unhappy ex-members I mean really we’ve been over this a million freakin’ times, and seeing how Mahty is dead-set on following LRH’s “tech” to the letter it looks s if common decency and integrity are disregarded AS USUAL with ANY form of $cientology.

    And besides Cali, Mahty taking advise from anybody that hasn’t written a #1 best seller, or top 10 “hip-hop” record, or block-buster movie (with hip-hop music),or ancient scholarly text, is well just ABSURD.

  2. I am still forming my personal opinion of what’s going on, but I believe that Marty is going above and beyond if you will precisely BECAUSE it allows him to hit the church where it will feel it – the bank account. He’s widely known to public still in, and people who are just coming out of the church. I know from my own experience and from talking to and reading what other exes had to say that it’s pretty common for people to exit with a pro-LRH/anti-mgmt viewpoint. For the first few years that I was out, anyone who spoke ill of Hubbard or the tech was immediately suspicious to me, if not downright shunned. I think you’ve commented elsewhere that the duality of the things Hubbard wrote allows people to justify about anything with references to back it up, and that’s a spot-on observation. What I knew to be Hubbard policy was mainly technical, and I found it incomprehensible that the man who wrote it all had anything to do with the bullshit that was rampant in the church.

    My point (sorry for the ramble) is that Marty meets these folks on common ground. They have an instant agreement on the general shitfest of abuse and violations inside the church, and they have an instant agreement on Hubbard and the tech. People are going to listen to him.

    For what it’s worth, I think he is sincere in both. I don’t think his motivations are money related.

    His blog posts on Mayo came out of left field for me and I have no idea what precipitated them. I want to know what made him feel the need to distance himself from Mayo in such a public way. Maybe you’re right and it is as simple as, “Hubbard said”.

    • Jquepublic, I go back and forth about Marty and the money too. I think Marty is a true unquestioning LRH devotee. I think if it were 100% about the money he’d set up a smarter operation. That said, I also think Hubbard was all about the money. So naturally, Marty, by following LRH’s directions, becomes all about the money… even if he doesn’t realize it.

      I still think Marty is way to close to Miscavige for my comfort level. It’s fun to watch him and the pro-Church, anti-Marty sites sling mud at each other, because they are saying the same thing. “You’re squirreling the tech!” “No, *you’re* squirreling the tech!” It’s like watching 8-year-olds argue, except 8-year-olds have parents to tell them that enough is enough.


      • I don’t see him as being all that much like Miscavige, but I have some reservations about anyone who sets himself or herself up as a “leader” and I have definite reservations about groups of all kinds after my own time in the cult. Some of his posts trip alarms for me as a result. But at the same time I feel that he is being influential in getting people out of the church and in exposing the actions of the cult, and that’s definitely a good thing. So I am conflicted and trying not to have a knee-jerk reaction. I don’t believe everything there is to know here is actually visible, though. His choice of topics, his exclusion of timely and on-point articles from sources that he clearly monitors – Village Voice, for example – something is motivating those choices.

  3. William Johnson

    I think it still boils down to money. The only suckers Marty has are those who recently left the cult. ANY other competition is not allowed. No Mayo, no AAC, no Freezoners, nothing. They are all evil, while Marty glistens in the glow of fresh ElRon urine.

  4. JQ and Cali,
    In my humble opinion, you both have brought up the great equalizer…the almighty dollar…but…I believe that, YES, Marty is ” all about the money” but I absolutely believe that Marty is as much of an Egomaniacal Monster as good ole’ L RON…Marty thrives in the limelight, he wallows in being center stage and having ALL eyes on him. He is NO DIFFERENT then L Ron, or the crippled dwarf……Marty is an ATTENTION WHORE!!!LRH = ATTENTION WHORE, COB D. MISCAVIGE = ATTENTION WHORE…

    “See how everyone, including the media and the *church* with all their publications (freedom mag) and such are FRIGHTENED OF ME”
    (emphases is mine)

    Mahty LOVES this shit !!and you all know it!!! all the attention brings more bizness, and bizness means cash and cash means more “postulates” [read attention] and well that means MORE people like you and I discussing this GARBAGE that is $cientology!! whether its the organized “church” or the free-zoner’s, its getting OUT THERE…..and that means ATTENTION for both Marty and the Cult…..I wish there was a way to verbally *castrate* Marty and DM……….they need NO MORE attention!!!!!

    know what I’m sayin’?

