Aaron Saxton: Ten Errors of the Golden Age of Tech

Whoops! Aaron Saxton send me this as a post a while back, in response to Marty’s post of September 17th (Ten Gross Technical Errors from the Golden Age of Tech by Glenn Samuels). I, not being a Clear and therefore not possessing perfect recall, forgot to post it. For those who don’t know him, Aaron Saxton, like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, was a member of Scientology’s upper management. Unlike Marty, Aaron “woke up” and left not just the Church but the entire subject behind, and has been a vocal and remarkably candid critic in the years since.

In the original article, Glenn talked about how David Miscavige’s “Golden Age of Tech” program alters L. Ron Hubbard’s original intentions. Here, Aaron addresses each of Glenn’s points and says it ain’t necessarily so. Glenn is pretty heavy on lingo – this article was written for Scientologists – but it shows yet another effort to blame LRH’s shortcomings on DM. Indented quotes are from Glenn’s article, clarifications in brackets are from me, the rest is Aaron.

10 Errors of the Golden Age of Tech (GAT):

1. Thought stopping and filtering what one says due to fear of punishment from session data. Not being able to talk freely, cutting their own communication [not talking] to the auditor which obliterates the basic reason auditing works.

Most would agree with this. As stipulated by LRH, his crew were to be kept in a constant state of fear – with L. Ron Hubbard even reading his own preclear* [PC]’s folders to ensure no auditor or PC had any evil intentions towards him. Alas, this was established by LRH and not David Miscagive or the Golden Age of Tech. This policy of fear has been around for 50 years and explains the reason why almost any person who was close to LRH ended up declared [a Supressive person] or leaving Scientology, including Hubbard’s own family.

[* Preclear: A Scientologist who has not yet reached the state of clear.]

2. Similar to number one, but in some ways worse; collusion between pc and auditor to not say things or write things down in session for fear of reprisal from CS [Case Supervisor, the one who determines an individual’s program in Scientology], leadership, or ethics.

A nice try, although factually the person who wrote this cannot even give a statistic for how many times this actually occurs. Also there is an insinuation that this is something new, yet this has been around since the 1950’s and has nothing to do with current leadership.

3. Meter abuse; FNs [Floating Needles, an indicator on the E-meter that all is well with the PC] and Floating TAs [Tone Arms] not being called. Ignoring, refuting, and invalidating the pc by making the meter senior to their information.

The e-meter is senior to the PC* as dictated by LRH in many many references. The auditor is to use the PCs indicators but the e-meter is the weapon to guide. This is of course a result of LRHs great creation – sec[urity] checking to screw PCs up and staff and make sure they are in fear.

[* They are talking about a situation in which the auditor ask a question, the PC answers one way, but the E-Meter indicates he is thinking something else. By the way, as far as I know, LRH instructed his auditors to believe the meter rather than what the PC says.]

4. Heavy Overruns. Hand in glove with this, re-running the lower levels again on advanced cases for no reason other than greed.

Again the writer can give no specifics of how many times this has happened and again insinuates that this is something new when actually it is a common error among auditors going back to the 1950s and was never stamped out. This is the problem with auditing fictitious memories and [past] lives that never existed.

5. Political and financial reasons to invalidate the state of clear. No real or true understanding of the state.

Good one. Cause LRH has not freaking idea about the State of Clear either and got it wrong so often that he lost count how many times he was embarrassed by his own failures and of his auditors. To this date, no clears have been produced and if one could, I have no doubt it would be worth EVERY penny.

6. False responsibility run on cases; a pendulum swing away from identifying the source of a problem as advanced course material causing extreme confusion resulting in nearly impossible messes to repair.

Wow. You can make this statement fit just about anything because it is ambiguous as Nostradamus.

7. Sexual discrimination resulting in behavior modification rather than case gain.

Again this statement is so open one could subject this classification to any area, anywhere inside or outside of Scientology.

8. No or faulty meter training for auditors.

BS. The auditors do loads of auditing training. And most of the training is as described by LRH – just ask Marty, he helped implement this junk for 20 years and never blinked. And even if the drills were just as LRH had them, then you would have an auditor of LRH standards – hard to find because most have been declared suppressive or have removed themselves from Scientology.

9. Selling unnecessary rundowns that are not client centered with expectations and promises that have nothing to do with the intent of the rundown.

Ha ha, this is LRH. Sold Clear – no that didn’t work, sold power processing – nope that didn’t work, sold OT levels, no that didn’t work, sold the L Rundowns, no that didn’t work, sold superpower – no that doesn’t work either!

10. Rote and executive programming that is not fashioned to the person’s needs nor addressed to their life; not using a complete and holistic approach for dynamic problems essential to the person, their family, business and goals. (Then auditing over it for no gains.) One obvious example is auditing over crippling debt.

