Can Scientology be reformed?

Ray Randolph’s post on Marty’s blog has sparked a renewed debate on whether Scientology can be reformed in such a way as to leave out the harmful bits.

Several protesters cite the Bible as an example. There are millions of Christians who don’t stone adulterers to death or kill their daughters for having premarital sex, even though the Bible tells them to. Can’t Scientology undergo a similar transformation?

Here’s the problem with the Bible argument: The Bible was written thousands of years ago by unknown authors in a handful of ancient languages. It has been subject to numerous translations and interpretations, to the point that the entire legitimacy of Christianity, according to some, rests on whether a single word should be translated as “virgin” or “maiden.”

That’s not the case with Scientology, whose tenets were written by a single man, one whose existence is not in question, in more-or-less plain English – and where the English is less plain, there are extensive definitions given for made-up or redefined words. And where the Bible is often terse and vague, Scientology author L. Ron Hubbard’s writings are laboriously long and incredibly specific.

So are Hubbard’s followers free to pick and choose which bits of the tech they believe in? Not according to Hubbard, they aren’t.

Most people are familiar with the Keeping Scientology Working (KSW) policy, in which Hubbard stated that his “technology” must be applied exactly as written in order to deliver the promised results. But KSW isn’t the only example of this – it is a recurring theme throughout Scientology. (I’ve cited a few examples at the bottom of this post, but I recommend you read a few random policies and see for yourself how often this comes up.)

Hubbard clearly saw that people interpret religion as they see fit, so he admonished his followers not to do the same. He even came up with a term for this: Squirreling. Squirreling is defined by LRH as “Altering Scientology and offbeat practices. It is a bad thing.” To be a squirrel in Scientology to be one of the devil’s minions. Hubbard reminds his followers over and over and over again that the tech must be used in its entirety and exactly as written in order to work.

If you don’t understand this, then you aren’t as familiar with Scientology “tech” as you ought to be.

Scientology is not just a set of kooky beliefs. If all Scientology did was take people’s money and convince them that they are space aliens trapped in human bodies, this blog wouldn’t exist.

But Scientology does much more than that. It attracts people through unscrupulous means and tells them whatever they need to hear to get them signed up. It encourages people to forgo standard, proven medical treatment for quackery invented by a known charlatan. It actively seeks to isolate members, encourages them to dismiss criticism of the subject without reading it, and teaches that devotion to the group is the highest possible calling. And it does all this with one hand pointing to the sky and the other reaching into its victim’s wallets.

People say Free Zone or independent Scientology is harmless – but is it? If a Free Zoner uses auditing and touch assists to treat his cancer instead of going to the doctor, is that harmless? If a parent takes their schizophrenic child off of their psychiatric medication because Hubbard says “Psychs are evil,” is that harmless? If people accept that the proper treatment for a person having a psychotic break is to lock her in a room with untrained laymen who refuse to talk to her, is that harmless?

Just because a group can’t yet afford to hire private investigators or build their own private prison camp doesn’t mean they are practicing a “kinder, gentler” Scientology.

Protesting Scientology is not a game. It’s not a fun reason to wear a mask on Saturday or something to write about during your coffee break. Scientology hurts people. Scientology kills people. And I am not just being dramatic – the practice of Scientology has caused injury and death. That’s not an idle accusation, THAT IS A PROVEN FACT.

Can Scientology be reformed? No fucking way. If you don’t believe that, then you don’t know enough about Scientology.

I urge you to learn.


“When you want results you had better use standard techniques and procedures. I have sweated through their testing for years… ‘failures’ are caused by use of non-standard techniques and procedures.” — LRH
“‘Offbeat’ Processing,” Ability Magazine Issue 78, June 1958

“Standard tech works. Use it and it only.” — LRH

“No student may be advised to do anything except standard technology.” — LRH
HCO PL 20 February 1964, REGULATIONS

9 responses to “Can Scientology be reformed?