  5. From the comments around the Mayo posts, I think Mayo’s cardinal sin for Matryites is the fact that he is no longer a Scientologist and has said things indicating that he doesn’t buy a lot of it anymore.

    He was insufficiently devoted to Hubbard (go figure) and the tech to keep fighting and instead took some form of cash settlement, though if you read Tony Ortega’s article on the Wollersheim case it’s questionable how much money he personally got out of it.

    Marty even got a few comments in about how he would die before giving up the “tech”.

    Now keep in mind, Marty probably has a relatively narrow window to hook escaping church members before they are too far out to buy what he’s selling. Not sure if you saw the Robert Vaughn Young post that was recently reposted to WWP but I found it quite interesting on this topic:

    If they go too long without actually practicing Scientology they probably aren’t going to take it up again.

    So in that narrow window, people may go online and get in touch with various exes or indies. Depending on how long they were in, the name David Mayo may draw their attention. Then they find out that LRH’s own auditor no longer buys Scientology.

    Of course Marty has to attack him.

    BTW, have you spotted his latest post? “How would you like some expansion news without the hype, mind-numbing made-up figures, and fictional anecdotes?”

    To be fair, his post doesn’t contain any “mind-numbing[,] made-up figures” but it does contain the other two.

  6. William Johnson

    After Marty’s last blog post, I feel justified in my attitude towards him. MONEY MONEY MONEY. It seems now that his wife is going to quit her day job and ‘audit’ people too. (do I hear the echo of AAC in the room?)

  7. “Well, compared to what David Mayo endured, Marty’s kind of a lightweight. Getting your name smeared in Scientology’s own magazines and having some dorks with cameras show up on your doorstep is child’s play compared to the lawsuits, harassment and vilification that Mayo went through.”


    The question then becomes, Why isn’t the Co$ going after Marty and his new Indy group like they did Mayo and other squirrels of the past?

    The Co$ has a large “war chest” for the purpose of lawsuits against squirrels and SPs. That’s RTC’s main purpose. Both M&M’s know this. So, where’s the omitted lawsuit? Or could Co$ be gathering evidence for a case against Marty?

    Where’s the same Co$ that was able to fight the IRS and win? Where’s the Co$ that was able to infiltrate and take over the Cult Awareness Network? Where’s Warren McShane with his law enforcement connections and a warrant to have Marty’s premises searched, E-Meters confiscated, and hard drives confiscated due to possible copyright violations? Co$ has a drill for squirrels and the Marty types (especially in the USA), and they’re not following the usual script.

    Marty has already detailed enough on his own blog for the Co$ to “legally” go after him in terms of copyright infringement. He admittedly profits from using Scientology and it’s materials.

    The omitted usual actions of the Co$ is at the very least an interesting observation.

    • I agree that the church’s reactions with regard to Marty seem pretty lame compared to those they have taken in the past. I wonder about that too. Is it because he has too much dirt on them for them to bring a full-on attack? And if he does (many people think that he does) then why hasn’t he ALREADY thrown down the gauntlet?

      I keep feeling like I only have half the story, and the half that I have isn’t anywhere near as important or informative as the half that I can’t see.

      • I don’t think he has any sort of dirt that could get them in much trouble. He’s been saying he does for months now and so far nothing has come of it except a few “dox” that aren’t dox and can’t be verified.

        I think it’s a PR thing. Actions that caused bad press led to sliding stats and now per LRH they have to change their operating basis. I don’t think Marty has the pull over the press that he once had, but the Church may still well be afraid that he does.


      • Jesse Prince has said he was warned not to ever read Rathbun’s auditing files, since knowledge of Rathbun’s activities might endanger Jesse’s status as a free man (or words to that effect).

        I think that there are some “nuclear” weapons that Miscavige and Rathbun could use on each other, but each knows that way leads almost certainly directly to jail. It’s called “Mutually Assured Destruction”.

        Therefore they limit themselves to name-calling and turning up on each others doorstep.

    • I don’t think they can go after him for copyright if his materials were legally acquired. I believe one part of a previous Scientology court case threw out their “trade secrets” claims so they can’t legally prevent him from practicing with purchased materials.

      I’ve even seen him direct people to Amazon to buy Hubbard books rather than encourage them to acquire them through other means.

