Independents show their true colors

Marty’s post about children and the Sea Org sparked a great deal of emotion; no surprise there as it dealt with touchy subjects like parenting and abortion. But when one ex-Scientologist, who calls himself (herself?) “Chairman of the Bored,” posted a viewpoint that the other Independents didn’t agree with, they let him have it. Big time.

“You are one sick little f?***[sic]…You obviously are not on the same wavelength as others here.” – Tom

“Marty…if you’re making a list of people you’re considering routing off the blog, would you please add Chairman of the Bored to that list. He doesn’t deserve to be here.” – Just Me

“LEAVE!” – JustMe

“Be happy chairman that as yet, the technology doesn’t exit to reach through the computer … Cause you’d be feelin’ two pair of hands.” – Windhorse [Ed. note: He has four hands?]

“and here I was trying to form a short concise statement about this asshole’s statment[sic]! … cross my path and you will experience the 911 system…Gawd you disgust me.” – Gary Morehead aka “Jackson”

“shake hands with your buddy COB [David Miscavige].” – Fidelio

And the grand prize goes to:

“You crass, spineless little fucking jellyfish fuck face. Never, ever cross my path in the real world you cunt. Ever.” – Jim Logan

What did Chairman say to evoke all this? Did he say LRH was a fraud, a liar, and a hypocrite, as I often do? Of course not – Marty censors any such criticism of LRH on his blog. No, Chairman simply said he didn’t see why Sea Org members would want to bring kids into that environment, and that these womens’ decisions to have abortions was their own choice and had nothing to do with the Sea Org. For the record, I agree with the former and disagree with the latter, but I don’t see that as that good reason reason to refer to someone as a “jellyfish fuck face” and threaten them with implied physical violence. Am I overreacting here?

One Independent did try to talk some sense…

Jim and others: I understand your anger, but this is just a person with a viewpoint. Maybe it’s wrong, maybe they stated it wrong, but whatever, it’s just an opinion, and that can change. Really, the world is watching. Let’s set a good example and act like professionals.” – Beebercat

…but even that got the smackdown.

Did Marty chime in on this? Oh yes he did. After Chairman posted a comment that essentially said “WTF, people?” and talked about how he followed LRH policy for leaving the Sea Org, Marty said:

“Just like Dave and Tommy, Little Lord Faulteroy, never done anything wrong in your entire life. Not even have sex. Hell, are you the Virgin Mary?” – Marty Rathbun

Not sure I get the reference, but… wow.

I was truly taken aback. Isn’t this the same group supposedly opposed to Miscavige’s violence against his staff? And yet here they are acting like a bunch of wolves turning on the weakest member of the pack.

I’m not just playing this up because it makes a good blog entry. I’ve always respected the Independent movement, even if I didn’t agree with them – but after seeing this, they’ve lost a great deal of that respect. If Marty is ever able to kick of his Reformed Church of Scientology, I fear this is a glimpse of what we can expect from those “harmless” Scientologists.

As I am so fond of saying, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”


7 responses to “Independents show their true colors

  1. There is so much truth in this. That environment is terrible for Children. I know factually my own wife when I was in the SO had dreams and desires to have children just to leave the SO – AND SHE DID, after we divorced she made no hesitation finding a stupid enough man – and her first child was named “rocky”. LOL. Boy, I dodged a bullet there…

    Others have done it – using kids as excuses to leave the SO. But there is the other aspect – genetically, woman often WANT TO HAVE KIDS. And they want a good environment. Duh…

    Scientologists think that we are “just thetans” and can override our primal requirements to survive. They can not even explain why men want to have sex with woman bodies – it is all apparently “disgusting flesh subject” to them.

    When I was in the SO I remember well seeing what it was like for children – horrible, horrible, horrible. Same for the adults, actually.

    And it had nothing to do with the “new set up”. It was the same as it had always been – work like dogs and sometimes see your children if your lucky.

    How can a man like LRH talk of Children and love when he himself hardly saw them ? Oh, we know the excuse, “he was doing the best for mankind by researching” but as it is always, any person who finds a reason to not live by their own words is a liar – as LRH was. Most of his children were disappointments to him because they refused to be like him.

    It does not surprise me, the independents. They have a harder line of censorship then the Church of Scientology.

    Martys church will be possibly even more ruthless than the current one. At least with the current one anyone can join and then be silenced. In Marty’s, they will “screen” you first. Yuck.