  1. Good points.
    Some other important differences:
    * Scientology’s whole organizational structure was outlined by its founder in every little detail.
    Scientology is the only “religion”, where the organization itself was completely desgined by its founder and is therefore a part of the religion.
    Every little step in Scientology from being routed in by a “bodyrouter”, to the personality test where your “ruin” gets found, to the registrar who takes your money for the first course , the love bombing after you had your first “win” , so that you will spend more money for another course , was exatly outlined by L. Ron Hubbard in the policies.
    Scientology isn’t a belief system, it is a precisely designed system to lure gullible or emotionally vulnerable people in, con them out of their money and change their personality into the one of a Scientologist, who will from then on live and work only for Scientology.
    Therefore you can’t really seperate the organization from the subject, because the organization IS the subject.

  2. Cali

    Just read this post over at Marty’s blog and found it very very funny.

    It’s a story from “Sarge” about the good ol’ days when Scientology was being run by LRH – a time before Miscavige was around and therefore in the minds of the independents a time when everything was good.

    The comments section at the end is filled with gushing Scientologists, thrilled to hear a new story about LRH, happy their day has ended with such a lovely “theta” tale.

    And what is this story that has delighted the loyal members? Is it a story about LRH giving food to the poor? Does it describe some pearl of wisdom or a tale of bravery perhaps?

    No. It’s a story of the Scientology leadership skulking around in disguises and changing their names because they want to avoid capture by the authorities, and of LRH’s top Lieutenant threatening to kill “Sarge”.

    Well what an absolutely inspirational tale that was. If that’s “theta” I would hate to see “entheta”.

    I look forward to other bedtime stories, such as the one about the time LRH let his wife serve time in prison for him, or how he introduced the RPF, or my personal favourite – how he set OSA against his daughter from one of his other marriages (you remember, the one he earlier kidnapped from his wife as a baby as a means to silence her). How we laughed as the poor girl cried herself to sleep at the cruel hostility displayed by the father she never had. Ah, those were the days!

    How can an organisation be reformed, when the reformers think this is acceptable behaviour?

  3. Yes, they think it’s “theta”, because Hubbard gave himself such a funny name and had chose such a funny disguise, hahaha.

  4. Yeah the Colonel Sanders of fried souls. You nailed it Sid.

  5. Cali,

    I respect your stand on this. I know precisely where it comes from and you make your points well.

    I disagree, and that’s cool too. 🙂

    Right now, Marty isn’t hurting people, feeding them rice and beans, making them run around flag poles or putting them in the bilges. If he starts to act the whole Scn Tyrant role, myself and many others will be there.

    Cripes, the man even let Dennis Erlich talk on that thread. That’s fscking huge.

    Your arguments seems to be based on the idea that Scientology can be take in the context of absolute En-errancy. You may be right. But the “reformers” are saying something different, and I have no reason to think it’s not possible. Believe me, If I’m wrong, I’ll post right here, on your blog and say, “I was wrong.”

    Both factions exist. Sci, Inc… and Marty’s version. All I say is if he’s honest, he’s got my backing. If he’s not, he’ll have my protest.

    You have my utmost respect.


  6. Ive listened to the stories froma guy who was there from the 1950’s onwards and he talks about LRH like he a is a God.

    Strangely enough though, when I ask him about life on the ship – yes he was an original SO project member and SO member – he tells me about the other side of LRH. Sending people to the bilge pumps. The screaming, the ranting, the raving, the heavy ethics. The throwing overboard of students.

    All the while he tells me what a great guy LRH was.

    I guess its like North Korea – what a great guy.

    “He beats me, but he loves me – it is all I know.”

    Lovely stories.

  7. Marty’s version? What version would that be precisely. Can we be specific. I am not seeing any difference between the Scn in the C of S, the one LRH had or the one Marty has.

    Can someone be so good as to enlighten us all on PRECISELY the difference so it is absolutely clear on why it will be different?

  8. Great post Cal and I agree 100%.

    Sarge’s posts about washing vehicles (or whatever) for Hubbard and him being quirky and in hiding are weird. There’s about 200 stories in Bare-Faced Messiah about Hubbard, that are more interesting and meaningful than drivel about their drooling unquestioning devotion.

    Reminds me of a lengthy thread on ESMB from one of the early Sea Ogres, fondly recalling how Hubbard took some guys ashore and got them all drunk, so they’d rat on each other, and talk about other people on the ship. Drunk tech! But at least his post wasn’t advertised as some exciting memory of LRH interaction.