      As for the half-assed fair-gaming going on, I’d guess that there is a possibility that Marty could do some damage if they backed him into a corner too much. He’s clearly not overly keen to incriminate himself but might do so if he felt he had no other options.

      • “I don’t think they can go after him for copyright if his materials were legally acquired. I believe one part of a previous Scientology court case threw out their “trade secrets” claims so they can’t legally prevent him from practicing with purchased materials. ”

        Of course they can’t go after him for practicing, but what about for making profit, and setting up an outside organization? Even Mosey is now quitting her job so she can earn a living as a full-time auditor, not being licensed or certified by the Co$. I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate.

      • I think so long as he doesn’t try and pretend that he’s the Church of Scientology they can’t do all that much. The same religious freedom rights that the CoS has used to operate without oversight protect Marty to an extent.

        As for charging money while being unlicensed, the CoS doesn’t want to get into that territory. According to their disclaimers, auditing is a religious ritual that offers no medical or other tangible benefit. They don’t want to claim they are offering some form of therapy that needs certification and oversight so they can’t really say that Marty needs certification and oversight either.

        A priest can leave the Catholic church and offer to hear confessions for money. The Catholic church can say that he’s been defrocked and therefor has lost his magic powers of absolution so you are only getting pretend salvation but that’s about it.

      • Great post Cali.

        I’ve posted in depth about this elsewhere, but the Church of Scientology’s greatest fear with respect to intellectual property is that their trademarks will become genericized (and usable by any ‘shingle-hanger’ to keep with the theme). They use copyright infringement as a club to keep criticism in check to the extent they’re able, but their trademarks are the key to revenue. This will become more apparent if Marty’s operation becomes more sophisticated to the point where he’s advertising for raw meat. Scientology will find it very difficult to enforce its trademarks–nearly all of them–if they’re using them to stamp out a competing ‘religion.’

  8. Marty giving up the tech would be like Marty giving up cigarettes. Only LRH had the superpowers to give up cigarettes in his last few years, while maintaining complete paranoia of Body Thetans. Plus, near the end, he “cognated” smoking made it harder for him to breathe. (Didn’t even have to exteriorize to Venus for that one.)

    Speaking of ballparks, wasn’t Marty doing concession sales at baseball games during his days wandering in the desert of not knowing what it all meant?

    There’s going to be some high roller apostates who dump money on Marty, and considering he was a pretend cub-reporter who can’t really write, a political campaigner with whom no one really wanted to associate, and at one point sweeping floors, yes, it’s got to be mostly about the money, with a dose of vengeance thrown in. And perhaps Marty is a good auditor, that makes his patients and himself feel good.

    Mayo was much smarter than Marty, and pulled off something that in the pre-internet era was bold and took a lot of guts. Right now though, Marty/Mike are a significant team for two reasons:

    1. Getting people out of the cult, and in tune to the abusiveness of DM. Beghe, Haggis, and Fairman all had some connection to Marty, as a credible source, for the position he occupied, and his beliefs now.

    2. As an important conduit to the media. Marty/Mike were both “high ranking,” and privy to the dirty way Scientology operates, even if they don’t talk about that too much, except in relation to the things DM made them do.

    It’s as if Marty/LRH can embody all the ideals many members had for Scientology, and it allows the members who are so angry at DM, to retain their self-esteem.

    No matter how he feels he has to put Mayo down (because LRH wanted him put down), Marty knows that his own opportunity came because of timing, and the Internet.

    Even the ability to video someone (like the s-busters) with sound, and then publish it so thousands can see it, is a technological development Mayo simply didn’t have.

    As if Scientology’s shunning of ex-members isn’t enough — because other cults will do that — but the way Scientology harasses and tries to intimidate people.

    One thing Marty has over Mayo, is that Mayo sounds like he’s in a trance, kind of zombie-like or low key. Marty has that George Bush ease about him.

    Holy Xenu, if only one of these actors could tape Tommy Davis trying to intimidate and threaten them. Or, any member getting DM throwing a fit on camera, calling Travolta an f or whatever. It will be so over for this cult.

    Maybe Marty doesn’t owe all that much to Mayo, and other FZers. Marty is benefiting more from ARS, ESMB, Lerma, Lund, Bunker, the earliest people/groups who used the Internet to speak what is true for them, about Scientology.

