Scientologists and Wogs: What did LRH have to say?

Marty’s last video post spawned an interesting comment discussion about the Church’s attitude towards wogs (a disdainful term for non-Scientologists). Marty’s flock is saying that LRH didn’t have the condescending attitude towards wogs that they see coming from the Church nowadays.

But what did LRH really say about wogs? Turns out it wasn’t quite as flattering as the Independent hive-mind remembers.

Before we delve into LRH’s less-than-flattering observations about us non-Scientologists, let’s look at some of what the sheep are saying:

“For me LRH’s use of the word ‘wog’ was light and humorous and merely a way to establish when a non-Scientologists was being referred to. As with all things connected to the ‘church’ it has been reversed in it’s intention to become a nasty insult… LRH would never have condoned this severe form of individuation.” — Sam

“Sam, I agree with you completely about LRH’s viewpoint re: wogs. When I was at the Creston ranch with LRH we had many contractors and workers on the ranch. LRH knew them all and he liked them and treated them with respect, and they liked him.” — Sarge

“I always hated the ‘us vs wogs’ viewpoint… This 'Us vs Them' mentality that DM harbors and encourages is not Scientology.” — Mark Fisher

“For me true Scientology is about compassion and tolerance.” — Michael Fairman

“The Law of Affinity in [Dianetics] is another fundamental of the Tech that is ignored while Disconnection and the “We are better than wogs” attitude is championed. It’s really Nazi like, isn’t it? That is not LRH’s Brand of Scientology.” — Howard Roark

Has the term “wog” been “reversed in it’s intention to become a nasty insult” by David Miscavige and his minions, as Sam alleges? Was LRH’s use of the term “light and humorous?”

Let’s take a look at what LRH said about wogs, and you can judge for yourself if this attitude is unique to David Miscavige. All quotes are from the 1974 volumes, printed before LRH kicked the bucket, and were not altered by DM or his management team.

Let’s start with the Admin Dictionary definition of “wog,” as drawn from LRH’s lectures:

“WOG, 1. worthy Oriental gentleman. This means a common ordinary run-of-the-mill garden-variety humanoid. (SH Spec 82, 6611C29) 2 . a wog is somebody who isn’t even trying. (SH Spec 73, 6608C02)”

Here are some random policy quotes about wogs, either typed or approved by the Ol’ Fraud hisself:

“We live in a very woggy world at this time. The wog is so out-ethics he is living in what amounts to a criminal society.”


“The dangerous environment of the wog world, of injustice, sudden dismissals, war, atomic bombs, will only persist and trouble us if we fail to spread our safe environment across the world.”


“I am not interested in wog morality.”


“Newspapers of the wog press almost exclusively deal in entheta as their ‘news’ specializes in sexual degradation, disasters, violence, crime, failure, etc.”

— Scn staff, approved by LRH, HCO PL 25 November 1968, AUDITOR CORRESPONDANTS

“We let the main traffic flow untroubled by checks designed to restrain the very few. This is quite opposite to usual wog organization where the many are penalized to restrain the few.”


“…Or any other silly idea borrowed from a wog world where the police make things about as safe as a snake pit full of assorted reptiles.”


“Don’t react to Scientology Justice as though it were ‘wog’ law. In society’s ‘courts’ one is given the works and truth has little bearing on the findings… Wog courts are like throwing dice.”


These are just a few quotes from the Admin volumes; there are many more written policies and countless lectures in which LRH paints a picture of just how insane, scary and dangerous the non-Scientology world is.

Sam, Sarge, Mark et all: If you think LRH didn’t originate the “us vs. them” mentality, or that he really held wogs in such high esteem, or that “true” Scientology is about compassion, perhaps you should re-study your LRH policies.

I’d like to close with something else Sam said:

“I’ve been out and about in the ‘wog’ world for 2 years now. Observing the level of intelligence, honesty, ethics, integrity, honor, warmth and compassion of these ‘wogs’ and comparing it to those involved with Radical Scientology (as illustrated in Marty’s video) quickly puts things into perspective.”

Good point, Sam. It seems the wog world is different than Scientology led you to expect. So maybe you should ask yourself: If LRH misled you about wogs, isn’t it possible he misled you about other things, too?


5 responses to “Scientologists and Wogs: What did LRH have to say?

  1. ALL of the stories I’ve read from people who were in Scn in the 70s talk about their fear of being pushed out into the Wog world.

    This is from an interview with David Mayo when he’s talking about life in the “real” Sea Org from ’68 onwards.

    “The idea of being overboarded or beached was terrible. People were beached in sometimes fairly hostile countries, like Algeria and Tunis, Beached meant put ashore without passport or money, just the clothes you stood in and you were on your own. When I joined the Sea Org I often considered returning to NZ but I was a little naive at the time – the idea of being beached was very formidable. I didn’t know how to go about earning money and getting home. The other part was being out of Scientology forever and cast into an alien world of “wogs”.