  9. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    Quote: * Can Scientology be reformed? No fucking way. If you don’t believe that, then you don’t know enough about Scientology.
    I urge you to learn. * end of quote

    I agree! You are right!

    I would add that Chirstian religion do not compare with scientology because christianity is a religion while Scientology is a para-military group and it’s goal was to ”clear the planet” as to reach that would mean all human would be scientologist and oblige to obey scientology law, justice, wich is in fact to obey ”the Source” scriptures of a guru that make his own ”religion” an autocraty – a bunch of policies an d come contradictory (wich rflect his split-mind) . We have just sorted out of middle age of religion that got it’s power and dictature over human race, even though we sill have some orthodox side of any religion that dictate how to act in our lives and that commit extrême act of segregation – we , as human, do not want any para-military group or any profit base book-selling group to dominate our lives and families or the human race – No way!

    It there is scientologists that suffered inside the church and di not had the courage to look for the COMPLETE TRUTH AND SOURCE OF IT’S ABBERATION – and if they still want to be dictate their way of thinking – living – having sex-confess or refuse to confess their privacy – it’s of their business..I can support they live with their ”stockolm syndrome” and their need of a guru or a master – event if his name is LRH – Miscavige – Rathbun …

    But leave us alone..get your auditing- buy your book – give your monwy to whoever you want – but pay the taxe you have to pay – do not hide behind a religion status- and do not bring a para-military group again taht will perpetuate it’s human rights and children abuses..we had enough!

    If one think , a refor wont’t be the they watch..they better to heal their blindnbess and have the courage to look for the roots of the horror of CO$ .. anyone who had that courage know that any reform , means keeping the fundatiions of this aberration while changin it’s leaders.

    It’s really weird how people, sometimes have never enough of violence ..they still wants more….and again…like a beaten woman who will divorced to get married with another violent alchoolic man….

    My conclusion is that the primary abberation of scientology is , we scientologists that lacked of courage, integrity, own-determinism-freedom – to let this perpetuate even on our children…

    Another reform thank you! Be sure that thousands and thousands of people are expecting the fall of the church and NO REFORM .

    No leader nor staffof the church have confess or repaired hurts to human beings and children…lot of us have left fot this purposes and we wacth and will protect our futur from this church of greed and decadence.

    * Concerning the crimes of hubbard on the Appolo – 4 years old children – torture is ewell codumented by still alive reliable and known witnesses! His policies about children and punishment can be recover easily on the web!

    We do not want any of anymore Ron hubbard decadent narcissist and psychotic way of dominate the world to enslave humans…unless some aabsolutly want to be dominated to suffer enough to urge them to find their way to recover their freedom ….they have the right to suffer what they need to suffer…but do not think of imposing it again to human race please.

    Isn’t it funne that scientology is about ”scio – logos”
    OK then…now that I know , i ca accept the fact that Ron was just a poor human being – with his nevrosis – but HE taught he was the messia nor to say the “”buddha’ ‘ reincarnation..come on..should we laugh or cry..I practice buddhism for longggggggggg years….wich is essentially a pratcice of meditation-breathing and keep being in present time to be aware…
    Hubbard and scientology are not sharing anything with buddhism..this was a false representation.

    I canot find anything that ressemble scientology in relligions wich are mainly about ”love yourself and other human beings” but i can find al lot of points that ressembles guru-cult –leanr my Holly teaching and scriptures – adore me – be afraid of me – devote yourself to me and share my mission to save the world – serve me- give me all your money and do not formet to hurt childrens – and to hate gay and be ashamed to masturbate and confessme all your sins…work for me and help me to save billions of dollars and to live as a prince and yoy will adore me when I deny you the right to sleep and give you some ric eand beans to eat!

    How can human be so stupid..twice…????? I thik the answer might be that some of them are not so hurt but took advantages of this endoctirnment system! Have you seen any ex-scn kid abused and wanted a reform church ???? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo because they really suffered and made no single penny on selling them something..they were the least of tha rank of valuable human being..just embarassing beings that should work to earn their food and pay back for the fact we make them alive…yes it’s true..we all listen to scientologists say to their young pay your living..cause you are out of exchange…

    No..really…for children freedom we do not want any reformed church…

    Thank’s to all ex-scn wo had the courage to see the real truth and that will protect children form that again!

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