Accountable Marty

A quick update: In my post from the other day (Watch Out for Red Herrings), I mentioned that Marty had not said anything about David Montalvo and wondered what would happen to the $8,000 raised if Daniel went back to the Mother Church.

Today, Marty posted an update and a full accounting of the $13,000 (!) raised.

Coincidence? Who knows, but good for you, Marty. Now if we can just get you to stop censoring comments and be honest about the crimes written into LRH’s tech… who knows what the future might hold?


4 responses to “Accountable Marty

  1. A bird on the wire told me Marty has a much bigger issue at hand.

    He has been delivering services, though he is not a member of the C of S. These are not tax deductible – and he has not been paying taxes on income received.

    The C of S isn’t going to get Marty put in jail on copyright etc. They are going to have the IRS jail him for tax evasion.

    And Mike Rinder is a reverend of WHICH church Exactly? Do Marty and Mike now have their own church for tax deductible expenses? Is this is why independents are going to Marty – to get a nice tax break?

    Perhaps Marty learned how to get money back to parishioners as did C of S by sending the money off-shore and giving it back when they were overseas.

    hmmmm… Marty may be smarter, or more stupid than we think.

  2. I’m not sure how Marty’s post qualifies as “accounting” – there’s no documentation, no scans or screen shots of account balances or disbursements, no accountant or other person validating these figures – absolutely nothing but Marty typing up a bunch of numbers and asking us to believe it’s all true. This is how much I raised and this is what I did with it is all based on Marty’s word – which I don’t think his word still counts for much after he spent most his life lying for a criminal cult. Call me crazy but I still don’t feel comfortable taking Marty’s word for anything – I still believe his history calls for hard proof on any public claims he makes, esp dealing with money or scientology related issues.

  3. P.S. Isn’t it funny that within three months of Marty posting his “donate” button and having his new “angel” (Karen de la Carriere) he’s moving into a fancy new house? Funny that.

    Also on his new censored “theta” forums he announces he AND Mosey are now “working full time” on “counseling” via Scientology former cult victims and suckers. What really makes me want to puke is he points out he’s dealing with children who were raised in the cult/SO and helping them deal with losing their entire childhood via slavery in the cult. I’m sure it’s warm and fuzzy method of “you pulled it in” and the idea of Marty Rathbun sucking in the kids who were raised in that abusive cult and running his “tech” on them makes me want to puke. Nothing could be worse for the true victims of Scientology (i.e. the second generation ones who were never given a choice and raised in the cult) than to fall into the hands of Marty “LRH is God” Rathbun. Seriously fuck him for thinking he has any right to further fuck with these people’s lives – they’ve already suffered enough under the cult he protected for most of his adult life, he should be “donating’ his money to them.

  4. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    I agree,

    It seems to me that Mr Rathbun iks trying to convince us that he is ”healing” children abused by the ”corporate” Church..The ”corporate Church” is a legal corporate entity – it has no arms, nor mouth, nor legs , ti can not do anything, it is a Tax-purpose entity – only human beings, working in it – and especially it’s leaders can and could have harmed children by committing crimes of human right on abusing childrens
    (Miscavige was 9 years old when these crimes were first reported committed by LRH and it’s staff- some still alive – keept silent abouyt that!

    We are all approving these crimes by stil be silent and encourage Rathbun and other independant to skip true about LRH – tech and all abuses that started before Miscavige that is only a continuation of LRH valence as he wanted to project himself and his mind in his messengers.

    So..who of us could be so hypocrit and push the offense and abuse to even think of having ex-scientologist children to pay for so said ”healing” auditing from people who contribute to make this cult abuse them and never care or protected them.? Who????

    It is a shame..should I want to abuse people I couln’t even attain this stage..unless I would be so insane…It is only perpetuation of abuse!

    I Apoligize to all abused children for the silence of all scientologists that never protected them..this is a shamed! Wish to do not go into hand of any other person who can have them work like hell to pay for ”healing” is a lie… healing come in one’s willingness and hability to look inside for truth and reality – first steps to recover freedom -and acceptation of it – one can be healed by embracing his own suffering, taking care of it and be compassionate and good to himself…that’s so simple!

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