    Marty is going to face some challenges when he tries to set up centers, and still call it Scientology. I think Marty would be better off, keeping it at his house, until a few of the really high rollers leave, and they want to dump some millions on Marty. Then Marty will have the money to build his own RPF.

    I still think he should have kept his old house with the stilts, as they would have been so handy, to tie people to, if they had bad thoughts about Hubbard.

    • >I still think he should have kept his old house with the stilts, as they would have been so handy, to tie people to, if they had bad thoughts about Hubbard.



  9. “To me, though, the most likely reason that Marty Rathbun thinks David Mayo is bad that LRH said David Mayo was bad. And Marty Rathbun, like any proper Scientologist, always does what LRH said.”

    – To me, too.
    I honestly believe that that”s all it boils down to.
    To Marty, Mayo has been a “Squirrel” (just like “what LRH would say/said”).

    In front of his followers Marty tries to look as a (one of the few) Successor of *Pure* Tech. And considers himself (encouraging others around him on his blog) “keeping the tech pure” = “as per LRH”

    In that light, Mayo looks to them nothing else but a “squirrel” (with his advancements to the tech AFTER he left Co$).
    – Picture painted by Marty about Mayo to them looks *true* – just because they want nothing else but *The Standard Tech* (the one approved by LRH).


    • I can see how he could be taking on Mayo because of Hubbard’s views on him, sure. I still find it to be an “out of the blue” post for the blog though. But now that I think about it he IS attracting readers and participants from various schools/eras on the subject – FZers and Indies and old timers or whatever label they want this week post there, some of them (based on their comments on his blog) unabashed squirrels. 🙂 Maybe some of their comments spurred the Mayo thing.

  10. Check out Marty’s latest entry. He’s been advertising ’cause his overhead just went up.

    • The more followers he attracts the better.
      (He’s been PROMOTING. – Doing his “condition formulas”)

      He’s been offering them “Standard Technology”…. on his blog.

      And it looks good for Marty and for his sycophants that “Mayo is a Squirrel”.

  11. Good blog, Caliwog!

    Glad the messages are posted right away (don’t have to wait and see whether it’s posted or not)

  12. How exactly do you suppose Marty’s gonna handle the tax angle? He isn’t a recognized non-profit and his victims preclears/preOTs aren’t donating to scientology.

    • Probably he’ll handle it the same way as an independent contractor, or consultant – calculate and pay his own taxes. My question is how are his pc’s going to handle the donations on THEIR taxes? That one is a lot more tricky.
      But I don’t know that he’s necessarily raking it in – he could be, but they could also be caught up in that same fever that caught most of us on staff – willing to do without and put up with anything for a chance to make a difference.
      It sounds like such a dated concept to me now, but in 89 I was naive and innocent and a more than a little fucked up from my family, so changing the world? Sign me up. Now, I am jaded, but back then I needed what they were selling. And I wonder sometimes if maybe Marty is still there in that place that seems so foreign to me now. Maybe he needs to believe right now. I honestly do think he’s sincere in his faith. That’s why I really don’t think it’s money that motivates him.
      I know there are plenty of people who dislike him. I’m not one of them. I don’t know that I trust him, or that I ever would, but I don’t think he’s innately bad or crooked or dangerous. I appreciate the things he HAS done to attack the church and I am glad that he is able to reach people with his stories and helping to get people out of the church. I see his flaws, but I’m trying to be less jaded these days and allow that he has some good qualities too. 🙂

      • One thing about Marty vs. Mayo, Marty really has the power to make some members, who would never read criticism of the cult, Hubbard or DM, at least read and look at some of his and other people’s statements and videos (to the SP Times) about DM beating underlings.

        Haggis didn’t get stuck at Marty’s Sq’org, he read Headley’s book, exscientologykids, etc. then talks to a great writer like Wright. From there, every thinking person who read Wright’s article understood, as one former Seinfeld writer put it, by what people were saying to him, “they are whack-jobs.”

        I hope Haggis can eventually turn his experience into his own screenplay about something cult-like. However, I’m thankful for what both he and Beghe have done so far.

    • You’ll notice that Marty never says anything negative about the tax angle. If you think about it, that’s one of the BIGGEST crimes Scientology is committing — they are a business that is depriving both state and federal governments of MILLIONS of dollars each year (and goodness knows California needs the money). That’s a HUGE “button” with the public. Marty will talk a bit about how he and DM cowed the IRS into submission, but he won’t go so far as to call it a swindle. And I think we all know why.