    The idea that this terror of wogs has been introduced by DM is just ridiculous. Hubbard used it effectively as a means of scaring people away from leaving.

  2. I thought WOG(s) meant “Wise* Observant Guy/Girl(s)” I know RTC means “Real Time Con” and David Miscavige is RTC’s COB, “Con Obsessed Bully.” And OSA, “Odious Sinister Antisocials.” Any questions?
    Great post, as always, Caliwog, “Cunning (as in skillful or artful) Astute (as in quickly and critically discerning) Laudable (as in worthy of being lauded; praiseworthy; commendable) Incredible (as in amazing; astonishing; awe-inspiring OR marvelous; profoundly affecting; wonderful) WOG [See above]
    *Wise: Showing good judgement or the benefit of experience.

    Hubbard despised WOGs, who were -particularly when imparting rumor about them- a large hostile generality against the antisocial in particular (#1), gossip or evil tidings (#2), “bad news” which were in actual fact invented (#3); which would then make trouble for others, and then behave in a crippled manner in life, failing, not succeeding & would lose their advantages of knowledge being under Hubbard’s suppressive influence (#5)

    Going a bit off-topic, I want to point out how Hubbard & Davie both possess these antisocial attributes Hubbard assigned only to SPs (critics of $cientology)

    Unjustly we seldom see the antisocial personality actually in an institution. Only his “friends” (OT7 Rex Fowler, OT5 Reed Slatkin, etc.) and family (Mary Sue & Quentin Hubbard) are there. (#5) [Polly was an alcoholic & possibly should’ve been in an institution & Sara was probably a mess after being with “mankind’s best friend” lol] and it does not respond to treatment or reform. [Not even mighty Scn had any effect on Hubbard, who died in seclusion & unkempt a la Howard Hughes] (#4)

    He never created a “clear,” an “OT,” eradicated Psychiatry nor “cleared the planet.” (#7)
    [And the Superpower bldg is still incomplete, Davie. You’re a sociopath, too: “People die!” — David Miscavige upon hearing of Lisa McPherson’s death (#8)]

    Hubbard supported $cientology, the Sea Org, the G.O. / OSA and the RPF (#9) and so does Davie and they both rage against & attack any group which exposes their scam; including critics, ex-scientologists & now, Anonymous. Both Hubbard & Davie approve of destructive actions such as gangbang sec checks, Fair Game, Disconnection, using the courts to harass not win, etc.,and fight against constructive or helpful actions or activities, such as exposing their scam & helping others see the light & leave the cult. (#10 & #11)

    And finally, #12: Hubbard & Davie, both, have a bad sense of property and conceive that the idea that anyone owns anything is a pretense, made up to fool people. Nothing is ever really owned. Hubbard said to give him all manner of WOG property, for these were less valuable and/or important than $cientology: Cars, life insurance policies, annuities, retirement incomes, inheritances, college funds, etc. And he offered the “gems” of Dianetics and $cientology in return. Davie, on the other hand, wants “donations” for his many slush funds; such as the Superpower building, the IAS, Idle mOrgs ‘project’, Books to libraries, Planetary Dissemination; and he will give you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in exchange. I think it’s called CRIMINAL EXCHANGE in $cientology; as if there were any other kind. And he seems to be fine with this strong-arm extorsion racket. Oh, I forgot, he WILL give you or DOES offer “protection” against “a ‘dark’ eternity without $cientology. I think if it would change some of its words the Mafia could easily become a religion. Maybe they could be called FIXED [extorsion] “fees,” I mean, ‘donations’ [with a wink] and their newly created Office of Special Affairs could offer “Ethics Protection” to those “contributing.” And if you DON’T contribute, Miscavige says you have “other fish to fry” and sends his goon regges to harass you out of your money. The Mafia could call it “having other pasta or spaghetti to cook” – I’m sure they can think of something; or ask Davie. He’s so full of ideas.

    Okay, I’m done. I just needed to get this off my chest. 🙂


  3. Try
    The amusing thing about ‘wog’ is that both critics and apologists think LRH was deliberately using a racist word. In this case, I don’t think he was!

  4. Whether or not LRH was using the term ‘wog’ in the traditional racist sense is IMO irrelevant. He was using it as a new form of racism, ie, between the homo sapien race vs. the homo novis race.

  5. I kind of agree about wog being used to define your average human, walking around in a daze, not really contributing anything or having a clue what is going on around him/her or, are self absorbed. Maybe it isn’t the best term, they could have been a little kinder about it as most people are just trying to get along and hopefully do the right thing. I was in Scientology for about 7 years but have not been associated with it now for about 20 years. I was affected in a positive way during my experience and don’t regret it. I raised my son with Scientology principles and he turned out truly awesome; talented musician, college educated and very humble.

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