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Anatomy of a Footbullet

(Update: Some of the Squrrel Squad’s video has been posted here (action starts at 0:56, and the microphone grab looks better in Marty’s video.)

Sooo, the latest buzz on Marty’s site is that David Miscavige sent the Squirrel Squad to Marty’s house in retaliation for his “King of Squirrels” posts. Mike proposed the theory in a comment:

mrinder | April 18, 2011 at 10:31 pm | Reply

Based on experience, I dont think there is that much thought in this.

I think Dave went on a vein-popper: “Did you see what that c***sucker Rathbun is saying now? Doesnt anyone care about defending me? You all just sit around and spectate while I do ALL the work. […SNIP…] I remember when VA was here and she at least DID something to deal with Mayo. They used to have Squirrel Busters that went up and harassed him. You assholes are all less competent than that SP VA. Or that piece of shit MSH. You can’t originate anything, so as usual, I have to think up what to do.” From there, Jenny Linson issued orders to Lnda Hamel who then called the DSA Stevens Creek who went and got this moron and had him and his 3 Stooges fly to Corpus Christi.

And into the mix, someone pulled out another transcript of one of Dave’s rants where he said “Someone should go do a tech inspection at Rathbun’s — how can he accuse ME of being a squirrel. I BET he is worse than me.” And in the literal world of Miscavigeland, Francois or Tori (some of his typist/compliance getters) demanded “compliance” to that order [“No, COB was NOT joking when he said that. He would not have said it if he didnt mean it to be done.”] So, Warren McShane or Linda Hamel then added that into the “Mission Orders” for the Ghostbusters and off they went.

martyrathbun09 | April 18, 2011 at 10:33 pm | Reply

Mike ain’t kidding. This is about as accurate a scenario as imaginable, knowing the players.

Marty followed up with a blog entry titled Macho Super Ponzi that talks about “Miscavige coming unglued and sending OTAs to their slaughter in Corpus Christi.” (Slaughter? Really?) It also includes more half-decade-old unverifiable docs and the phrase “Ponzi scheme,” which Marty seems determined never to look up in a dictionary.

Anyway… I don’t think Mike and Marty’s theory about this holds water. One of the sites I read regularly is martyrathbunblog.com, a pro-Church, anti-Marty site (and an attempt by the Church to cyber-sit on any URLs that Marty might use). For months, they’ve been waging a campaign against Marty, attempting to discredit him in the eyes of other Scientologists. Their primary argument, besides the saying that Marty is a bad dude who hates LRH and Scientology – y’know, the same stuff Marty says about David Miscavige – is that Marty cannot deliver Scientology because he lacks the proper tools and processes. Without enough staff and proper equipment, they say, he can’t possibly deliver Scientology. The whole Squirrel Squad stunt – the shirts, the logos, and the request to “inspect” Marty’s delivery facilities – fits right in with what they’ve been writing about all this time.

So no, I don’t think this was a knee-jerk reaction by David Miscavige. I think it was a carefully planned operation by the Church and part of a larger project to shoot a video that “investigates” and “exposes” Marty Rathbun. After all, from a Scientology perspective, what Marty is doing is very dangerous – he is delivering sub-standard Scientology and endangering people’s eternal freedom. (Which is the same thing that Marty… oh, you know.)

Never mind that what the Church has actually done is to help re-build the base of support that Marty lost with his David Mayo series. They might be too stupid to see that – and frankly I'm not 100% sure that Marty or Mike see it either – but more likely they have target dates to achieve certain goals. Telling your boss "I think we should wait a couple of weeks to get a better reaction" seems perfectly reasonable. In fact, it is reasonable – and in Scientology, “reasonable” means “coming up with reasons that something can’t be done.” It’s a bad thing. So, better to go ahead and do it and write “Done!” on your battle plan. (Again, crap like this is why Scientology rarely accomplishes anything significant.)

So, that’s my take – but what do I know? I’m just a pathetic one-lifer wog who takes all things into consideration. If I had the laser-like focus of a Scientologist, I might see things differently.