      I smell a blog entry. According to Marty’s “ethics,” swindling a Scientologist out of thousands for auditing is bad, but swindling US taxpayers out of millions is just fine.


  13. Run, Mosey, run. Get outta there before this game costs years of your life and results in the deliberate debilitation of your cognitive functioning right down to the level where you end up believing that your body is infested with the spiritual debris of alien beings blown up in non-existent volcanoes 75 million years ago by an evil intergalactic overlord named Xenu who was trying to solve an over-population programme. The tech doesn’t work, it never has and it never will. End of.

  14. Any coincidence that Jeff’s blog “Leaving Scientology” closing up shop and Marty’s operation gaining momentum ? Jeff was the best and the last couple posts were blockbuster. OT abilities , and the survey (with 69% total dissatisfaction). Jeff was trying to get people to leave the church, while Marty tries to rake them in. I hope this blog get more attention to fill some of this great cyber void that now exists. Could Jeff be getting any “Fair Game” from the Indies ? Just saying.

    • It is a real shame Jeff is leaving the Scientology blogosphere. I believe the reasons he stated are true, which are that he’s busy with other things, and wants to move on.

      It’s a real shame because so many Scns read his blog updates, and they were absolutely top-drawer articles.

      Caliwog’s blog is good, and is getting better IMHO, as he gains experience. I don’t know how many Scns would read it though, since it is probably a little “harsh” for them.

      • I agree, I do believe Jeff and his reasons. Might just be the time for him, he has done all he can and SHOULD move on. Just the timing with Marty, and intensity of the posts, ya just gotta scratch your head. Great Jesse is getting back on line, this will help too.

    • I don’t know that Marty’s movement is gaining momentum. Marty claims things as victories that really aren’t – for example when he does an interview with the Village Voice and makes ALL of Scientology seem creepy, not just the Church.

      It actually would make a LOT of sense for the Church to start their own “squirrel” organization. Sort of like Coca-Cola selling Dasani water – if people don’t want soda, Coke gets their money anyway. But I don’t think they would. LRH said squirrels are bad, so squirrels are bad. There’s very little flexibility for true out-of-the-box thinking in the Admin Tech.


  15. For those of you wondering why Marty and Mike get such a lame fairgaming experience – could it be because OSA/RTC lost their two biggest and nastiest assholes??

    • William Johnson

      Never looked at it that way before…you have made an important point.

    • The other reason could be that the M&M² Show is itself an OSA outreach programme. Its certainly putting a lot of effort into salvaging what it can of L Ron Hubbard’s dross while doing its level best to avoid the criminal prosecution of the cult and attempting to meddle in other court cases.

      • SpecialFrog

        They may decide that people who have gone indy are easier to reclaim than people who are out altogether, which is probably true. They may try and have some public “reform” to lure back people whose issues are with the organization itself. If Miscavige retreated further to the background and appointed a new “leader” are there any high-placed leaks who could tell from the outside?

        Plus, they may still make some money from the indies if they continue to buy materials, e-meters, etc. Marty seems to encourage people to buy LRH books rather than pirate them.

  16. I also have problem with deleting my posts on Marty s blog…
    I know this sounds crazy,but if you think about also “Snow White” was crazy in it s own time…so this is what I think….
    D.M. and RTC sow that something is going wrong,and they have to do something-that people are leaving and ,there is less and less money coming to church… So they send MR and MR to pick up those FZ and ones who left,and tell them that DM is CRAZY,cause changing LRH ….they make that “war” for few years,then DM change back all of it, back to LRH (which you can read on” keep scientology working blog by POT”,that DM- start to do that),and after it is done-they make “peace”and MR bring those “FZ,indies,out of cult”-back in to a cult…. Those “SB production” ,I think is just DM insurance to “know” what is MR doing and maybe little bit -to look real… and after 10 years we will read about that on net… maybe instead “snow white”, its name will be “squirrel busting”….
    I just don’t trust Marty R,and Mike R, it is all so silly-there is not SINGLE law suit-which I found very strange…
    P.S. just find your blog,and I like it very much. I am sorry that I didn’t save my posts on MR blog.
    Big hello from Croatia.

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