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Stepping stone or road block?

Great blog entry over on Marty’s site that shows the extent Scientologists will go to to “make it go right”. Rocio Finds the Right Item tells the story of yet another person disillusioned with the Church. I particularly like the bits where she describes the steps they took to try to get results from her auditing:

“The new auditor had me try different cans, wrist straps, the solo cans, a heater directed at my feet, a small fan directed at my face, a folded-up blanket to rest my hand on, a very comfortable chair that he brought in, a special soap to wash my hands with, etc., etc., etc….

“The wrist straps caused high TA so the auditor had someone turn off the air conditioning to our room. This caused me to sweat profusely and a skin rash, so the sessions had to be stopped every 2 to 5 minutes, to wipe off the sweat…

“I told the sup[ervisor] that I would not use the wrist straps anymore… She said I could not hold the cans with my left hand so the only way was to hold the cans with my right hand (I am right-handed) and write the worksheets with the left hand…”

Ms. Garcia was getting fed up with Scientology. According to her story, she had repeatedly stopped moving up the bridge, but kept going back when Scientology’s sales staff harangued her. And then:

“On November of 2010, I visited Mr. Marty Rathbun at Casablanca. I spent five fabulous days receiving auditing I really needed… I did not have a heater on my feet, or a fan on my face, or the wrist-straps. Gone were the special soap and blankets and even the magic chair!”

Two points to make here. First, note that it never occurred to anyone that the reason her auditing wasn’t getting results was that Scientology simply doesn’t work. Ms. Garcia very nearly came to that conclusion herself, except that the Church kept badgering her (LRH’s “sales tech”) and she caved.

And that brings us to point #2. Sick as she was of the Church, she might have been close to getting out. But she didn’t, because good ol’ Marty had set up shop for disillusioned Scientologists just like her.

I’ve read opinions that independent practitioners like Marty are a stepping stone for people to get out of Scientology. I see them as a road block – and this is an example of why.

Getting out of the Church of Scientology is a painful process. It involves the realization that you invested countless hours, dollars and energy into (as Jason Beghe so eloquently put it) “something that is empty.” It requires realizing you were wrong – something Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard attempted to steel his followers against.

So it’s no wonder that people would rather cling to the illusion that there’s someone to blame other than themselves and LRH. Blaming David Miscavige for screwing up the Church is an easy target – and when we point out the verifiable fact that DM is simply following Hubbard’s policies, they ignore us.

Reading Ms. Garcia’s story, I feel saddened that we have lost yet another person to Scientology, even if it’s just for a little while. Had we done our job – had Ms. Garcia realized that Marty’s brand of Scientology is just the same old shit coming from a different asshole – perhaps she would have come to the inevitable realization (that Scientology is a crock) a little bit sooner.

I have no doubt that just as she became disillusioned with the Church of Scientology, Ms. Garcia (and others like her) will eventually become disillusioned with independent Scientology as well. We as protesters know that LRH’s tech is largely sci-fi bullshit, and it works because people want it to work. There will always the Jim Logans of the world – customers for life who will swallow the crap as fast as you can shovel it down their throat and then tell you how tasty it is. You can show up at the airport and stop their spouse from leaving the Church with you; you can say their beloved homosexual brother was “a sexual pervert” and “extremely dangerous to society”; and they will just keep coming back for more with open arms and open wallets. But for the Rocio Garcias of the world, I’d rather see them have a clear path out.

Does it matter if Ms. Garcia remains a Scientologist for a while longer? I think so. If you read her story, you’ll see that she dragged her kids with her to Flag. One wonders how many doctors appointments those kids have missed, how many of their illnesses have gone untreated, and whether she and her OTVIII husband sent them to Scientology schools rather than giving them a proper education – something that’s sure to hobble their chances in life. And God forbid one of them has a legitimate psychiatric problem, even one as common as clinical depression. How much longer will those kids have to suffer because their parents are Keeping Scientology Working?

Next time you see or hear a Marty apologist saying that Independent Scientology is a better alternative to the Church of Scientology, or that Independent Scientology is somehow less harmful, ask them how. Ask them why. Ask them what the real evil in Scientology is – a guy who hits his staff or a philosophy that sucks away people’s souls and wallets.

And remember Rocio Garcia, who thinks she is out, but is still very much in.