“Fees!” Marty said “fees!”

Check out this video just posted by Marty Rathbun:

Marty shot this video of the Squirrel Busters outside his home talking to the local police. At 3:14, Marty says “What your fees buy, you Kool-Aid drinkin’ idiots!”


I’ve written about this a few times, starting about a year ago. For those who aren’t familiar, one of the cornerstones of Marty’s movement is that David Miscavige is altering L. Ron Hubbard’s original policies.

But one alteration Marty seems OK with is the alterations to What Your Fees Buy, an essay written by LRH in 1970. In 1991, when Marty held a position of power in Church management, the Church altered this policy, changing all instances of “fee” to “donation.” (This, you recall, was just before the IRS tax-exemption coup.)

Despite his apparent disgust with alterations of LRH tech, Marty has been careful to use “donations” instead of “fees” in his blog… until now. Remember, Marty sells Scientology services, and if he’s trying to live tax-free, like the Church, he probably needs to structure his business so that his customers are paying “donations” rather than “fees” for his services.

So what do you think – is Marty embracing the roots of LRH’s fee-based religion, or was this just a slip-up?

Marty’s complete blog entry – long and rambling, but entertaining as always – can be found here. The gist of it is that by talking to the cops about their anti-Marty antics, these Office of Special Affairs operatives are spreading bad PR for the Church, and basically destroying Scientology one disillusioned police officer at a time. Don’t miss the part where Marty explains away his role as Miscavige’s right hand man by saying he and Mike Rinder were merely “shock absorbers for David Miscavige’s evil intentions.”


14 responses to ““Fees!” Marty said “fees!”

  1. Kind of ironic that Marty would have a ‘Freudian slip’!

  2. “Shock absorbers for David Miscavige’s evil intentions…” more like “shock troopers.”

    Marty also squirreled LRH for a while when he changed “Black Dianetics” to “Reverse Dianetics” but he’s since reversed, or blackened, as the case may be.

  3. I thought “The Brain is a Shock Absorber”..?!?!?

  4. It has always been and will be fees. I think Marty may have been trying to skirt the issue and legally suck money by saying you “donate what you think it is worth”. My guess is that if you went to Marty and got a few hours of repair and then sent him $10, that you wouldn’t be top of the list of welcomes for coming back for more.

  5. You seem certain that marty R is trying to set himself up to be some kind of tax-free entity. How do you know this is the case? How do you know that he is not just counting his fees as income and paying taxes like any field auditor would do?

    • your kidding right ?

      • Nope. Not kidding.
        BTW, “your” is a pronoun. “you’re” , the contraction of “you are” is the word you’re looking for.

    • Thank you for bringing my spelling errors to my and everyone else’s attention. I was half asleep when I replied to your comment.
      Let me ask you “anonymous”, what was the purpose of your belittling reply? Was that an attempt to make me look somewhat ignorant therefore reducing my comments to the ramblings of an uneducated buffoon?
      That would would be the typical approach of a dyed in the wool $scientologists.
      You’re not a $cientologists “anonymous” are you? Or should I be asking if you’re an Independent $cientologist? perhaps a follower of Rathbuns?
      You see you will not find many anons supporting and defending “marty R” the way you do.
      So what’s your agenda “anonymous”?

    • Well?? have you an answer “anonymous” ? My question is not complicated.
      Could it be my grammar and or spelling was not within the bounds of your intellectual
      Please be so bold as to consider my questions, if only to delight my sense of humor!!
      Thank you so much “anonymous”, and I look forward to your reply.


  6. JD,
    Sheesh, sorry to get your panties in such a bunch. First of all, you just jumped into my question to Caliwog, which was asked quite respectfully. IT IS A VALID QUESTION, regardless of credentials I may have, be it scieno, indie, or ex. So please, johnny, try to contain your partisanship a bit , okay?

    Re:” your” vs “you’re”. Don’t feel singled out. I correct this constantly. Usually made by people under 30 is my experience. Just a pet peeve because it makes the reader have to stop to try to figure out what your (sic)saying.

    Seriously, how do you know that Marty R intends to set himself up as a tax-free entity and not just be paying his taxes like the rest of us slobs?

    • Anonymous, I can’t know for sure, but I’m making an educated guess. Marty quashes all comments/discussion about the tax-exempt issue. Curious, is it not?

      ML, CW

  7. I think you’ve got it all wrong.

    It looks to me that he was referring to the fees paid to the CoS, not his own fees/donations/etc. He was addressing the “Kool Aid drinkers”; i.e. Scienos still in the CoS.

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