Watch out for red herrings

I haven’t commented on any of Marty Rathbun’s posts in a while, but his latest (“A Worker’s Paradise for Tom Cruise“) is a great example of what is wrong with Marty and his merry band of Independent Scientologists.

The post is Marty’s analysis of an alleged memo to David Miscavige’s office about a conversation between the memo writer (Director of Vehicles) and Tom Cruise. Marty doesn’t mention the source of the memo, and since he’s usually happy to credit things to his OSA sources, I’m guessing it could have come from the hard drives that Daniel Montalvo stole*. The memo is also half a decade old.

When you read Marty’s blog entry, note that his analysis precedes the memo itself. Instead of presenting the memo and then sharing his thoughts, Marty tells his people what to think in advance, and then shows the memo. This is typical Scientology – Church publications uses similar tactics – and judging from the comments from Marty’s sheep, it worked. Here’s what I suggest, dear Caliwog fans: Read the memo first (it’s the bold bit at the bottom) and then read Marty’s analysis, and tell me if Marty might not just be smoking something other than tobacco.

Want my opinion on the Tom Cruise memo? Okay, here it is: WHO FUCKING CARES? We know Miscavige is spending tons of Scientology parishoner’s money to kiss Tom Cruise’s ass, but that’s not a scam he invented – he’s doing exactly what Church founder L. Ron Hubbard instructed him to do.

LRH repeatedly talked about the importance of attracting celebrities, as they are opinion leaders and generate lots of publicity on their own. He even published a list of celebrities to be recruited into Scientology. Per LRH’s own tech, romancing Tom Cruise is actually a very sensible and cost-effective thing to do – after all, look how much publicity Scientology has received through Mr. Cruise’s antics. (One wonders, had LRH lived to see the type of publicity Cruise generated, would he have revised his policies?)

The reason posts like this piss me off is because Marty is skillfully misdirecting his sheep from the real issues, just like LRH did and just like current Church management does. By getting them rallied up about Tom Cruise, he’s giving them a place to focus their energy and their anger. It keeps them from thinking too much about the real source of Scientology abuses: L. Ron Hubbard.

Why should we care? Ask any ex-Scientologist why they gave up Scientology – not just the organized Church, but the whole subject – and most, if not all, will tell you that they started to see the holes and the inconsistencies in LRH’s “tech.” They started to question, and that led them to the realization that Scientology is a scam, and that they had been had.

People can only concentrate on so much. LRH knew this (he uses the term “attention units,” which is a pretty good description). LRH threw out tons of red herrings, and Marty is doing the same.

Our job as Scientology protesters is to keep Scientologists focused on the truth: The truth about LRH, the truth about the Tech, and the truth about Scientology. We basically just have to keep them focused on their own subject, particularly the less savory bits that Marty Rathbun and David Miscavige would rather they don’t see. If we do that enough, they’ll eventually see Scientology for what it is and they will leave on their own. No more Jason Beghes losing fortunes, no more Tory Christmans losing their spouses, and no more Lisa McPhersons losing their lives. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


* Speaking of Daniel Montalvo, Marty hasn’t mentioned him in quite a while. Did David go back to the Church? And if he did, will Marty return the $8,000+ in donations he says he collected on Daniel’s behalf?

UPDATE: Two days after this post, Marty posted an update and an accounting: Daniel Montalvo: The Latest. Yay Marty!

5 responses to “Watch out for red herrings

  1. Marty’s followers are sheep.

    They want to be deceived, so let them. They are like the metal health patients that stare at you at tell you how good the food is on planet Ougo. But they really know it isn’t there.

    Let them have their fun in al–la land. Lets just hoep their kids grow up smarter than they do and do not buy into the bullshit and leave their parents. Yes, I am suggesting their children disconnect from their wacko family. I think a lot do anyways.

    Do not worry about Marty’s little flock. He has got his little cult now, he is getting them all to give him money so he will not have to do real work ever again. He got his little dream.

    He now sits there parroting away doing actually jack shit effective against the church or DM and it is all just like a mad man in a cave somewhere mouthing off he is going to blow something up.

    I say, let him be.

    the sad truth is, most of his hots, nearly 95% of them are going there for the sheer laughter value. I know 8 people that visit the site almost everyday. They are not even Scio’s, they never were – they just go there to see how fucking insane an ex-scio can be. They literally laugh at Marty and the rest of his insane clan.

    Don’t take away our fun!
    Support Tweedy Bird Marty!!!!