    Welcome to the alternative, “pure LRH tech”. No democracy, no rights, submission right from the start.

    Marty is the sum of all Scientology fears – and his groupies are some of the dumbest, most ignorant people that ever left the Church – and that is quite a feat to group these whack jobs together.

    Historically, any off-shoots of religions or belief systems tend to always start by:

    A. Promoting they are the tolerant form.
    B. Promising to rectify the inequities of the former.
    And most importantly,
    C. Tend to result in the form of extremism while at the same time stating they are the pure form.

  2. Mirna Minkoff

    The only thing surprising about this is that Marty’s need for ego stoking and lynch mob masturbation won out over PR common sense and he allowed these comments to be posted – if only temporarily. (I was looking for this stuff last night and noticed he has now cut off the comments before they went off the threatening violence deep end)

    We all know this is standard LRH tech response to critics or if you question or interject a contrary opinion to the group think. Independents aren’t really any different from the CoS – only difference is one hates/ blames DM. All the other horror show qualities we’ve come to associate with the cult, is also true for the independents imho. They censor truth, promote false LRH propaganda and history, censore & refuse to answer the hard questions and do not tolerate differences of opinion. It’s LRH’s way or the highway and they think that is just marvelous.

    What’s really scary to contemplate is what would happen if Marty let some of the REAL contrary opinion through on his blog – we’ve all been victims of his censorship when trying to dish up some reality or contrary opinions – can you imagine how his little independent lynch mob would react if they encountered some of these comments?

    What’s truly hysterical and ironic is how many of his groupies now make comments about the “hive mind” of the CoS. (A hive mind they happily took part in for years before departing for a new, very similar, hive mind of independents)

    All this shows is Marty’s thinks his fan club needs to be sheltered from the truth and differences of opinions. He seems to have the same faith in their intelligence as we do – not much – and plays big daddy to protect their fragile minds from things that might make them think outside of the LRH sphere. He might have a point, judging from this incident even the smallest amount of questioning or differences of opinion seems to cause a rabid, insane response. They all seem to vie for Marty’s approval by trying to attack anyone they see as questioning him.

    These “independents” are terrified of true independent thought. They let the CoS and LRH do all their thinking for them and only left so they could run to Marty and let Marty and LRH continue to think for them. These are lost souls that believe the Orwellian notion they are being sold true freedom while every rational person looking on shakes their heads wondering how their minds could be so totally, and willingly enslaved.

  3. I finally got a chance to wade through all the comments, at least the ones related to the lynch mob after COBored and see why this caused such an insane reaction by some.

    When I first read Jim Logan’s comments I had a hunch he probably had a SO spouse who had a few abortions. Later on he pretty much confirms this by saying his wife got pregnant twice while using birthcontrol. (I would assume that would b Annie Broeker Logan NewHusbandNameHere)
    So obviously that guy’s comment made Jim go batshit because it implied his wife had chosen to abort their babies, rather than the evil DM forcing her to do it.

    I’m sure Jim comforts himself with the thought that his wife dearly wanted to have his children and only agreed to have abortions due to the pressure applied and her selfless dedication to LRH’s SO. I would also bet Jim wasn’t a model Dad-to-be in the situation, but probably was a model SO member ready to apply the pressure needed to his wife so they wouldn’t have to leave their beloved SO or be assigned lower condition/taken off post/RPF’ed.

    Now Jim is an old single guy with no kids who’s life seems to revolve around Marty and his new cult of personality – which is sad and a bit scary. (Even more disturbing when you consider what Marty has freely admitted doing to Jim Logan in the past, but now Jim is head of his fan club. One action was Marty saying he ‘prevented” Jim’s wife from blowing the SO to be with him. This might be another comfortable rationalization for Jim – “Annie wanted to be with me but she was prevented because of DM and his goons!” It’s very similar to ” Annie did want to have a family with me but was prevented due to DM “forcing” her to have abortions.”

    So I think implying that free will or choice played any role in women of the SO having abortions hits too close to home for some of Marty’s posters – particularly the men. The women seem to have dealt with it and responded far more maturely than the men. I think it may have to do with the guilty conscience of some of the guys commenting on Marty’s blog. I have no doubt extreme pressure and threats were used to convince married SO women, who wanted children, to have abortions. HOWEVER, I would say if the father/husband had stood strong beside them, and vowed to do whatever it took to have the baby even if it meant leaving the SO or even scientology – they probably wouldn’t have had the abortions. I think the abortions happened (if the women truly wanted the baby in the first place) because their husbands either towed the SO line or at least weren’t very supportive/ indecisive. Once they were faced with extreme pressure from the outside (management) and lack of support on the inside (from their own husband) the choice became clear and they had the abortion.