Welcome to Scientology in general. LRH bankrupted God knows how many public in his time.

Aaron Saxton, September 2010

7 responses to “Aaron Saxton: Ten Errors of the Golden Age of Tech

  1. Has anyone else seen the Marty video of him at the airport?

    I found three things interesting above all else:

    a. He smoke a lot – per LRH he is “dramatizing a volcano” and clearly is stressed and addicted – Scientology works.

    b. He uses Glasses. Per LRH the blind will see again, yet Marty sadly has a bad thetan making his body go bad – or something like that…

    c. He can’t remember anything – I thought clears could remember anything! Guess it doesn’t work for passwords, right?

    This much talking to himself – planning what he is going to say is a bit too much for me – I find it the hallmark of a very stressed out man.

  2. mariachi El Bronx

    Here is the link to the video mentioned in the above comment.
    quite a few opinions about the nature of the video.
    I wonder if Cali has an opinion?

  3. At first I thought this was legit, but when I got to the “OSAOSAOSA!!1!” bit, I decided the folks on WWP were right, it’s Church. I can’t see any Anon sitting in their car filming Marty for 10 mins (more lulz from approaching him), but that’s EXACTLY what the Church does.

    And as much as I think what Marty is doing is wrong, I still think this kind of harassment ain’t right.

    Thread on Why We Protest:


  4. “a. He smoke a lot – per LRH he is “dramatizing a volcano” and clearly is stressed and addicted – Scientology works.”

    Per LRH he is protecting himself against lung cancer by smoking a lot.

  5. Yes, for sure.

    Funny that a man who created the purification rundown did zero research on anything. He couldn’t even tell that the very thing he was holding held more chemicals than all the foods and cleaners on his ship.

    This is typical LRH research at it’s finest of course. It was actually DM that ensured smoking was understood to be dangerous and not to be done with the purif, should we had him an award for being more technically correct than LRH?

    As for Marty, he is an asshole. But even assholes deserve their privacy. OSA/Office of RTC following this guy around is making him go a little paranoid – but then again, when we see a video of him looking at others suspiciouslly and while he is doing this HE IS BEING VIDEOED then he is not really paranoid is he? Or insane on this either. He is damn right for being suspicious.

    Marty makes me sick, but the Church makes me even sicker.

    Marty has not actually done anything other than start up an independent movement. The way they watch him is unjustified. It is well beyond a joke and it is intimidation at it’s best.

    I don’t think even people in Anon think this is OK.

    If Marty was to sue the Church for harassment, hell, I would appear and stand up for the guy. 100% I mean that. I will never forget what it was like getting a call from my mother to tell me that a PI pushed his way into her home. I didn’t appreciate the goons at the train stations and near my residence in Sydney either for that matter. Or the calls to my place of employment.

    In fact, if Marty was to launch a court case against the Church for this sort of thing, he might be pleasantly surprised how many people would back him and stand with him.

    Differences aside, some behavior is just disgusting. And one thing all ex-SO members have in common that we can agree on and back each other up on is that we are tired of having our private lives breached.

    Fuck the church. If Marty goes at them for this, I am backing him. On my fathers grave I swear this.

  6. My screen name here is the same on I use on Marty’s blog( the couple of times he’s actually allowed my comment) and as we can see on YT they used the same name for their account. Im also a /b/ tard originally from LA.

    Guess who sent me an email ? Yup…Marty. He said he “would owe me a big one” if I could find out who the Anon member is who posted it. I suggested that ANYONE can open a YT account and I felt it was most likely shot by a cult financed PI. After a days consideration he agreed.

    I found the whole experience rather Lulzy.

  7. I hoenstly do not know who took it. But it has the hallmarks of C of S. even if it was an Anon member (which I highly doubt) one has to take it in strides.

    You can’t label a guy who is the Janitor in FSO with the same knowledge and corruptness someone in OSA int has.

    What I am saying is that Anon has thousands of members across the globe that isn’t really a membership – it is more like a Democratic Party. What one guy does isn’t with consent, knowledge or approval of the others.

    If Marty thinks this is a guy from Anon, then the best thing he can do is simply go onto WWP and ask if it was.

    If someone from Anon did, then it should be asked if he is also a Scientologist. There are plenty of Scios and Sea Org members who by definition are members of Anon through simply typing on their blogs, whether they are lying or not or are involved in subversion.

    I hoe my point comes through – labelling people in groups and making their motives common denominators and treating them all the same is a Sea Org/Sciontology hallmark. In the real world, one bad American or one bad Iraqi is not grounds to judge the entire populace by. Same goes for Anon, Independents, ESMB, WWPers, Chanology (love you guys), or Anon.

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