  2. I just heard juicy gossip about Marty. Must share it. The guy who told me, I don;t know if it is supposed to be secret, but I can see no harm in it:

    Rumor One: That joint all the indi’s hang out in Florida is trouble. Aren’t Scientologists supposed to be honest people? Paying their dues? Then why are they living in a house and deliberately not paying the bank for it? The bank has them wrapped up in Mortgage fraud – so much for them not being criminals.

    Mike Rinder omitted that part from a video with a PI.

    Second Rumor: Marty sent a PC to be audited by an indi. the two people involved decided to have relations. Not only did Marty condemn them for it – he kicked the auditor out of his movement and DEMANDED he allow Marty to Sec Check him!!!

    I guess that makes Marty Lord and master oh his new religion – telling people what they can and can not do and practicing not only censorship, but disconnection.

    And the indi’s though Marty would be so different from the C of S.

    I guess not.

    Like LRH, like DM, Marty is from the same cut! All Hail Marty – a previous black slave in his last life and Loyal Officer to Xenu!!

  3. Regardless of whether Marty actually gives the $8,000 he says he collected for Daniel Montalvo’s legal defense, he should still account for what he does with the funds. If he is spending it, then people should know about it. If he is giving it to Daniel to live on, then I think it is also a matter of public interest.

    Personally, I am very interested in finding out who gave Marty the $8,000. I know from my own past experiences with the Independents, that some of the more well to do Indies were paying Marty and Mike Rinder to attack the Church in the hopes that they can oust COB. I believe that if Marty doesn’t soon publish the names of the people who are giving him money, someone is going to break ranks and do so. I don’t agree that he should be keeping this a secret. If he has to keep it a secret, then there’s probably something wrong with what they are doing with the money if you ask me. Why not just be honest and open about it in the first place.

  4. “ex-independent”…so does that mean that you are now dependent again?

  5. Tom Cruise has brought thousands of people into Scientology by association, or at least his membership is used to attract people in part. Current members take pride and solace in having a mega-famous star in their space cult.

    My first reaction to these posts about cars and custom painted motorcycles was that it was utterly stupid. There have been more interesting stories about ripping up grass to plant wild flowers, for Tom to romp and play in, in a Scientology way. (He claims in his video he has no time to romp and play.)

    Then I had second thoughts. Any time Suri gets cranky or wears a pair of new heels, it is news. So, nothing wrong with detailing how the cult bends over backward to please Tom. It is also good to leak every little thing, so Tom and other stars wake up to the fact, there is no trust and complete privacy among these cult members.

    More obviously, but unknown to much of the public including myself until I started reading about Scientology, is that Scientology openly caters to them with Celebrity Centers, which offer special services, and have much higher rates. And of course, as you mentioned LRH’s PROJECT CELEBRITY in 1955, to specifically target them for their influence in society, and ability to suck vulnerable people into the scam.

    Before I read about Scientology, I probably thought the LA Celebrity Center was just one of the scientology centers that is closest to a lot of celebrities. I had no idea they had them specifically for rich people and celebrities, and were in several cities.

    Back to the issue of trust and privacy. Stars think they are getting the red carpet treatment and secrecy tighter than Xenu’s mountain location, when it comes from everything from their auditing files, to their tastes in motorcycles. Maybe they aren’t quite aware of the formality of the planning and targeting that goes on, or the pay-offs for bagging one, as in bringing one into the cult fold. I think Beghe spoke about that, regarding Katselis and others.

    Tom thinks of DM as his closest friend, and he doesn’t quite grasp the degree to which Miscavige records, engineers, and can’t resist dropping Cruise’s name to impress or intimidate the slaves, not to mention “Scotch night” when the DM gets together with some select execs and can’t resist dropping a few funny things about Tom’s auditing files.

    Or how about DM making gay jokes about Travolta?

    I don’t think Cruise or his lawyer would bat an eye about DM catering to his vehicular desires, although to the public, is is a detail of how the cult caters to him, and like Suri’s shoes, every little detail about Cruise fascinates the public.

    What I think would get journalists’ and Cruise’s attention would be a real secret from his auditing file. The best would be a story DM told on Scotch night, but even if Marty as his auditor, or Claire Headley, having seen some Cruise auditing tapes, leaked some specific tidbit — it wouldn’t have to be wildly personal or embarrassing — but just to show these celebrity scilons that their audits can be tabloid fodder, the bigger story being that scientology has leaks.

    I think a good tidbit to leak would be the person Tom thought he was in a former life.

    Would that be so bad? (Might be for the person who leaked it, I’m not sure.)

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