    I would say the men on Marty’s blog know this deep down and hence the reaction to anyone implying it was anyone’s decision or fault other than their favorite scapegoat – DM. They don’t want to look in the mirror and realize they played their part in the decision to terminate the pregnancy. This goes well beyond the SO abortion issues, but applies to a lot of their behaviors and actions while in the cult.
    Scapegoats and rationalizations are much easier to live with than facing the truth of your past actions and we all know Scientologists have a big aversion to truth and reality anyway. They are more comfortable to swim in comfortable delusions, not think for themselves, close their eyes to anything not in line with “source” and let LRH’s laughable “research” and tech provide all the answers and “truth” for them.
    It’s so ironic that Scientologists think they are getting the truth from a documented compulsive liar and con artist. I’ll never wrap my head around that one.

  4. Robert Biasotti

    Dear Caliwog,

    Thanks for another great thread. Aaron and Mirna, thanks for the concrete supporting data.

    I have described Marty’s mindset, and censorship as “Orwellian”, but I thought that it was just my opinion. I see that Aaron also feels that way. Is Marty stupid, or merely so arrogant that he can’t believe that people do see through it? Perhaps he just doesn’t care. After all, we are not among his target audience, and he may still believe that he can shield his flock from any outside influences, like critical thought. What do you think?

    This is the second example that Caliwog has shown us of a Scilon/Freezoner Hair Trigger temper. Is this normal for them? You don’t even need to confront or dispute their message. The slightest suggestion that you are not in lock-step synchronicity with them, and you get this really vicious knee-jerk . It seems very much like bull-baiting. Where does this hostility come from? It obviously runs very deep, yet it is insanely close to the surface! It must be consuming! And what’s with the LANGUAGE? I thought the people at WWP were foulmouthed. Do freezoners actually EAT with those mouths? Yyyuuckkkk!

    Mirna, your last paragraph is perfect! I don’t understand them, either!

    Here we have LRH:

    1. LRH: a liar, a bigamist, a deadbeat dad, a man who was disowned by one son, and had another son who committed suicide because of the abuse that his father heaped on him — yet this august person is “Source” for all wisdom on how to raise a family!

    2. LRH: an oaf who, for reasons of gross incompetence, was removed from every position of responsibility or command that he ever held in the Navy. Now, this self proclaimed heroic genius is “Source” for the WISE school of management!

    3. LRH: a con man who has “hunted with PYGMIES in the PHILLIPINES” (Wha???), visited Venus (damned train should have hit him), hung around the Van Allen Belt, and, of course, NEVER accepted a penny from his “church”, he only made his living as an author and lecturer! (And THAT may have been his biggest work of fiction!) Now this person is “Source” for “The most ethical group of people on the planet.”

    4. LRH: An academic failure who flunked out of engineering school in his first year, and had to BUY a fake Doctorate Degree from a notorious “paper mill.” Yet, he was a “Physicist”, and he remains “Source” for revealing the EVILS OF PSYCHIATRY. He remains “Source” for the way in which we should educate our children! …And who are his two leading salesmen? A pair of arrogant, imbecilic, evil little trolls who haven’t got as much as a GED between them!

    5. LRH: a criminal fugitive. A man who RAN (how’s THAT for high ETHICS?) He ran from the U.S. He ran from the Brits. He had to, or he would have faced the same charges of burglary and espionage that sent his wife to the Federal Pen. He should have been indicted for many more crimes, violations of child labor statutes, the Mann Act, Human trafficking, Labor Code Violations and so many more. How many Felonies could have been laid upon his head just from “Operation Freakout” alone? Yet, again and still, this evil man remains “Source” for “the most ethical group of …

    Oh, hell, this whole thing is reaching my gag reflex.


    I am enturbulated.


  5. Robert Biasotti

    Excuse me!

    It was Mirna who made the “Orwellian” reference.



  6. RB: What a coincidence that you should bring up Marty’s censorship, as that is actually the subject of tomorrow’s blog entry. I’ll talk more about why and how he does it, and I’ll be eager to hear your feedback.


  7. Jellyfish fuck face?

    Jim Logan needs to lay off the thesaurus, me thinks.


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