Lulz alert!

In last Saturday’s post, I talked about this video. Ready for a laugh? Fast-forward to 5:00 or so, and you’ll hear Marty speculate that when the copyrights on LRH’s books expire, non-Scientology publishers will be falling all over themselves to print them.

“There would be publishers all over the place reprinting these books and doing it on their own dime,” Marty says.

“Right. Yeah. Of course,” replies his parrot Mike Rinder.

Right, guys. I’m sure that given the success of the movie Battlefield Earth, real-world publishers will be dying to get their hands on classics like Have You Lived Before This Life.


4 responses to “Lulz alert!

  1. Yeah, because Bridge Pub’s fancy facility is completely unable to keep up with the demand.

    According to Nielsen BookScan, D:MSMH sold 52,000 copies between 2001 and 2005. I can’t imagine any of Hubbard’s other Scientology works selling more that a fraction of that.

  2. And we know they were all sold to Scio’s or given away to poor asian people as bait. 🙂

    The executive power of Scientology consisting of DM, Marty, Rinder, Yeager, Starkey, Wilhere, Minoff all using their immense history of 74 Quadrillion years of experience totalling more than Bazillion years, all the power of communication,t he complete mastery of public relations, the knowledge of how to write and the brilliance of precision gave us….

    Battlefield Earth.

    Representing the pinnacle of Scientology’s combined ability we see more value in Waterworld.

    Thank God, thank the heavens, thank a fluke brush with the good will of the universe that Scientology has not as yet tried their hand with Science or trying to make Potato Chips.

    The way Scientologists talk themselves up, you would think they would be running NASA by now, but they would not even qualify to clean their toilets.

  3. aaronsaxton,
    I kinda-sorta liked Waterworld …….

  4. Worldworld??? Shit you make me laugh – I thought it had merits also – seriously – but it sort of like now admitting you once owned a Millie Vanille Album – it is just not the done thing. 🙂

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