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News from English Independents… or is it?

I wanted to share an excerpt from a speech given by an Independent Scientologist to other Indies about goings-on in East Grinstead, UK, where Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard had his home and headquarters at Saint Hill Manor:

“In the East Grinstead area, I would venture a guess that better than half of the Scientologists in that area are disaffected and staying away from the org, and at least a third are actually Independent right now. Many of the very biggest opinion leaders have done so… one doctor in particular, who has serviced the Scientology field for the last 8 or 10 years, resigned about a month ago and he sent his letter of resignation to his whole CF [Central Files, his client list], about 2,000 Scientologists. And that had an impact.

“This morning in East Grinstead there was a protest demo[nstraton] against practices such as disconnection… 60 Scientologists marched through the streets of East Grinstead. The press were informed beforehand and they were there taking their photographs. And then the whole delegation went to Saint Hill and submitted a presentation of Demand for Reform, and the media were right there, too….

“The Church organized a radio program for today, a live radio program, call-in, where they wanted to get certain messages out, particularly that would be anti-Independent. And they lined up their own people to phone in. This was a live program. Somehow, we happened to find out about this program, and we got on the lines, and 65% of the phone callers-in were Independents! And the questions they got hit with, they weren’t prepared for. So that went real well.”

Know when this was recorded?


Twenty-seven years ago.

Don’t take my word for it — you can download the original MP3 here. It’s the preamble to a speech given by David Mayo, then head of the Advanced Ability Center, about the dirty tricks being played against him by the organized Church, back when LRH was still alive. David and the AAC are the folks who were Independent before Independent was cool.

The point I wish to make is that the true history of Independent Scientology goes farther back than certain people would like you to realize. The movement of Scientologists away from the Church is nothing new. So why would Marty try to infer that it is? The answer may well lie (no pun intended) in a 1979 LRH policy called DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY ARE NEW:

“People who have been in Dianetics and Scientology for years see it as a way of life… They do not realize that Dianetics and Scientology are new news to the bulk of the world’s population. They do not realize that the oldest Dianetics or Scientology books are brand new books to the bulk of humanity! … So write and act like you have NEW news.” — LRH

What LRH missed is that saying something is new doesn’t make it new. It’s easy to see that Dianetics auditing is just repackaged psychotherapy, which is why Hubbard went to such extreme lengths to keep out people who understood that and keep those “in” from realizing it.

Likewise, it’s in Marty’s best interest to have the world believe his Independent movement is something new. I’ll be honest – even I was fooled, but the more I learn about David Mayo, the more I understand why Marty is so eager to vilify him and minimize his importance. More on that in my next blog entry.