Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

Oops! A little lie exposed

Over on Marty’s site, Mike Rinder has been giving us a blow-by-blow analysis of DM’s latest video extravaganza. In Sunday’s installment, Mike mentioned this tidbit about the Toronto Federation:

“…the ONLY thing mentioned and shown is a drawing of how the outside of their ‘Ideal Org’ will look. NOT mentioned – they have had that org since the late 70’s!!! It is one of the buildings that LRH directed be bought by the Building Investment Committee.”

What’s interesting is that when LRH put to sea in the mid-60s, he said that he had given up day-to-day management of the Church of Scientology.

Of course, most protesters know the truth: LRH ran Scientology almost up until his death. He was supplied with daily statistics and income information (and cash) from the Church, and he wrote so-called “advices” that were taken as law. Still, it’s interesting to hear from a former Scientology senior staffer – someone who would know – that a building was purchased at LRH’s direction.

Remember, during Mike Rinder’s time, and indeed up until today, the Church maintained that L. Ron Hubbard had retired from Church management. Had Mike Rinder been working for the Church, such a slip would have resulted in “ethics action.”

I’m sure Mike doesn’t care much about maintaining the Church’s lies, although one would think he’d want to stand by LRH’s lies. And as a “clear,” he should have a faultless memory. Still, it just goes to show that if you tell too many lies, it becomes difficult to keep them straight. Even clears and OTs aren’t immune.